Succulents: Growing Indoors And Top 7 Shops To Buy Them Online

A succulent is an excellent choice of plant for the home, regardless of your level of plant care experience or how long you’ve been taking care of plants. There are a lot of distinct types, but most require the same plant maintenance. Let’s talk about succulents growing indoors top shops online.

Succulents growing indoors top shops online

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to care for succulent plants that enjoy spending time in the sun, indoors.

We will also learn how to grow colorful succulents outdoors because that may be possible depending on where you live. In addition, we provide a list of online succulent stores where you can surely buy healthy and beautiful succulents.

Although succulents require little upkeep, you should make a few considerations to cultivate these magnificent plants inside or near your home. We’ll begin by discussing the two aspects of succulent care that are most crucial: watering and exposure to sunlight.

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Watering succulents

If there is such a thing as watering, it is the most important part of caring for a succulent. Succulents thrive in arid, hot regions with abundant sunlight. If you don’t reside in a warm, arid area, you’ll need to try to mimic the succulent’s native environment in order to grow it successfully indoors.

Succulents growing indoors

One approach to do this is to make sure your succulent doesn’t get frequently watered. Long-term droughts are good for it; frequently watered succulents wind up being overwatered, which kills the plant. If you position your succulent in a location without direct sunlight, you might need to water it even less.

Because they retain plenty of moisture in their leaves and stems, succulents may live for weeks without water. However, during summer, it will require more water because it is warmer, and moisture evaporates more quickly than in the winter.

Therefore, throughout the summer and winter, it is preferable to water it once every 14 days.

For instance, if your succulent plants are indoors or out of direct sunlight, you should water them less frequently. The liquid in the soil won’t evaporate as quickly when the sun does not heat the plant and soil as much.

If you store your succulent in a place like this, it is suggested to water it only once a month. Your succulent won’t require as much watering.

Pot drainage holes

Another defense against overwatering is to keep your succulent in a pot with a lot of drainage holes. If you don’t have one of these containers, you’ll need to be cautious to water the plant sparingly enough so the soil can absorb the water and none of it collects in the bottom of the container.

Trial and error may once more be required. If you own a pot with proper drainage holes, use that because they come in handy in situations like these.

The succulent should be watered until it starts to drain out of the bottom of the pot if it is kept in a container with a drainage hole. To make sure all additional water has been removed from the saucepan, let it drip for about five minutes.

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Leaves Wrinkling

The leaves of your succulent may become wrinkled. This is also depicted in the guide’s header image for a few of the succulent’s lower leaves.

The presence of wrinkles in the leaves of your succulents could indicate that the plant is thirsty or has received too much water. 

Your plant is overwatered if this happens within the last two weeks. If it takes more time, your succulent is undoubtedly thirsty. Therefore, you should water it right away.

The most frequent mistake people make with succulents is overwatering plants. It is advisable to water less regularly but more deeply. Saturate the potting mix before the subsequent watering (while ensuring the water drains out of the drainage hole properly).

If the potting soil is constantly wet, the plant may eventually die.

Sunlight Exposure 

Because most succulents require at least six hours of sun per day, try to place your succulent arrangement near a south or east-facing window. Your succulents may grow spindly or expand toward the light if there is not enough sunshine.

Succulents growing indoors top shops online

Like cacti, most succulents prefer warm climates with plenty of sunlight. Some succulents can survive with less light, but for the most part, they need as much as you can provide.

Ensure that you always determine whether the succulent you have requires plenty of light; if so, place it on or near a windowsill that has direct sunlight. 

Temperature variations are a result of the varying amounts of sunshine exposure. Therefore, it’s crucial to monitor these temperatures.

Your succulent will require more frequent watering if it is constantly in a slightly warm, sunny location as opposed to one where it receives less sunlight and the associated heat.

What will happen to the succulents when they lack sun exposure?

Since most succulents enjoy the sun, what do you think will happen if we don’t give them the necessary exposure? Your succulent plant will begin to grow to one side and become taller.

This growth pattern is odd because most of the succulents are relatively white and flat plants. However, it is gaining height and tilting to one side due to its search for the desired sunshine. 

It is high time to shift your succulent to a much lighter location whenever you notice it growing taller like this. But, of course, your succulent shouldn’t get any taller once you’ve relocated it to a lighter location. It should also not get smaller, though. 

Your succulent won’t grow back to its former size once it has stretched out and grown lanky. However, you can propagate your succulents. It’s crucial to understand that when your succulent does not grow back to its previous size, there is nothing wrong with you; this is what succulents do.

What is the ideal soil for your succulent?

Succulents favor dry settings, as we’ve learned. One technique to create this dry atmosphere is to water your succulents seldom. However, using a well-draining potting soil mixture is more efficient.

Your succulent should not spend an excessive amount of time submerged in water. Thus the optimal soil drains water fast. 

Soil for succulent

A cactus or succulent soil mix is the ideal pre-packaged soil mixture. You could actually also manufacture this by amending your soil with perlite or coarse sand (not fine sand).

This makes sure that water drains rapidly and that not a lot of it remains in the growing soil. Soil is essential to your succulent’s success.

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Fertilizing your succulent

Use fertilizer when you wish to encourage a little faster growth in your plants. A succulent could benefit from fertilizer once a month, although it is not required.

