55 Stunning Strawberry Red Flowers (With Pictures)

Do you love strawberries? Or do you simply love the color of strawberry red?

If you do, you are going to want to browse this list of strawberry red flowers from all around the world!

Strawberry red is a lovely shade of red that is soft yet vibrant – the perfect color to add to your flower beds if you want to make your garden truly stand out.

Stunning Strawberry Red Flowers

There are around 280,000 flowering plants in the world, but we have gone ahead and narrowed it down to 55 of the most beautiful strawberry colored flowers.

In alphabetical order – and complete with a short description – here are 55 strawberry red flowers that you need to know about!

1. Alstroemeria

Strawberry Red Flowers-Alstroemeria

Alstroemerias, also known as Peruvian lilies or lily of the Incas, are South American flowering plants that can bloom in a soft shade of red.

2. Amaryllis

Strawberry Red Flowers-Amaryllis

Amarylliis plants are native to South Africa, often flowering in a bold yet muted shade of red. These flowers are popular houseplants and gifts.

3. Anemone

Strawberry Red Flowers-Anemone

Anemones, found in most parts of the world, bloom in various colors, including white, pink, purple, and strawberry red.

4. Anthurium

Strawberry Red Flowers-Anthurium

Another popular houseplant and gift, anthuriums bloom with attractive scarlet red petals very similar to the color of strawberries!

5. Aster

Strawberry Red Flowers-Aster

Asters have a daisy-like appearance, blooming in white, pink, purple, or red. While red asters are not as common, this makes them more appealing.

6. Azalea

Strawberry Red Flowers-Azalea

Azaleas are popular flowering plants that are also commonly called rhododendrons. Red azaleas are a muted red, resembling the color of strawberries.

7. Bee Balms

Strawberry Red Flowers-Bee Balms

Bee balms, also called bergamots, are recognizable by their spiky, outspread petals, which can flower in pink, pinkish red, purple, and scarlet red.

8. Begonia

Strawberry Red Flowers-Begonia

Begonias are popular flowers, making up more than 2000 species. Due to this, there are many begonias that bloom in an attractive strawberry red color.

9. Bleeding Hearts

Strawberry Red Flowers-Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding hearts have a name that perfectly matches their appearance. These eye-catching flowers have soft red petals shaped just like hearts.

10. Bottlebrushes

Strawberry Red Flowers-Bottlebrushes

Bottlebrushes are unique-looking flowers that resemble brushes. There are yellow and purple bottlebrushes, but the most common color is a vibrant red.

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11. Buttercups

Strawberry Red Flowers-Buttercups

Ranunculus bulbosus, more commonly called buttercups or bulbous buttercups, are typically yellow, but these small, lovely flowers also bloom in red!

12. Calla Lily

Strawberry Red Flowers-Calla Lily

The calla lily has an elegant-looking flower head that is shaped like a trumpet. This flower blooms in white, yellow, pink, purple, and red.

13. Camellia

Strawberry Red Flowers-Camellia

Camellia flowers have stunning rosette-shaped heads with a rose-like quality, flowering in white, pink, and rose red.

14. Canna

Strawberry Red Flowers-Canna

Canna plants, or canna lilies, have only ten species, typically flowering with orange or red petals.

15. Cape Primrose

Strawberry Red Flowers-Cape Primrose

Cape primroses are popular houseplants, native to Africa, with either white, pink, purple, or scarlet red flowers. 

16. Cardinal Flowers

Strawberry Red Flowers-Cardinal Flowers

Cardinal flowers are famous for their vibrant red color, as well as their unique leaf-like petals.

17. Carnation

Strawberry Red Flowers-Carnation

Carnations are a species of dianthus, often presented as romantic gifts. These rosette-shaped flowers bloom in white, pink, purple, and strawberry red.

18. Chrysanthemum

Strawberry Red Flowers-Chrysanthemum

Like carnations, chrysanthemums have attractive rosette flower heads that are either white, yellow, pink, or red in color.

19. Cockscomb


Cockscomb flowers vary in appearance, but typically bloom with pinkish red flowers resembling the color of strawberries.

20. Columbine


Columbine flowers have a unique appearance thanks to their spurred petals, which sometimes flower in a soft scarlet red color.

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21. Coneflower


Coneflowers resemble shuttlecocks in shape, known for their vibrant petals that can be orange, pink, or red in color.

22. Crocosmia

Crocosmia flowers, also called montbretia, have a fiery quality, mostly blooming in shades of orange, red, or a mixture of both!

23. Dahlias


Dahlias are loved for their neat, rounded rosettes. These flowers, which are native to Mexico and America, can bloom in an orangey red color similar to strawberry red.

24. Daylily


Daylilies bloom in yellow, orange, or red (as well as pink), with many having a mixed color that resembles strawberries.

