18 Fantastic Fruits That Start With G (With Pictures)

There are some weird and wonderful fruits growing all over the world that most of us have never even heard of or tasted before. Learn about some fruits that start with G.

That doesn’t make it any less fun learning about them though!

In this series, we’re going through the alphabet and looking at some fruits for every letter.

18 Fantastic Fruits That Start With G (With Pictures)

For this article, we’re examining the G-fruits of the world, ranging from some common varieties that you will have come across in your local grocery store as well as some more exotic plants you’ve probably never seen before.

Goji Berries

Goji Berries Fruits That Start with G

We’re kicking things off with a fruit that is commonly sold in plenty of health food stores in the US but that people may never have tried before.

Goji berries are rich in vitamins and minerals and even contain a great deal of antioxidants.

The tiny red berries are native to Asia and provide a little bit of color and zing to a lot of healthy meals.

A lot of health fanatics rave about goji berries and even use them for medicinal purposes such as maintaining eye health and strengthening some of your vital organs.


Grapefruit Fruits That Start with G

This delicious citrus fruit is pretty well-known across North America and Europe and boasts a fairly sweet and bitter flavor.

In terms of appearance, it looks something like an orange on its exterior but gives way to a wonderfully dark pink flesh on the inside.

It makes for a great addition to smoothies or an accompaniment to a variety of breakfast foods like pancakes.


Grapes Fruits That Start with G

Now, if you’ve never tried any of the other fruits on our list, there’s a very high chance that you’ve at least encountered the humble grape before.

They come in either red or ‘white’ varieties and can be used for a whole variety of food and drink purposes.

As well as eating them on their own, you can dry grapes to make them into raisins or put them through the complicated process of turning them into wine.

They’re always one of the most sold fruits in the US and many countries in Europe and are an incredibly versatile fruit.

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Guava Fruits That Start with G

Commonly grown and cultivated in tropical regions such as Central America and the Caribbean, guavas are another fairly common fruit to US markets.

Technically, they are considered berries but have a much larger shape and size than you’d typically expect.

You can eat absolutely every part of guava fruit, from the skin to the seeds, making for a great food for those who hate waste.

However, the seeds are considerably less tasty than the rest of the plant so many people simply avoid them.


Granadilla Fruits That Start with G

A variety of passionfruit, these small, round fruits are orange on the outside and give way to a white flesh and a series of darker, jelly-like seeds on the inside.

Unlike the previous fruit, you wouldn’t eat the shell of the granadilla but the seeds inside offer a sweet and sour flavor that makes them perfectly fine to eat on their own.

They are also native to South American countries like Bolivia, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

Governor’s Plum

Governor’s Plum

Indigenous to parts of Africa and Asia, there’s a good chance you’ve never come across this plant before.

The name comes from its aesthetic similarities with a regular plum, though we’re not sure where the governor part comes from!

Due to their less than desirable raw flavor, most people opt to make them into jams, jellies, or even liquors.

Interestingly, these plants are great for having their seeds dispersed by birds who have to be wary of the sharp thorns that adorn their stalks.

Granny Smith Apple

Granny Smith Apple

The first of a few varieties of apple on this list, these ones are most commonly used for cooking things like pies and tarts.

It has a slightly more sour flavor than other varieties of apple which are better suited for eating raw but they still make up plenty of apple sales across the US.

They were originally cultivated in Australia in 1868 but have since made themselves known around the world.

Green Apple

Green Apple

A common variety of the green apple is, in fact, the granny smith apple.

The key difference between this fruit and its red counterpart is that the green apple will turn green when it becomes fully ripe.

Most people see green apples as a better cooking apple than to be eaten raw, mostly due to their characteristically sour flavor.

Greek Figs

Greek Figs

Despite the tough, dark-colored exterior of this fruit, the interior flesh of a greek fig is soft in texture and has a surprisingly sweet flavor that makes it perfectly acceptable to eat on its own.

