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Plantaflor USA, Inc. blossomed from the vision of Gerald Enthoven, a passionate gardener who transplanted his Dutch roots to Carpinteria, CA in 1982. Drawing inspiration from his European heritage, Gerald kickstarted his journey in the floral industry, importing exotic blooms from Holland. As his business flourished, he pivoted towards sourcing tropical treasures globally, honing his expertise in tillandsias, known as air plants. Over a decade of dedicated cultivation later, our family-run enterprise now boasts an extensive collection of over 200 distinct varieties of tillandsias, cacti, and succulents offered at wholesale prices. Committed to excellence, Plantaflor USA, Inc. prides itself on curating a premium selection of both commonplace and rare air plants available in the market today.

Our garden supply business specializes in offering exquisite specimen succulent plants and seedlings sourced from the lush landscapes of tropical Africa, Southern Africa, and enchanting Madagascar, thanks to our trusted partnership with Out Of Africa Plants.

We are proud to offer an exclusive collection of arizona cactuss at Arizona Cactus Sales. Our focus is on providing high-quality cacti that are well-suited for gardeners, landscapers, and plant enthusiasts alike. With Arizona Cactus Sales, you can expect to find a wide variety of arid plants that will thrive in your garden and enhance its natural beauty. Our dedication to offering top-notch arizona cactuss sets us apart as a reliable source for all your cactus needs.

Bob Smoley’s Gardenworld presents a diverse selection of cacti and an array of delightful greenery for all your garden needs.

Honoring more than 40 years as the go-to source for winter-hardy cactus, agaves, and yuccas from Intermountain Cactus.

At Lithops Haven Nursery, we bring you a stunning collection of lithops, mesembs, and other exotic succulents and cacti to beautify your garden oasis.