25. Dianthus


Dianthus is a large family of flowering plants, typically found in Europe, Asia, and Africa, with white, pink, or red petals.

26. Freesia


Freesias, part of the Iridaceae family, are elegant and sophisticated flowers with white, yellow, pink, purple, or mellow red petals.

27. Gaillardia


Gaillardia flowers, from North and South America, typically have petals with yellow edges and a vibrant red center.

28. Geraniums


Geraniums are popular garden flowers with white, pink, purple, or red petals, often arranged together in bouquets. 

29. Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies have a scarlet red color similar to strawberries, but also bloom in yellow, white, pink, and purple.

30. Gladiolus


Gladiolus flowers have an eye-catching appearance, with the petals growing in vertical clusters. Gladiolus flowers can be white, yellow, pink, purple, or bright red.

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31. Gloxinia


Gloxinia flowers make ideal houseplants, often blooming in pink, purple, or red, sometimes with elegant white edges. 

32. Hellebore


Hellebores are well-known for their soft, faded petals, which are either pink, purple, red, pinkish red in appearance.

33. Hibiscus


Hibiscus flowers, part of the malvaceae family that prefers warmer climates, typically bloom in a vibrant strawberry red color.

34. Hyacinth


Hyacinth flowers resemble gladiolus flowers in the way the petals bloom and take shape. Alongside pink, purple, and blue, hyacinths can bloom in a soft red. 

35. Iris


While typically purple, iris flowers, adored for their intricate petals, can bloom in various shades of red, including a mellow strawberry color.

36. Lycoris


Lycoris, better known as red spider lily, is an eye-catching flower, bright red in color with spider-like petals.

37. Marigolds


Marigolds, part of the daisy family, have bright orange and red flower heads, often with a vibrant mixture of both shades.

38. Orchids


Orchids are popular house flowers due to their exotic appearance. There are over 25,000 species of orchid – many of which are strawberry red!

39. Pentas


Pentas flowers, named after their five-sided flower heads, bloom in white, pink, and various hues of light and dark red.

40. Peonies


Peonies are rose-like flowers with a sophisticated appearance. These bloom in white, pink, and red, including a scarlet red color similar to the traditional rose.

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41. Petunias


Petunias are colorful garden plants and hanging basket plants, which flower in white, pink, purple, and a bright, delicate red.

42. Poinsettia


Poinsettias, popular during the Christmas period, are famous red flowers with a bright red color similar to ripe strawberries.

43. Poppies


Like poinsettias and roses, poppies are famous red flowers around the world, blooming in a bright strawberry red color.

44. Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear

Prickly pears, part of the cactus family, flower with small fruits that not only are a strawberry red color, but resemble strawberries in shape!

45. Roses


While roses come in a variety of colors, the most famous color is red, which can be a dark wine red or a light tomato red, similar to strawberries.

46. Scarlet Sage

Scarlet Sage

Scarlet sage, part of the salvia family, is a vertical-growing flowering plant with unique scarlet red petals similar to cardinal flowers.

47. Sunflowers


Sunflowers, despite their famously big and yellow flower heads, can also bloom with attractive red petals!

48. Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Sweet pea flowers are typically white, pink, or purple in color. Red sweet peas, which are less common, have a similar color to strawberries.

49. Sweet William

Sweet William

Sweet William, a species of dianthus, has pink, purple, or red petals in varying shades, sometimes with white edges.

50. Trumpet Vine

Trumpet Vine

Trumpet vines, also called trumpet creepers, are native to the United States, having a soft red strawberry color.

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51. Tulip


Tulips, like roses, have a reputation for being romantic flowers. Tulips bloom in different colors, including strawberry red.

52. Verbena


Verbenas are well-known for their purple, pink, and red shades, the latter being a bright strawberry red that is popular among gardeners.

53. Woolflower


Woolflowers have unique pinecone-shaped flower heads, which can be yellow, pink, or bright red in color.

54. Yarrow


Yarrow flowers are typically white, yellow, and pink. Red yarrows, however, boast vibrant red petals that are one of the most sought-after varieties.

55. Zinnia


Zinnia flowers, which have a rosette appearance, bloom in white, yellow, pink, orange, and red – including strawberry colored red.


And there you have it: 55 strawberry red flowers from all around the world, perfect for your garden if you, well, simply love the color of strawberry red!

Strawberry red is a vibrant shade of red that is going to make any flower bed, or floral arrangement, stand out. In addition to that, red is a popular color that represents love and passion, making red flowers the ideal gift for a loved one.

There are hundreds of red flower species in the world, but the above flowers are the ones that boast a red color resembling the color of strawberries.

So, if you love strawberries as much as we do, make sure to save this list of strawberry red flowers for future reference!

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