27 Amazing African Violet Plants (With Pictures)

Violets are popular houseplants due to their beautiful flowers and unique shape. They come in many different colors and sizes. Among them African Violet Plants are the most popular.

African Violet Plants

There are hundreds of varieties of violet plants worldwide, many of which can be found in Africa. 

The number of different varieties of African violet plants is astounding

These plants have been cultivated for thousands of years and were originally used as medicinal herbs. Today they are grown commercially for their attractive appearance, but also because they produce a wide variety of fragrant oils that can be extracted from the leaves. 

To get you a glimpse of the broad diversity of these magnificent plants, we’ll explore some of our favorite African violet plants.  

1. Cherry Princess African Violet  

The Cherry Princess African Violet produces large blooms throughout the summer months that are similar in color to that of cherry blossom. This violet plant stands to be one of the most common types of African violet and it’s considered to be easy to grow.

This plant does best when placed in full sun or bright light. It has a long bloom season, lasting up to five weeks. 

Cherry Princess African Violet  

2. Persian Prince African Violet  

This African violet is very hardy and will thrive in conditions of extreme heat. Its flower colors range from white and light pink to lavender and deep violet.

This plant requires partial sunlight to thrive but also does well in shaded spots and indirect light. Though able to thrive in hotter weather conditions, this plant does require plenty of water to reach its full potential. 

Persian Prince African Violet  

3. Aroma Of Summer African Violet  

The aroma of this African violet boasts thick and smooth fuzzy leaves and bright pink blossoms. This plant is recognized for the sweet scent of its flowers which makes it a widely admired plant to have around the home.

The aroma of summer African violet thrives in conditions of partial sunlight and is easy to look after as it only requires moderate watering.  

Aroma Of Summer African Violet  

4. Crimson Ice African Violet  

Crimson ice African violets are another common houseplant widely admired by gardeners everywhere for their stunning crimson flowers. These plants are relatively easy to care for and do not need much attention.

They are extremely tolerant of hot weather conditions, hence why they thrive in the heat of Africa. Crimson ice African violets prefer a sunny spot in your garden and should be watered regularly during dry periods. 

Crimson Ice African Violet  

5. Summer Twilight African Violet  

The summer twilight African violet is a unique and distinct variety of the violet plant that can be recognized by frilled bi-colored white and lilac flowers. This plant is classified as having well-variegated foliage and is widely admired and grown ornamentally.

The summer twilight African violet grows slowly and requires little maintenance. It is an ideal choice for those who want something more than just a plain old violet plant. 

Summer Twilight African Violet  

6. Lonestar Snowstorm African Violet  

Whilst most African violet plants stand out for their beautiful blooms, the Lonestar snowstorm African violet is recognized for both its distinct white frilled blooms with a bright yellow center and its mottled dark green and cream leaves.

This plant is known for being very resilient and drought resistant. It is suitable for indoor use and needs minimal watering. Lonestar snowstorms thrive in cool temperatures and benefit from indirect sunlight. 

Lonestar Snowstorm African Violet  

7. Myakka Trail African Violet

Myakka trail African violets are classified as a rare variety of violet plants that can most commonly be found growing in the wild. Considered as a smaller variety of violet plants, the Myakka trail can be recognized by its dainty glossy green leaves and small lavender blossoms.

Myakka trail African violet is highly recommended for indoor gardening due to its ability to withstand low temperatures. 

Myakka Trail African Violet

8. Little Maya African Violet  

The little Maya African violet is another distinctive variety that is all about the frill! This plant produces rich pink frilled blooms and spade-shaped thick frilled foliage. Little Maya African violet is a popular choice for those looking for a plant that is easy to grow and maintain.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor gardens and does best when placed in a warm location with direct sunlight. 

Little Maya African Violet   (1)

9. Julia African Violet  

The Julia African violet is one of the most popular and unique varieties of African violet plants available today. Its large double blooms are classed as ‘double’ because each bloom has two petals.

The Julia African violet is also known for its striking purple and white coloring. This plant is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and thrives in cooler climates. 

Julia African Violet  

10. Ruffled Romance African Violet  

The ruffled romance African violet is exactly as its name suggests. This plant consists of thick cabbage-like leaves and extravagant tri-colored blossoms that can commonly be found with colors of pink, white and yellow.

Ruffled romance African violet is considered a hardy plant that can survive in even cold climates. This plant is one of the easiest to grow as it thrives in several environments and requires minimal care.  

Ruffled Romance African Violet s

11. Zephyr African Violet  

This is a beautiful and unusual variety of violet plants that is perfect for anyone wanting to add some color to their garden.

Zephyr is not only recognizable by its stunning white and pink flowers but also by its unique leaf shape. This plant looks great indoors and outdoors and is suitable for both tropical and temperate regions. 

Zephyr African Violet  

12. Peacock African Violet  

The peacock African violet is an extremely popular variety of violet plant that comes in many different shapes and sizes. Peacock African violet is most commonly seen in shades of blue, purple, pink, and red. This plant is ideal for those who want something colorful to look at throughout the year.

Peacock African violets do well in any type of environment and require minimal water. This unique plant is recognized for its bicolored foliage and the flower’s elongated stem that resemble peacock feathers.  

Peacock African Violet  

13. Rosette African Violet 

The rosette African violet is a very pretty variety of violet plants that grow in clusters of round-shaped leaves. Rosettes African violets are ideal for beginners and are often used in nurseries. They are also the first choice for people who have limited space in their homes.

