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Throughout our history, the range of products from Pinetree Garden Seeds has blossomed to encompass more than 1300 seed varieties, featuring a diverse selection of heirlooms and organics. Our treasure trove also includes an extensive array of gardening tools and gear, botanical books, thriving live plants, as well as materials for creating handmade soaps and crafts.

Reimer Seeds proudly offers a diverse selection of over 5,000 top-quality vegetable, flower, and herb seeds tailored for both the passionate home gardener and professional market growers.

Hps, your trusted garden partner, offers a range of annual seeds, herb seeds, perennials, vegetables, and beyond.

R.H. Shumway’s, a historic heirloom seed catalog established in 1870 in Rockford, IL, has a rich gardening legacy that continues to thrive. Originally rooted in Rockford, the business found new growth when it was acquired and transplanted to the lush grounds of South Carolina in the late 80s. In 1999, it blossomed once more, taking root in its present home in Randolph, WI. Specializing in heirloom varieties of vegetables, flowers, and farm seeds, R.H. Shumway honors the agricultural heritage with seeds developed in the 40s and 50s, some of the earliest hybrids cherished by farmers. Featuring vegetable varieties that harken back to the turn of the century yet enhanced by careful selection, R.H. Shumway offers a delightful journey through the timeless charm of this “old-time” catalog. Explore a vast array of quality seeds, plants, and garden supplies from R.H. Shumway’s diverse range of offerings, including vegetables, flowers, fruits, nuts, herbs, plants, trees, shrubs, farm seeds, and more.

Discover a colorful array of over 4000 varieties of vegetable seeds, flower seeds, and herb seeds at 2B Seeds – your ultimate garden partner. Explore an abundant selection to bring beauty and flavor to your garden space.

At Johnny’s selected seeds, we are passionate about providing top-quality organic seeds for your garden needs. Our seeds are meticulously stored in optimal conditions to ensure superior quality. With our on-site quality lab, we guarantee high germination rates for all our seed varieties. Shop with confidence and sow the seeds of success in your garden with Johnny’s selected seeds!

Staying ahead of industry trends is a core value at Veseys Seeds, and their early embrace of the online landscape has been instrumental in their growth. Pioneering the way, Veseys Seeds established a digital presence back in 1996 with, offering valuable gardening insights and resources to enthusiasts. In December 1998, the website underwent a major revamp, unveiling an expanded platform complete with interactive features like a newsletter, gardening forum, customer showcase, and more.

A month later, Veseys completed the second phase of their website – an electronic catalog, enabling visitors to easily browse and order from their extensive range of products online. This move proved successful, with online sales accounting for a significant portion of overall revenue, attracting a steady stream of new customers. In response to evolving online dynamics, Veseys continues to enhance their e-commerce site to provide an even better experience for their digital audience.

Morgan County Seeds serves as your premier hub for all your garden’s needs, catering to home gardeners, organic enthusiasts, greenhouse managers, and commercial vegetable farmers alike.

At Burpee, our offerings span across a myriad of essentials. From seeds to plants, we cater to various growing zones and seasons with a guarantee on every product. Our renowned catalog by Burpee is now accessible online, adapting to the modern era. Established as the world’s pioneering catalog to feature yellow seed corn, Burpee has been a trailblazer in introducing innovations like the Surehead cabbage and Long Orange carrot varieties. Exciting additions to our range include the seedless tomato and the delightful “Snackpack” watermelon, a compact and wholesome treat to brighten your day.

At Kitchen Garden Seeds, we are experts in providing high-quality seeds for fruit, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and more! As the gardening season approaches, now is the perfect time to plan for a successful harvest next summer by starting to consider planting Shallots and Garlic in your garden. Shallots, with their delicate balance between Garlic and Onions, bring a unique and delicious twist to various dishes including eggs, vinaigrettes, soups, braised meats, and creamy sauces. And of course, Garlic adds that essential flavor and excitement to winter meals that we all love. Spice up your garden with these flavorful additions from Kitchen Garden Seeds!