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At Great Garden Plants, we firmly believe that everyone can discover the delight of gardening. Our wide selection of garden greenery, including timeless classics like roses, lavender, and hostas for year-round gardens, as well as hydrangeas and arborvitaes for creating intimate outdoor enclosures, ensures that every gardener can find what they need. We take pleasure in the positive impact that plants have on our daily lives and work hard to ensure our affordable prices make that joy accessible to all.

At Brecks Bulbs, we are experts in providing a wide selection of high-quality spring bulbs, summer bulbs, sun perennials, shade perennials, and irises for all your gardening needs.

Since 2003, we’ve been proudly showcasing the bounty of Full Bloom Nursery. Our business revolves around the vibrant world of gardening and landscaping, where we provide an array of plants and agricultural products. With our roots deeply embedded in farming, we tend to our flourishing plant life while also maintaining a working farm complete with cattle, horses, and hay production.

Throughout the seasons, our days are filled with diverse activities, from nurturing young plants in our greenhouses during winter to tending to the lively nursery in the spring. As the summer sun warms the fields, we venture into the hayfields to harvest and bale with passion. And in the fall, we return to the business of selling plants, preparing for the upcoming planting season.

Our lives are intertwined with nature’s rhythm, and we embrace the cycle with open arms. From the excitement of welcoming newborn calves to the thrill of watching new plants bloom, each day presents a unique aspect of our bustling industry. We thrive on the endless opportunities and challenges that come with the territory — after all, staying busy in the garden world is our preferred state of being.

At Secret Garden Cultivators, we cultivate a diverse selection of unique and exceptional plants, including rare heirloom varieties, specialty roses, unusual shrubs, and select vines and trees. Our collection encompasses a blend of tried-and-true favorites and exclusive offerings to bring enchanting beauty to every garden.

Dancing Oaks Nursery is renowned for its exquisite range of oak varieties, offering gardeners a diverse selection to enhance their outdoor spaces. With a focus on oaks, Dancing Oaks Nursery stands out as a unique supplier in the gardening industry, providing top-quality specimens for customers to create stunning landscapes.

For all your gardening needs, look no further than S&W Greenhouse! Whether you’re a seasoned landscaper or a passionate home gardener, we offer a wide selection of high-quality annuals, perennials, hanging baskets, and vibrant fall mums. At S&W Greenhouse, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, competitive prices, and superior products. Let us be your partner in gardening success and pass on the valuable knowledge we’ve acquired during our years of cultivation. Your garden will thank you!

Sooner Plant Kingdom Inc. blooms in the heart of Northeastern Oklahoma, a lush region known as Green Country. Nurtured into existence in 1999, Sooner Plant Kingdom Inc. stands tall as a premier online garden sanctuary, offering a treasure trove of top-tier landscape flora and trees for green-fingered enthusiasts and DIY landscaping aficionados. With a bounty of over 3400 sought-after varieties sourced from around the USA, we whisk these botanical wonders straight to your doorstep courtesy of UPS. At Sooner Plant Kingdom Inc., we pride ourselves on delivering not only pristine plant specimens but also a bouquet of expert guidance and unwavering support. From delicate quart pot petals to towering eight-foot, seven-gallon arboreal giants, our expert enablers and seasoned customer service advisors possess a verdant wealth of horticultural wisdom, having dedicated their lives to the cultivation of the plant kingdom. Our mission is clear: to untangle your thorniest plant quandaries, satiate your curiosity, and fulfill your landscaping desires with a flourish. Every customer is a cherished bloom at Sooner Plant Kingdom Inc., and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to cater to your needs with utmost reverence and professionalism in the verdant universe. Don’t hesitate to reach out – let us be your guiding light through the lush world of plants and flowers.

At Roses of Yesterday and Today, we proudly showcase a diverse collection of over 230 unique rose varieties, ranging from old-fashioned and rare blooms to carefully selected modern favorites.

Select Roses is a charming establishment that embodies the spirit of a farm-style retail nursery and greenhouse. Our expertise lies in the art of hybridizing, cultivating, and offering a diverse selection of exquisite garden roses for our valued clients.

Spring Valley Roses is your go-to expert for all things gardening, nature, and flowers.