25 Beautiful Pink Flowers (Including Pictures)

In a garden of trees, bushes, and vegetables, you’re going to need some flowers in there to complete the garden look, and what looks better than pink flowers. Every flower you plant has something different to tell and a unique personality, this is why they’re amazing to add to your garden, and typically they don’t require much attention so it’s a perfect addition. 

1. Calla Lily

Pink Calla Lily

The calla Lily is regarded as perennial, meaning it can live for roughly two years and they’re not actually lilies. The Calla is made from 28 different species that hail from Africa and can grow to over 3 feet tall and are very recognizable. Their symbol is that of innocence and beauty.

2. Carnation

Pink Carnation

With a combination of pink and pinkish colors this is how you’d find the carnation in its natural bloom. These flowers being edible are often used to create a simple yet pretty garnish. Due to cross breeding, you’d definitely be able to find the carnation in a wide variety of different colors. It’s a symbol of gratitude and being unforgettable.

3. Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

The symbol of beauty of life and springtime. The cherry blossom was first introduced to the US in 1912 as a symbol of good relations. They bloom in April with amazing pink flowers that have a lovely, sweet smell to them. 

4. Hyacinth

Pink Hyacinth

The ‘pink pearl’ is known to hold one for the most wonderful garden scents of spring. It is regarded as one of the easiest to grow flowers and can be planted very easily. The plants do have an intense smell and when being planted gloves should be worn due to their poisonous bulbs. The flower symbolizes playfulness.

5. Hydrangea

Pink Hydrangea

This flower symbolizes true feelings, it’s mostly recognized as they grow their own lush bouquets of flowers. They don’t only come in lovely shades of pink but also can come in lovely shades of blues and purples. Being slightly more difficult to grow, but also far more durable once grown making them easy to care for.

6. Lotus

Pink Lotus

This beautiful radiant flower not only symbolizes enlightenment and resilience, but it also embodies it. It’s definitely looked at as one of the most sacred plants to be grown in the world. The life cycle of a lotus starts by growing in mud, then flows into a river every night and magically re-blooms by the next morning. 

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7. Primrose

Pink Primrose

The ‘pink ladies’ of the flowering world are most noticeable for the lovely colors and the yellow stamen. They bloom in early spring and come in plenty of arrangements, colors, and sizes. They’re low maintenance and if treated well they can be great for bordering flower beds and will multiply each year. Their symbol is that of young love and attachment.

8. Rocktrumpet

Pink Rocktrumpet

These flowers need a nice warm environment to grow in. They’re a wonderful bright flower and are super fragrant, however are known to attract pests and which can sometimes lead to damages on the petals. Growing, they can reach from 7 to 15 feet in length. They’re the symbol for whimsy.

9. Rose

Pink Rose

Potentially one of the most classic flowers, especially when thinking of romantic gifts. Not only are roses beautiful to look at, but they are absolutely crowded with symbols, meaning and metaphors all relating to the flower and its bushes. They bloom during mid spring and require some maintenance to achieve the best results. Symbolizing appreciation and admiration. 

10. Snapdragon

Pink Snapdragon

This fiery flower earned its name as at its full bloom it looks very similar to a dragon’s mouth being open. They grow along a stem and typically bunch and bloom together at the top of the stem. The flowers bloom in cooler months and typically symbolize grace and protection.

11. Spider Lily

Pink Spider Lily

The flower gets its name as it looks very similar to spider legs in all sorts of poses. They’re part of the amaryllis family and similarly their bloom is in cooler months like autumn and winter. They bloom at the top of a stem and don’t really come in lush bunches. Being poisonous to animals it’s only right that their symbol is the afterlife.

12. Stargazer

Pink Stargazer

A big part of the oriental lily family, the flower has a long stamen with very vibrant pint petals and produces a lovely, sweet scent. It’s a bit of a crowd pleaser when it comes to bouquets as they’re so prominent and elegant. Poisonous to small children and cats so be wary of where you keep them. They symbolize ambition and wealth, perfect to go with their elegance. 

