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At Hartmann’s Plant Company, our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing you with exceptional service and premium products for all your gardening needs. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to support your gardening success in every way possible.

Our plant cultivation process commences in our cutting-edge tissue culture laboratory, where we leverage advanced technology to produce disease-free plants. With over two decades of successful operation, our state-of-the-art propagation facility ensures the health and vigor of our plants. Under the guidance of meticulous lab specialists, each plantlet is carefully nurtured in a pristine environment.

Our skilled propagators meticulously tend to and inspect thousands of plant trays daily to ensure the utmost quality for our customers. Before shipping, our team thoroughly evaluates and handpicks the finest plants to guarantee excellence. Every step of the way, our crew undertakes daily checks on the plant stock to maintain superior quality standards.

When it’s time for shipping, our plants are carefully packaged and sent out promptly, prioritizing freshness above all else. Partner with Hartmann’s Plant Company for a rewarding gardening experience that exceeds expectations.

For all your gardening needs, Tyty Nursery is the ideal choice. Our diverse selection of trees, plants, berries, flower bulbs, and shrubs, along with additional garden essentials, is unmatched. We take pride in offering top-notch yet reasonably priced products that are conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Our passion for nurturing plants and serving our customers drives us to go above and beyond to assist with your gardening requirements. We take delight in sharing our knowledge of plant life with you and encourage you to reach out with any inquiries or issues. Don’t forget to explore our website’s informative video resources for helpful planting tips and guidance.

At Kelly Nurseries, we take pride in providing a diverse selection of premium gardening plants, seeds, bulbs, and supplies at unbeatable prices for all gardening aficionados in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Established in 1980, Burnt Ridge Nursery and Orchards is a beloved family-run farm nestled in the picturesque Cascade Mountains. Our 20-acre farm offers a stunning backdrop of majestic Mount St. Helens. As a renowned garden supplier, we focus on providing unique and hardy trees, vines, and shrubs that bear delicious fruits and nuts while also being disease-resistant. Our diverse collection includes a wide range of native Northwest plants, as well as ornamental and functional landscape trees. Customers can trust that we deliver robust, well-rooted plant material that has thrived in our very own orchards.

Greenwood Nursery specializes in supplying a wide variety of perennials, fruit-bearing plants, shrubs, and trees, alongside offering an extensive range of wholesale plants to cater to all your gardening needs.

At Strawberry Tyme Farms Inc, we are experts in cultivating a diverse range of berries and garden delights. Our offerings include luscious strawberries, juicy raspberries, plump blackberries, crisp asparagus, tangy rhubarb, and flavorful horseradish.

At Willis Orchard Co, we are dedicated to providing a wide variety of luscious fruits like fruit trees, berry plants, grape vines, and nut trees for your garden. Additionally, we offer a diverse collection of flowering trees, shade trees, and elegant palm trees to enhance your outdoor oasis.

Discover the art of cultivating fruitful landscapes alongside the passionate team at Raintree Nursery. In this engaging tutorial, we delve into the nuances of selecting the perfect spot and mastering the art of digging the ideal hole to nurture your fruit trees for optimal growth.

Nestled in the heart of a lush upland pine habitat in Miami is Pine Island Nursery, aptly named after its natural surroundings. This verdant property stands as a testament to nature’s resilience, housing one of the largest privately-owned forest communities in Miami-Dade County. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew devastated the primary forest, but through our efforts, over 2,500 new pine trees now thrive, creating a verdant oasis for all to enjoy.

Wonderful! Apples, pears, peaches, and plums cultivated on espalier trained fruit trees from Henry Leuthardt Nurseries are extraordinarily big and juicy.