18 Amazing Flowers That Start With R (Including Pictures)

Flowers are very important in our world. They provide insects and animals with food, they aid in the reproduction of plants, and many are used as natural medicines for humans. Whether you’d like to grow some at home, or just educate yourself on more types of flowers, here is a list of flowers that Start with R.

They also provide color and beauty for our surroundings. Plants without flowers would just be green, and our world would be duller without them. 

1. Rain Lily

These flowers are cute and small, reaching no more than a foot in height. Their flowers bloom from late spring to late summer and are pink, yellow, and white in color. Several flowers can grow on each stem, making them very physically appealing. As their name suggests, they tend to bloom immediately after rain showers and they are native to South America. 

2. Ranunculus

Native to central Asia, the Ranunculus flowers carry an exquisite and perfect look. Their blossoms are rose-like in shape, with extremely thin petals in colors ranging from pale yellow and cream to orange, red, pink, and burgundy. 

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They can be grown from corms, which look like small claws. This can be done both indoors and outdoors as long as they get enough sunlight. 

3. Rockrose

Rockrose originated in the Mediterranean and can withstand all sorts of weather conditions, from droughts to strong winds. Once they are developed they need very little care. Their flowers are large and pleasantly fragrant and can be yellow, rose, or white. 

Rockroses are great for planting in coastal areas as they can really withstand the salty spray of the sea and sandy soil. They can grow to around 3 to 5 feet if planted in a location with plenty of sun. 

4. Rondeletia

The Rondeletia is part of the Rubiaceae family and is native to Central America. Its leaves are glossy and evergreen in color and its flowers are small, fragrant, and grow in little clusters. 

The colors can vary, from pale pink to orange and red, sometimes with yellow centers. They can grow up to 15 feet tall and prefer rich, moist soil that is well drained. 

5. Rose

The famous rose, known for being a romantic flower originated in China but is now grown all over the world. They produce flowers in a variety of colors, with some containing thorns on the stems of the plant. These are to deter predators. 

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If you’d like to grow roses yourself, they should be planted between November and February. 

6. Rose Of Sharon

Native to eastern Asia, the Rose of Sharon’s flowers will appear in summer with shades of pink, red, white and purple. They require little care and a great for adding some long lasting color to your garden. 

Their noticeable flowers will attract useful pollinators such as butterflies and birds among several others. 

Aside from pruning them for some shape, this plant can thrive even if neglected and will tolerate most soils that aren’t soggy or too dry. 

7. Rainbow Cactus

Comonly found in the desert areas of the Southwestern United States and Mexico, the Rainbow Cacti are part of the succulent family. Once they have become established they need very little care and can be neglected. 

They produce bright flowers that are pink in color. This plant is a great option to leave in your back yard and not have to worry about it. It will do all the work for you, growing into a sturdy addition. 

8. Rampion

This attractive flower is native to the mountain regions of Europe. They can grow from 2 to 40 inches tall and have petaled bell-shaped flowers at the top of their long stems. 

They are also known by other names such as Rampion bellflowers and Rampion campulas. 

Their flowers tend to be light purple in color and they grow best in areas with moist soil. 

9. Rattlesnake Master

Although this flower may look like a thistle, it is actually part of the carrot family! If you break a leaf or crush it, the aroma will prove it. Originating in North America, these plants will usually begin to flower in late May or early July, and will continue on until early September. 

The name of this plant led to suggestions that the sap was used to treat snakebites, however there is no concrete evidence that it was used for this. 

10. Red Twig Dogwood

If you’re looking for something unique to brighten up your winter garden, then the red twig dogwood is the one for you. What makes this shrub stand out from the rest are its bright red branches. When in bloom, little white flowers will grow in clusters, along with small white berries that have a hint of green and blue, very visually appealing. 

Among other dogwood plants, the red twig is the fastest growing one, adding a good 2 feet of growth per year. These plants are native to North America. 

11. Red Valerian

This pretty plant, also known as ‘kiss me quick’ has a long blooming season from early summer to fall. It produces attractive little clusters of flowers that are crimson, white, or pink in color. 

Flowers That Start With R

They thrive in full sun and soil that has some moisture but is drought tolerant! They also attract butterflies and birds and will really make your garden look appealing. 

12. Rudbeckia

Another plant native to North America is the Rudbeckia. Also known as ‘Black-eyed-Susan’ , the best time to plant these is early in the fall, or the middle of April. Their warm-yellow flowers stand out against the deep green stems and leaves, and have a dark colored center.

Flowers That Start With R

The flowers will attract birds, butterflies and bees as well as hover flies and minute pirate bugs. These bugs are predators against pests such as aphids and whitefliies, so they will protect your plants and flowers. 

13. Rue

Flowers belonging to the Rue are small in size, only 3 centimeters in diameter. They are bright yellow in color, with five symmetrical petals on each bud and are known for emitting a strong, pungent smell. 

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Flowers That Start With R

The Rue was used in European folk medicine to aid in a number of medical issues such as digestion and headaches. Despite this, the plant is known to have a toxic nature, and should only be consumed in small quantities if at all. 

14. Russian Sage

Russian sage will make anyones yard look beautiful with its lavender-purple flowers. These flowers bloom for as long as late spring until autum, completely covering the leaves of the plant. Its foliage is also very attractive as it is silvery gray in color. 

Flowers That Start With R

Native to central Asia, this plant prefers dry conditions. They also prefer minimal watering, and once they are established they barely need any! 

15. Rebutia

Rebutia is a type of cactus, and an adorable one at that! They are native to South America, mainly growing in clusters on the mountains. These come in barrel-shaped cacti, quite small in size and have free-flowering large blooms in a range of quite bright colors. They sometimes grow in the shape of a star, appearing in summer. 

Flowers That Start With R

These plant are very easy to grow from seeds in containers and look great on any windowsill or shelf. They are typically house plants that prefer quite a bit of sun. 

16. Regal Geranium

This plant originated in South Africa, and when showered with care, can last for over 30 years! Their lovely flowers grow in shades of deep red, purple, lavender and white. These colors really stand out against the solid green foliage

Flowers That Start With R

They can be grown both indoors and outdoors and need direct sunlight for four to six hours a day, preferably morning sun. They must be watered twice a week without completely soaking the soil. Depending on the climate, they may need more water if growing outdoors. 

17. Roundleaf Liverleaf

The adorable bowl-shaped flowers that grow on this plant will make you want to grow more and more of them. They grow in early spring and range from colors such as pale pink, purple, white, or light blue and lavender. These cute little flowers will also close at night time and on cloudy days when pollinators are not likely to be around. 

Flowers That Start With R

The leaves are leathery and wine-colored, and make the plant attractive even after the flowers fall. 

Easily grown and pest and disease free, they are native to eastern North America, and thrive when placed in a location where they can be undisturbed. 

18. Rosemary

Loyal to its roots in the Mediterranean, Rosemary grows best in warm areas with some humidity. If grown in the right conditions, they can reach quite a few feet in height and can even become too big if not managed. 

Flowers That Start With R

The flowers that bloom on this plant are blue in color, with a sweet flavor. The stems and leaves are harvested and used for culinary purposes as a herb for foods and as a tea. 

Final thoughts

Compiling this list has really brought on an urge to grow some of these beautiful flowers. If you are interested in growing some, just take your pick from this list, there sure are loads to choose from! 

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