15 Different Fruits That Start With T (Including Photos)

From tangerines to tamarinds, the list of fruits that start with T is endless. 

15 Different Fruits That Start With T (Including Photos)

The world is home to rich flora and fauna, with unique plants producing wacky and wonderful fruits. Some edible, some inedible, some hairy, some smooth, the variety of Mother Nature is quite something…

Discover a glossary of some amazing and unique fruits from all over the world starting with T. 

1. Tangerine

Tangerine Fruits that start with T

You may have heard of a tangerine, similar in appearance to an orange, it is classified as a type of citrus fruit that is treated to the mandarin orange.

Scientifically known as Citrus tangerina, the tangerine is botanically classified as a hybrid of different mandarin orange varieties. The name tangerine comes from its relation to it being first used in the city of Tangier in Morocco.

The tangerine is similar to the orange both in appearance and taste. The difference between the common orange and a tangerine is that a tangerine is considered to be slightly sweeter in flavor. 

2. Tangelo

Tangelo Fruits that start with T

The tangelo is a unique citrus fruit that is classified as a hybrid between a tangerine and a pomelo. Tangelos are larger than a tangerine in size as they are considered to be slightly larger than the size of an adult fist.

As a citrus hybrid of a tangerine and pomelo, the tangelo consists of a unique sweet and tangy flavor. Unlike the pomelo, however, the tangelo is very easy to peel, consisting of soft and loose skin.

The tangelo significantly differs from other citrus fruits due to its unique protruding nipple-like stem. 

3. Tomato

Tomato Fruits that start with T

Often misperceived as a vegetable, a tomato is considered a fruit and is classified as a member of the nightshade family. Scientifically known as the Solanum Lycopersicum, the tomato fruit is native to South America but is widely cultivated around the world.

Commonly used for culinary purposes, the tomato can be eaten raw and cooked as it is one of the most popular culinary ingredients.

Tomatoes thrive in warmer climates but are often grown by many around the world using greenhouses. There are more than 10,000 varieties of tomato available all unique in their shape, color, and flavor with some sweet and some tangy. 

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4. Tamarind

Tamarind Fruits that start with T

Tamarinds are unique tropical fruits that are enjoyed around the world for their unique taste and texture but also for their esteemed biological properties as they stand to be antioxidant-rich.

Scientifically known as Tamarindus indica, the tamarind fruit is native to Africa but is widely cultivated across southern Asia and several tropical regions across the world.

The tamarind is a distinctive fruit that appears as a large seed fruit as it is in a bean-like pod. However, inside, the pod houses a delicious, sweet, and sour pulp that can be eaten raw when ripe or cooked to make marinades and other culinary purposes. 

5. Tachibana Orange

Tachibana Orange Fruits that start with T

Scientifically known as Citrus Tachibana, this fruit is classed as a type of citrus fruit that is considered to be a type of mandarin orange.

This variety of orange is native to Japan and can commonly be found growing in the wild forests and areas of well-drained soil in Japan.

Possessing the common characteristics of an orange, the Tachibana orange consists of a soft orange skin and juicy segments of orange pulp. However, unlike the mandarin, the Tachibana orange, though appetizing, is considered to be extremely sour and bitter and is not edible. 

6. Tamarillo

Tamarillo Fruits that start with T

The tamarillo, also commonly known as the tree tomato, is a unique member of the nightshade family. This fruit grows on a small shrub-like tree. Scientifically known as a Solanum betaceum, the tamarillo fruit consists of orange-red skin and a distinctive egg shape.

The tamarillo is closely related to the tomato and is considered to be similar in appearance and texture. The tamarillo fruit is native to the Andes. The edible fruit is locally grown and widely cultivated across the world for its tomato-like flavor.

The tamarillo varies in color. Dark red tamarillos produce a sour and tart flavor whilst yellow and orange tamarillo fruits are known to produce a sweeter flavor. In contrast to the common tomato, tamarillo fruit features slightly firmer skin and contains larger seeds than a tomato. 

7. Tayberry

Tayberry Fruits that start with T

The tayberry distinctly resembles a raspberry. Like a raspberry, the tayberry is a member of the rose family. It Is characterized as a hybrid of blackberry and raspberry. As such, it consists of a unique sweet and sour flavor that is associated with blackberries and raspberries.

