22 Fantastic Brown Flowers (Including Pictures)

When creating your garden, a bouquet or maybe even just a nice house plant, brown flowers can add a touch of class. With the color brown being a symbol for the circle of life it’s a nice addition to any arrangement you may have in mind.

It’s also a nice, grounded color that represents calmness and nature to help keep peace at mind. If your plan is that, have it match the interior to your home, then brown can be a nice subtle touch to your home.

22 Fantastic Brown Flowers (Including Pictures)

1. Angel Amber Kiss Pansy

Amber Kiss Pansy

This sophisticated flower has lovely, amber tones in the petals, with a warm orange face shining from the center. The flower reaches around 6-8 inches tall and is a biennial plant, meaning that it has a life of around 2 years.

This plant is ideal for borders, flower beds and individual pots. This plant is also the symbol for innocence, modesty, and decency.

2. Bearded Irises

Bearded Irises

This is one of the more popular irises to grow. The flower blooms in the summer, particularly in May and June. The flower’s petals are soft and form like ruffs.

The bearded Iris can come in a wide range of colors such as bronze, brown, and dull oranges and symbolizes wisdom, hope, trust and valor.

3. Daylilies


The daylily is a tough plant which makes it easy to grow, they take nicely to most soils and don’t require much attention.

They bloom in a similar way to a trumpet and the bloom only lasts for a day, but a new bloom comes back the next day, making it very exciting for flower beds. The plant symbolizes the sacrifice a mother makes for their children.

4. Columbines


The columbine often reaches its brown/yellow color at the end of summer. The columbine is native to the United States and Canada and has been brought over to Europe for those wanting to grow them themselves.

Its bloom is similar to a hummingbird in the way its petals grow downwards facing. The flower’s symbolism is that of endurance and perseverance.

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5. Oriental Poppy

Oriental Poppy

The beauty of the oriental poppy is that once it grows, it requires almost no attention and will last for years. At first it mostly gets mistaken for a dark red, but in fall it takes a Royal Chocolate color.

The oriental poppy is good for any arrangement of flowers as it has the quintessential flower shape, and blooms in vibrant colors. The poppy has a couple of symbols, firstly to honor those who lost their lives, typically in war. It can also symbolize love, and passion.

6. Japanese Arisaema

Japanese Arisaema

So obviously this plant is native to Japan and tends to grow with dark green and dark purple petals and leaves which makes the flower look a very rich brown. The flower can reach to around 40cm and blooms in the springtime.

7. Dahlia


The dahlia symbolizes wealth and elegance, which seems appropriate to the way it looks. It comes in a rusty orange, despite it being called that, the color itself is a smooth dark tone that looks really sophisticated.

Even though it comes from the same family as the sunflower, daisy, chrysanthemum and zinnia, this flower can be found in colder weather like after the first frost.

8. Flowering Tobacco

Flowering Tobacco

This cute flower is perfect for enhancing the color palette in an arrangement as it’s small but bright. The flower blooms best in the sun and if planted into a rich soil there will be little care needed and will continue to bloom into the last frost.

9. Tropical Hibiscus

Tropical Hibiscus

This Asian flower is amazingly vibrant and can come in an amazing array of colors making them an exceptional addition to any flower arrangement. The plants are constantly blooming and reproducing a new flower every day.

The plant itself can grow to 24 inches in good conditions with the flower growing from anywhere from 3 to 8 inches across. The plant has beautiful symbolism of romantic love and passion.

10. Boat Orchids

Boat Orchids

Being one of the more popular orchids people use to grow in their gardens, this one comes in deep, smooth brown and shows plenty of class.

The plant only reaches sizes of 4 to 8 inches, making it small and ideal to grow into your garden. The lovely flower symbolizes morality, virtue, beauty, reinforcement, and love.

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11. Cattleya Velutina

Cattleya Velutina

This Brazilian beauty has lovely bronze petals that love warmer weather and shadier territories. It grows from 30-40 centimeters tall and is quite a fragrant flower.

Due to the flowers long lasting life and how attractive it is, it’s often used as a corsage or even used in wedding bouquets.

