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Kimura Bonsai Nursery, a staple in the Southern California garden community since 1975, has blossomed under the ownership of Robert Pressler since 1996. Now recognized as a premier destination for bonsai enthusiasts, Kimura Bonsai Nursery proudly supplies the Los Angeles region with exceptional bonsai trees and Japanese garden essentials. From unique specimen bonsai to top-quality pre-bonsai materials, our nursery offers a diverse selection of products to cater to your gardening needs. In addition to our extensive inventory of bonsai trees, wire, tools, and pots, we provide an array of services including landscaping and hardscaping, bonsai care and boarding, educational classes and workshops, consignment sales, and more. Trust Kimura Bonsai Nursery for all your bonsai needs, from acquisition to maintenance and everything in between.

Nestled in the scenic Sierra Nevada foothills just a short drive from Sacramento, Lotus Bonsai Nursery & Gardens is a 5-acre haven for bonsai lovers. With a legacy dating back to 1969, we have dedicated ourselves to cultivating and nurturing these exquisite miniature trees. As a premier supplier in the industry, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of bonsai products including show-quality trees, essential tools, decorative pots, premium soil, and unique gifts. Our commitment to providing exceptional quality at affordable prices has made us a trusted destination for both seasoned masters and enthusiastic beginners. In addition to our retail offerings, we also host workshops and provide expert care services to support your bonsai journey. Discover the beauty of bonsai with Lotus Bonsai Nursery & Gardens – your one-stop shop for all things bonsai.

At Green Thumb Bonsai, our shelves are filled with a diverse array of exquisite bonsai trees, including a range of tropical, conifer, and deciduous varieties, as well as pre-bonsai and starter plants. Specializing in field-grown trident maples and stewartia monadelphia, we take pride in nurturing the growth of our bonsai trees from start to finish.

Meehan’s Miniatures blossoms as a locally nurtured garden sanctuary focused on cultivating bonsai and unique plant specimens. Our garden center offers an array of expertly trained bonsai materials, from finished masterpieces to beginner-friendly starter plants ideal for hobbyists and avid enthusiasts alike. Our collection features a captivating selection of plants, with a strong emphasis on miniature and dwarf varieties that have charmed our loyal clientele time and again. Delve into our exquisite range of tropical and subtropical tree species tailored for indoor serenity, as well as hardy temperate plants perfectly suited for outdoor garden enchantment.

At Mendocino Coast Bonsai, our expertise lies in cultivating exquisite redwoods, sierra junipers, mendocino pygmy cypress, and majestic live oak trees. With a varied collection of 600-800 trees at our disposal, we offer a diverse range of options for all bonsai enthusiasts. Complementing our impressive tree selection, we also provide an extensive array of display slabs suitable for shohin and accent plants, including sizes that reach up to a generous 40 inches. To enhance your bonsai journey further, we proudly present Sara Rayner pots, elegant Chinese pottery, and a premium assortment of fine bonsai tools.

Exclusive selection of rare Asiatic plants and gardening supplies for plant enthusiasts across the country. Riverbend Gardens stands out with its distinctive approach, cultivating a wide range of hard-to-find trees and plants, including hundreds of unique Asiatic selections through its field operations.

Wildwood Gardens is your go-to destination for exquisite rock and forest-inspired bonsai creations, specializing in the beautiful saikei style.

Pioneering in the seed industry since 1993, Angelgrove Tree Seed Co. offers a diverse selection of high-quality tree seeds perfect for cultivating an array of beautiful flowering trees, traditional Japanese varieties, rich shade-producing trees, native species, elegant bonsais, and stunning shrub roses.

Essence of the Tree is your go-to destination for premium Japanese maple trees, offering a wide selection to enhance your garden and landscape projects.