There are no prizes for guessing where the Greek fig is native to but there are quite a few different varieties of the fruit, including black figs, royal figs, and green figs.

In general, they provide plenty of potassium and fiber, making for a very healthy snack between meals.

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Grosella Negra

Grosella Negra

This Spanish name translates roughly into ‘black fruit’ because they are known commonly in parts of Europe as a ‘blackcurrant’.

They’re known as a pretty healthy fruit, containing plenty of antioxidants and vitamins and working wonders for your internal organs.

In the UK, this fruit is commonly used as an ingredient in a drink called ‘squash’, which is diluted with water to make a sweet, fruity beverage.

Gorham Pear

Gorham Pear Fruits That Start with G

Much like apples, there are plenty of popular pear varieties sold commonly in the US.

One such variety is the Gorham pear which was considered as an improvement on the previous varieties when it was first discovered in Europe.

It’s very useful for making desserts, thanks to its sweet flavor and juicy melting flesh.

It’s also worth noting that a Gorham pear tree is pretty easy to grow in most US backyards.

Gala Apple

Gala Apple

Of course, one of the most popular varieties of apple had to make its way onto our list.

They were originally discovered in New Zealand but have since overtaken the Red Delicious apple as the most highly produced in the US.

They often grow with a variety of colors, ranging from green to red and everything in between.

The best thing about this apple is its versatility and you can eat them raw, cook them into a dessert, or even make apple sauce with them.

Galia Melon

Galia Melon Fruits That Start with G

Often confused with the cantaloupe melon, the Galia has its origins in Southeast Asia.

They have an interior flesh that often shows shades of pale green and has a sweet, slightly spicy flavor.

Like most varieties of melons, the Galia is most commonly eaten raw, as a snack, by scooping the flesh out of the rind and removing the seeds.

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Golden Apple Fruit

Golden Apple Fruit

Not to be confused with an item from the popular video game, Minecraft, the golden apple fruit can also be referred to as a June Plum.

They’re considerably different from a regular apple and have flesh that tastes much like pineapple or mango.

When they’re fully ripe they turn from green to yellow and offer juicy, crunchy flesh that makes a wonderful accompaniment to salads.



This is a fruit that most people will be familiar with, even if they haven’t ever tried one.

They’re commonly grown in the UK and US and can grow in a wide variety of colors including green, red, orange, yellow, and even black.

In fact, there are plenty of different gooseberry varieties out there, each with its own unique properties and flavors.

Many even consider gooseberries to have some medicinal properties and provide plenty of health benefits.

Green/Golden Kiwi

Golden Kiwi

These are actually two different varieties of kiwi fruit but are worth noting in the same category.

The main difference between the two is their appearance, one boasting a deep green flesh while the other is a brighter yellow.

Kiwi fruits are known for having a delightfully tangy, tropical flavor and satisfyingly soft texture.

Many people enjoy this fruit as a snack on its own or as an addition to a fruit salad.

However, if you want to consume them, it won’t be hard to find some in your local grocery store in the US.

Green Anjou Pear

Green Anjou Pear

Often referred to as a D’Anjou pear, this fruit originated in Europe and has a very pear-like flavor that most people will be familiar with.

Varieties include colors of mostly green and sometimes red skins with juicy, crunchy flesh inside.

They’re just as good to eat raw as they are to cook with but have some wonderful versatility, meaning they can easily be used for both.

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Golden Delicious Apple

Golden Delicious Apple

The final fruit on our list is the golden delicious apple.

Another very common variety in the US, this particular apple ripens into a distinctively yellow color on its exterior.

They tend to be very sweet in flavor but have very delicate flesh, making them prone to bruising and causing problems for those tasked with transporting them around the world.

Final Thoughts

Of course, there will be plenty of other fruits out there that begin with the letter G (probably a million varieties of apples!) but we didn’t have space to include them all.

It’s always fun to learn more about some obscure fruits that you might never have known existed so feel free to check out our other alphabet-based lists to continue exploring!

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