12. Antler Orchids

Antler Orchids

The antler orchid is very versatile in its shapes and colors, most colors are a shade or color close to brown. With ruffle feathers this delicate flower looks nice and pretty and like other orchids, perfect as a cute little flower in your household. The flower symbolizes love, luxury, beauty, and strength.

13. Charlie Brown Rose

Brown Rose

This version of the rose flowers during the summer and grows much smaller than the average rose. Being a smaller version of the rose they’re obviously very pretty to look at and these ones are very fragrant.

The only issue with these roses is that they’re much less durable. The symbol of the rose is that of romance, love, and beauty.

14. Graham Thomas Austin Rose

Graham Thomas Austin Rose

The beautiful rose has a light tea scent to it. It’s a flowery rose with more petals than the typical rose having over 30 petals to each flower. It’s a medium sized flower and grows as tall as 4 feet.

These roses are special as they consistently reproduce and bloom. 

15. Blanket Flower

Blanket Flower

This northern American flower gets its name from its ability to reproduce and cover the ground like a thick blanket.

Its color is brown at center and as it reaches the edges of its petals it gets lighter going from brown, to red, to yellow. The flower symbolizes modesty, charm, happiness, and joy.

16. Echibeckia Summerina Brown

Echibeckia Summerina Brown

This long-lasting flower has dark chocolate brown petals that fade to orange as you reach the edge of the petals. It’s a cross breed of Echinacea and Rudbeckia flowers.

These flowers are easy to grow and bloom for a very long time, making them ideal as decoration and gifts.

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17. Absalon Tulip

Absalon Tulip

This wonderful tulip comes in a delightful chocolate brown with colorful yellow swirls running through it. This tulip was introduced in 1780 and is a hybrid tulip.

This rich, smooth, tulip is a symbol for perfect deep love, and this seems appropriate as it came from the Dutch Golden Age.

18. Hardy Mums

Hardy Mums

Mum, being short for chrysanthemum, is a perennial from the daisy family. The hardy mum is a beautiful, bronze brown and the flower is very pretty.

Being able to hold this flower from blooming in the summer makes it an ideal candidate for a fall collection of flowers. Chrysanthemums symbolize and express sympathy.

19. Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate Cosmos

Formerly known as cosmos atrosanguineus is a native Mexican flower that blooms in a rich, dark, brown-red color. It tends to have a chocolate scented fragrance.

The flower blooms from midsummer to fall. This flower symbolizes the communication of intense feelings and love.

20. Chocolate Orchid

Chocolate Orchid

Like other orchids this flower symbolizes love, luxury, beauty, and strength. It is also a wonderful flower to have as a household ornament or pretty in a flower arrangement.

This particular strain of orchid comes from Australia and also New Guinea. It likes to grow in more swampy areas and anywhere from 50 to 600 meters above sea level.

21. Mari Gold

Mari Gold

This lovely amber flower comes from North America, it loves warm conditions and doesn’t require much care.

One beauty of this flower, it can help to repel insects, which would make it an ideal flower to have around vegetables. The symbolism of this flower is the feeling of despaired love.

22. Rudbeckia

brown Rudbeckia

The fiery rudbeckia comes from North America, it’s a miniature relative of the sunflower and can come in many different colors. It’s a hardy plant that grows best in hot climates and really doesn’t need much care. Rudbeckia symbolize encouragement and motivation.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a favorite in people’s gardens as the color brown is often associated with class and sophistication. As far as feng shui goes, brown is a color that means food, nature, and the circle of life.

It is clear as to why people are adding brown to their flowers and arrangements, especially when the fan favorites like roses, orchids and chrysanthemums come in several different shades of brown. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Flowers Turn Brown?

This can often occur when flowers haven’t been watered properly.

Are All Brown Flowers Underwatered?

No, there are plenty of flowers that are supposed to be brown in color.

How Do You Prevent Flowers From Turning Brown?

Using a mist spray or maybe even a small dish of water to keep the flower hydrated.

Are There Different Shades Of Brown Flowers?

Yes, they can often be referred to as a shade of chocolate, bronze, darker orange and even tea colored.