How To Propagate Chinese Money Plant: What You Need To Know

The propagate chinese money plant used to be a fairly tricky find, but thanks to easy propagation, it is now very common.

It became a plant often passed on between people and that is why it is known as the friendship plant as well. 

As is with many houseplants, especially succulents, you can propagate this plant through plantlet separation, and then propagating them in water or soil.

Like with many succulent plants they do have special conditions. 

How To Propagate Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese Money Plant will need high humidity, indirect light, and fairly moist conditions to help it grow into a new, beautiful plant. 

Today, we will discuss with you how you can propagate your Chinese Money Plant, so that you can pass it onto your friends! 

About The Chinese Money Plant

The Pilea Peperomioides plant can be propagated in many ways, however, the best way is through plantlets. 

As long as you take good care of your plant it will provide you with plenty of happy healthy plantlets ready to be propagated, so that you can pass it on, or build a plant army, whichever you need it for. 

These plants were actually first brought into Europe from China via a Norwegian missionary back in the mid 40s. After this it was traded via its plantlets and made its way around the world! 

It is just that easy to propagate! 

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How Many Ways To Propagate The Pilea Peperomioides

Fun Fact: The plantlets a Chinese Money Plant produces are known as ‘pups’. 

There are many ways you can propagate a Pilea Peperomioides, the main way to do so is via its plantlets, however you can also use the stem too!

Just make sure the plant is healthy and mature, and you will have Pilea babies unbelievably quick! 

Propagation Via Plantlets- Rhizome

Propagation Via Plantlets- Rhizome

Propagating via the Rhizome plantlets is probably the easiest method you can use. It is fairly common for any healthy Pilea to have many babies propping up from its roots in just a few weeks. 

Once you notice this happening, get cracking! 

How To

  1. Use your fingers to gently dig into the soil around an inch deep, surrounding the plantlet and attempt to very carefully untangle its mini root system from its parent’s hardy root system. 

1.5 It is possible you may need to take the whole plant out for this job, so also ensure that you have a clear area to do so. 

  1. With a clean instrument, separate the baby plants, and cut an inch or so from the stem base, taking a part of the rhizome and roots with it. Never just pull, this can cause damage.
  1. Plant the baby in its own container with a potting mix that has well draining soil. 
  1. In just a few weeks you should see them develop their own new roots and start growing beautiful leaves! 

Propagation Via Plantlets- Stem

You can also propagate via stem pups too. These pups grow out of the main stem of the mother plant. They can be removed from their parent plant as soon as they are big enough to survive alone. 

How To

  1. Using a sharp, clean knife, carefully remove the stem pups from the parent plant. Being cautious of damaging the main stem as you do so. 
  1. Be aware that these pups do not have their own system of roots like the Rhizome ones do, so you will need to root them inside soil or water and be more patient with them as they develop their own roots.
  1. If you plan on rooting them in water, you will want to wait until the roots in the soil are around an inch in length before you transfer them to soil. This may take a good 2 weeks or a month depending on the environment they are in. 
  1. If you decide you want to root them in soil, then you will know they have developed their roots as they start growing new leaves. 

Stem Propagation

Another alternative to using the pups of this plant is to use its stem. Although it is not the most popular or easy option, you can do this too! 

This is best used if you find that your Chinese Money Plant is getting a bit too leggy and tall for your liking.

It is a good option to consider getting your plant back to how you like it, and it solves your issues with waiting for plantlets to mature. 

Simply follow these steps.

  1. Using a sharp and sterilized blade, cut the main stem of your plant. 
  2. Plant the stem in soil or water. 

It is very simple and easy to do. 

We do recommend propagating this type of Pilea in water, as it usually reduces how much wilting you will experience, while also providing plenty of hydration as you wait for the roots to develop

Should you decide to propagate in water for its ease and how much it helps the new plant grow and develop, it is best for you to wait for the roots to grow to a few inches long before you transfer it into a potting mix. 

The plant may take 4-6 weeks to get to this point, however, patience is a virtue when you are waiting for your plant to develop nice and healthy and for it to stay that way. 

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Soil Vs Water Propagation 

Soil Vs Water Propagation

You have two options with plant propagation, you can either plant your Pilea cuttings in soil or propagate them in water. 

Soil propagation can be faster and more reliable for propagating plantlets, as they establish fast and develop roots quicker. 

However, this is not true for every plant.

When you are trying to propagate a large stem cutting, however, this is best done in water, as they will usually wilt in soil.

This may be due to greater amounts of foliage, all of which needs support when you propagate the plant. 

Either method will work however, it is worthwhile trying them out and seeing which works best for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Propagate Chinese Money Plant From A Leaf? 

Of course, you can propagate a Pilea from a leaf. However, it is not necessarily the easiest method.

You should also cut  a small section of the plant stem with the leaf. If you do not cut the stem, the leaf will produce roots, but no new leaves will start to grow. 

How Do You Separate A Baby Chinese Money Plant? 

Using a knife scrape away the compost to reveal the roots below, be careful of causing damage.

You should see a thick root where the baby is connected to the mother. Cut this root carefully and then cut around the plant keeping the roots intact as much as possible.

How Do You Make A Chinese Money Plant Bushy?

In order to help your plant grow better, prune it often. This will also stop stems trailing and looking thin. Prune the leaves and stems to get a bushier Chinese Money Plant.

To Conclude 

You can propagate a Chinese Money Plant in water or in soil, and you can use Rhizome pups, stem cuttings, or stem pups. It is up to you how you do it, and it depends on your plant’s growth too. 

This is without question, one of the easiest plants you can propagate, and it is well worth doing so.

They are well known for successful propagation, and they have many names that back up this tendency for easy propagation. 

Aside from what to propagate and which technique to use, you should always ensure you provide a healthy environment for your propagated cuttings.

These plants will need bright indirect sunlight, moist soil, and high humidity at the very least. 

Propagate them well, and you will soon have an army of Chinese Money Plants in your home! 

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