However, unlike blackberries and raspberries, tayberries are difficult to pick and are unable to be machine harvested. As a result, the tayberry is not commercialized in the same way as the blackberry and raspberry and continues to only grow in the wild as it thrives in a variety of soils.   

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8. Topaz Apple

Topaz Apple

Characterized as a member of the rose family, the topaz apple is considered to be a unique variety of apples as it is disease resistant.

The topaz apple is engineered to be resistant to the common scab disease which is recognized as a common disease that affects the rose family.

Though unique in its properties, the topaz apple represents the common appearance of an apple. It is often found in soft red shades and consists of a slightly sour and sharp flavor similar to that of a Granny Smith. 

9. Tangor


The tangor is classified as a citrus fruit that is considered to be a hybrid consisting of the combination of the sweet orange and the mandarin orange. It is most recognized for its full and rich citrus flavor.

The tangor is considered to be significantly easy to peel. Though distinctive in flavor, the tangor is considered to simply resemble the appearance of a common orange with its bright orange pulp.

Some common varieties of tangor you may have heard of include the clementine and satsuma. Tangors are widely cultivated in tropical regions as the fruit thrives in warmer climates but the fruit is largely enjoyed across the world. 

10. Tart Cherry

Tart Cherry

The tart cherry also known as the sour cherry or scientifically known as Prunus cerasus is a unique species of cherry.

Native to Europe and Asia, the tart cherry is recognized for its distinctive acid and sharp pulp. Though edible it is commonly used for culinary purposes due to its sharp flavor making it a great ingredient for baked goods.

The tart cherry is considered to be a close relative of the sweet cherry but stands to be similar in appearance but different in taste. Like the sweet cherry, the tart cherry consists of a crimson skin and pulp.  

11. Texas Persimmon

Texas Persimmon

Scientifically known as the Diospyros Texana, the Texas persimmon tree is one of 700 varieties of persimmon.

The Texas persimmon fruit is an edible fruit that is produced by the tree and is widely cultivated for its unique flavor that is similar to that of a sweet prune. Ripe Texas persimmon fruits feature thick black skin and a juicy flesh. 

12. Taylor’s Gold Pear

Taylor’s Gold Pear

Taylor’s Gold pears are native to New Zealand and are considered to be a relatively new variety of pear which consists of smooth golden-brown skin which is where its name comes from.

This variety of pear is said to be best eaten fresh as it is a sweet and juicy pear variety with a tender and succulent texture that is similar to a comice pear.

Unlike some pears, Taylor’s gold pear is firm when ripe. Though native to New Zealand, the pear is considered to be a hybrid of the comice and bosc pear. 

13. Terap


The terap fruit is significantly similar to a jackfruit in its appearance as it consists of a stringy pulp in kernel sections and a coarse and hairy outer skin.

The terap fruit is native to Borneo and is not widely cultivated internationally as it has an incredibly short shelf life. Though required to be consumed once opened, the terap fruit offers a distinctly unique sweet tropical flavor and a creamy texture.

The terap is a member of the mulberry family and is closely related to fruits such as jackfruit and breadfruit.

14. Tommy Atkins Mango

Tommy Atkins Mango

The Tommy Atkin’s mango is named after its cultivator. This mango is widely cultivated for commercial purposes as it has a considerably longer shelf life which makes it ideal for transportation.

The Tommy Atkin’s mango is most commonly distributed to Europe and the United States. Due to its hardy characteristics, the unique mango variety is also now widely cultivated, specifically in the Americas. 

15. Totapuri Mango

Totapuri Mango

The Totapuri mango is another mango named after its cultivator. The Totapuri mango can most commonly be found growing in India and Sri Lanka.

It is most recognized for its uniquely sweet skin which differs from the bitterness of other mango varieties. Hence, the skin of the Totapuri mango is commonly eaten along with the flesh.

Though originating from India, the Totapuri mango is widely cultivated in the United States. 

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Final Thoughts

The majority of the fruits that start with T stand to be tomatoes and varieties of orange, however, whilst we’ve shared some of our favorite fruits, the list of fruits starting with T is extensive and there is plenty more to explore! 

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