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13. Petunia

Pink Petunia

These fresh pink flowers are one of the more popular pink flowers as they have amazing looking blooms and a super long flowering time. They’re native to South America and have an incredible assortment of colors and patterns. They look great as decorations in flower arrangements in gardens and hanging baskets and symbolize longing or anger.   

14. Sweet Pea

Pink Sweet Pea

Along with their name, of course they’re going to be small and produce a sweet scent. They’re very easy to grow and can come in amazing colors and varieties, this helps to use them in some lovely fragrances and soaps. Due to their scent, they’re typically used in bouquets as it’s a really nice addition. Their symbol is jubilance.

15. Tulips

Pink Tulips

Tulips are definitely one of the more recognizable flowers. They come in their signature shape and bloom and notoriously come from Holland.They bloom from late March to mid-May, this makes them so nice to get for your moms on mother’s day, and this is especially good as their symbol is caring and endearment which are motherly traits. 

16. Meadowsweet

Pink Meadowsweet

The cute little meadowsweet blooms in nice little clusters off of long stems that can grow from anywhere from 3 to 7 feet. This member of the rose family tends to grow in more damp and moist habitats like damp meadows and riverbanks. This playful flower is the symbol for courtship.  

17. Orchid

Pink Orchid

The orchid has to be one of the most dominant flowers rolling in with anywhere between 25,000 to 30,000 different species. Typically, the orchid is known to be one of the most popular flowers but is super difficult to take care of. As long as they’re treated with care, they’ll be a wonderful plant to have in your home. These are a wonderful symbol of luxury and beauty.

18. Peony

Pink Peony

The peony has a magnificent rich history and has been known to be native to North America, South Europe, and Asia. It was once known to be the national plant of China. It can also live to be over 100 years old and even at that age can bloom into big pink flowers that smell amazing. Brides will typically choose this flower as it’s a great symbol for good fortune and honor. 

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19. Chrysanthemum

Pink Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum is a wonderful flower as it represents happiness and love. The Chinese flower comes in over 40 different kinds, and some believe they even have amazing medical properties. They typically bloom in autumn or maybe even sometimes early winter and make for a great decoration around that time of year.

20. Dahlia

Pink Dahlia

This amazing looking flower was born in Mexico, very well known for the petals and how the shape and form, and even how unique they can all be. They have 42 different species and are part of the Asteraceae family and also connected to chrysanthemums.

21. Hibiscus

Pink Hibiscus

This lush, summer flower symbolizes beauty and femininity. Being native to the Pacific Rim they really reflect their amazing tropical environment. Their stamen also produces a scent and flavor that is used widely in perfumes, food, and drinks. These plants’ blooming time is in the summer months.

22. Azalea

Pink Azalea

The Azalea is a very vibrant pink flower that represents femininity. With a thick bloom they’re very good for creating a wall of privacy as they grow in bunched shrub like shapes and bloom mostly in the spring and the summer, however, there are some versions of this flower that can start to grow as early as February.

23. Begonias

Pink Begonias

The begonias can come in over 18,000 different species, and there are 3 main kinds, semperflorens, perennials and tuberous. The tuberous variety of the begonias has edible leaves, stems and flowers and has similarities to a rose. It symbolizes being cautious.

24. Butterfly Bush Pink Delight

Butterfly Bush Pink Delight

This plant’s name is pretty self-explanatory, it’s an absolute magnet for butterflies. This particular flower comes more in a medium to large sized bush that is absolutely filled with small pink flowers all over it, it can also appear in lavender and purple. The butterfly bush symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings.

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25. Hollyhock

Pink Hollyhock

This cute flower looks like it belongs to a cottage from a fairytale. It’s nice and tall and blooms best mid-summer, they’re relatively low maintenance. They’re also very good at attracting butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. It symbolizes Fruitfulness and motherly love.

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