These plants are very easy to grow and thrive in temperate conditions. This plant is known to grow close to the soil surface making it a great addition to a flower bed.  

Rosette African Violet 

14. Little Caboose African Violet  

The little caboose African violet is a lovely variety of violet plants that are widely grown. This plant produces small single blossom heads that come in a range of bright colors including pink, orange, red and yellow.

Little caboose African violet can be easily grown from seed and is ideal for beginner gardeners. This plant is suitable in warmer climates, although they will need to be kept inside during the winter months.  

Little Caboose African Violet  

15. Wesley’s Vampyr African Violet  

Wesley’s vampyr African violet is a beautiful variety of violet plants that can be found growing all over the world.

It is usually sold as a houseplant and is, therefore, best suited for indoor use. Wesley’s vampyr is a fast-growing plant that needs high levels of light. This plant is known for its long flowering period. This plant is suitable to grow in temperate climates. 

Wesley's Vampyr African Violet  

16. Gecko’s Vespa Vino African Violet 

The gecko’s vespa vino is a very attractive variety of violet plants. Though native to Africa, gecko’s vespa vino is a perennial plant that can be found all over Europe and North America. Gecko’s vespa vino has been brought back to life after being thought extinct.

This plant is a good option for anyone looking for a low-maintenance plant. This plant does not require much attention and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor gardens. This plant is recognized for its distinct round and tubular-shaped flowers 

Gecko's Vespa Vino African Violet 

17. Rob’s Irish African Violet  

Rob’s Irish African violet is a very rare variety of violet plants that were discovered in Ireland. Rob’s Irish African violet is a slow-growing plant that requires lots of sun and fresh soil.

This plant is suitable for colder regions and is able to withstand temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius. Rob’s Irish African violets are perfect for beginners and are ideal for adding color to your garden.  

Rob's Irish African Violet  

18. Cape Primrose African Violet  

The Cape primrose is a cultivated variety of African violet. This plant is ideal if you are looking for a compact and fast-growing plant.

The Cape primrose African violet is a hardy plant. This plant is suitable when planted outside during the summer months. This plant is ideal for those living in temperate climates. 

Cape Primrose African Violet  

19. Harlequin Lace African Violet

The Harlequin lace African violet is one of the most stunning violet varieties. This plant is recognized by its beautiful speckled butterfly-like patterned petals.

This plant can be found in a variety of colors from lilac to maroon. Harlequin lace laces are ideal for beginners and can be found in many different sizes. This plant is suitable indoors or outdoors. 

Harlequin Lace African Violet

20. Crystal Ice African Violet  

This African violet is a popular choice amongst people who want something unique. Crystal ice African violet comes in a wide array of colors including white, blue, purple, pink, peach, and more.

This plant is easy to grow and thrives in both warm and cold temperatures as it is classified as a hybrid plant with a primrose species in Wales. Hence it is widely grown across Europe.  

Crystal Ice African Violet  

21. Falling Stars African Violet  

The falling stars African violet is an extremely popular plant due to its striking star-shaped flower heads. This plant is ideal to add color to any room in your home.

Falling stars African violets are also great for beginners because they do not need too much care and have a relatively short flowering period. This plant grows well in semi-shade conditions. 

Falling Stars African Violet  

22. Le Eseniia African Violet 

The le eseniia African violet is a very popular and versatile variety of violet. It is a vigorous plant that will quickly fill out any space in your garden.

Le eseniia African violets come in a range of colors including pink, purple and blue. The blossoms of this plant are considered to be smaller than other violet varieties. 

Le Eseniia African Violet 

23. Polka Dot Purple African Violet  

The polka dot purple African violet features bold and distinct spotted blossoms. This plant makes for an attractive addition to any garden with its unique pattern.

Polka dot purples are a good choice for beginners and can be easily propagated. This plant does require some maintenance but is worth the effort.

Polka Dot Purple African Violet  

24. Delft African Violet 

Delft African violets are a very popular choice amongst people who like their plants to look neat. Delft African violets come with a distinctive yellow center surrounded by dark green leaves.

These plants make excellent cut flowers and are available in various colors such as purple, violet, blue, and pink. They are best suited to indoor use.

Delft African Violet 

25. Bethan African Violet 

The Bethan African violet has been bred specifically to withstand the extremes of British weather. This plant is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of having a vibrant and colorful houseplant without worrying about how long it takes to bloom. 

Bethan African Violet 

26. Whirligig Star African Violet 

The whirligig star African violet is another popular choice amongst people looking for a plant that looks amazing when it blooms.

Whirligigs star African violets come packed with bright pink and purple flowers which are guaranteed to attract attention. This plant thrives in partial sunlight and well-drained soil. In the right conditions, it will bloom continually. 

Whirligig Star African Violet 

27. Albatross African Violet 

The albatross African violet is a beautiful plant that features distinctly tubular white petals and thick and wrinkled foliage. Albatross African violets are suitable for all types of gardens and are easy to propagate.

Albatross African Violets are also known for being drought tolerant. They are recognized for their long blooming season. This plant thrives in conditions of partially filtered sunlight and well-drained soil. 

Albatross African Violet 


So, as you can see, there are many different types of African violets available. Some of these are more suitable for growing indoors while others are better suited to outdoor environments. There are even some African violets that are designed to thrive in extreme temperatures.

Whatever type you choose, remember to take into consideration what kind of environment you want to grow them in before purchasing one. If you’re unsure about where to start, then we recommend choosing from our list above.