Once a year, especially at the start of the growing season, you can fertilize it. Because succulents thrive so slowly, fertilizer can be helpful. Still, you should know that it will not make your plant grow as quickly as other houseplants.

Succulents growing indoors top shops online

There is no need to feed succulents throughout the winter because they are semi-dormant. In addition, because they are not actively growing, they do not require a nutrient boost.

How to care for succulents in winter

A succulent requires equal maintenance in the cold season as it does in the summer. It would help if you still watched out for their needs regarding sunlight and water, respectively. The main difference is that you must reduce the frequency of watering your succulent. 

It will help if you wet it once a month rather than once every two weeks in the winter because the moisture does not evaporate as quickly as in the summer. Given that your plant will absorb less water and won’t disappear as soon as it would in the summer, having excellent drainage is now more crucial.

Since there are less sun rays during the winter season, you should move your succulents near or on a windowsill so they can still receive enough light.

However, you don’t need to move your succulents if they are currently on a windowsill because they receive the most sunlight possible at that point of the year.

Growing Succulents Outdoors

Although this article is about caring for succulents inside, plant owners frequently inquire about the possibility of growing their succulents outside.

Depending on where you reside, you can plant succulents outside. You can grow succulents in a warmer region with enough sunlight and little to no winter frost. Only a few “cold weather” succulents can be grown outdoors if you reside in a lower-temperature area.

These succulents for cold climates are a distinct species and don’t resemble indoor succulents very much. Instead, they are incredibly hardy succulents that lack the mushy leaves you would often associate with succulents.

These succulents can withstand temperatures below zero. Normal or non-winter-hardy succulent plants may freeze over the winter and perish if you try to cultivate them outdoors in a colder area.

Where to Buy Succulents Online?

Succulents and cacti have become one of the most popular plants to own over the years. So it’s no surprise that plant-lovers are flocking to buy them. Succulents are bright, colorful, one-of-a-kind, and simple to care for.

Buying succulents

Because of the convenience of online shopping, many people have chosen to have their plants shipped. Yet, there is always the risk of problems with shipping and weather conditions. It doesn’t help that these valuable plants are being packed in boxes that get jostled and damaged.

But there is good news for plant lovers! Consider these seven online professional plant sellers to save you time and laborious, in-depth research. They know these issues and strive to deliver healthy, damage-free plants to your door.

1. Mountain Crest Gardens 

The Mountain Crest Garden is a 1995 family-owned succulent nursery. It’s in Scott Valley near the landmark, Mt. Shasta.

They have several succulents, including hand-picked, unique collections and priced various trays. Many cold-hardy succulents are among the 1,000 kinds available in the store. Their succulent cuttings are sold by form and in packs of soft and durable succulents.

Mountain Crest Gardens sells more than succulents. They also provide wholesale collection packs and $21.95 monthly memberships with four hand-picked theme-based plants. Crest Points are awarded with each purchase. Orders above $45 ship free!

2. The Succulent Source

Their selection includes succulents, cacti, and tillandsia air plants, among the 200 varieties for sale. Also, buyers can choose from succulent cuttings and bare roots. Succulents are available for guest favors, bridal parties, home and garden, and corporate gifts. 

They also have DIY projects, arrangements, corporate packages, and wholesale plants. Customers can also buy seasonal succulents with holiday themes. They usually offer discounts for holiday purchases)!

They send thousands of succulents each year, so they are very familiar with plant packaging risks and know-how. The Succulent Source is also famous for its wedding arrangements, especially Bridal Party Accents.

The Succulent Source has many cheap options. Succulent trays, plants, leaves, and cuttings are available. In addition, there is an excellent selection of gifts, accessories, event/wedding favors, and more. Shipping speed and quality are incredible. 

3. Planet Desert 

Planet Desert is another Southern California family-owned wholesale and retail nursery. They sell affordable, high-quality plants. They claim to have perfected shipping, delivering healthy plants. The proprietor also travels on “cactus tours” to find exotic succulents for the store’s increasing collection. 

To provide interested buyers with fresh and exciting possibilities, they are adding, developing, and producing new products with new and exciting options. 

Their family-owned business sells many succulents and cacti (including a clearance section). They also provide customers with comprehensive care instructions for both new and experienced plant owners. In addition, they offer excellent subscriptions and discounts.

4. Succulent Market

The Succulent Market grows the greatest cactus and succulents for décor, air purification, living, or just for fun. They’ve grown succulents professionally for 50 years.

The owner behind Succulent Market currently sells its succulents online in addition to its primary wholesale business and a succulent farm. The only shop that sells enormous four-inch succulents in a variety online is Succulent Market, which makes them special.

They also have over 100 different varieties, such as Echeveria and Sedum. In addition, you can buy cuttings, potted succulents, and even in bulk. Succulents cost $6.99 each, while 20-pack cuttings cost $19.99.

Succulent Market genuinely cares about your plants, which increases the likelihood of your plants arriving safely.

Succulent Market is the only company that sells 4-inch succulents by variety online. In addition, they offer premium succulents at affordable pricing. 

5. Leaf & Clay

Leaf & Clay has fast shipment and great service. The shop shipped bare root plants without the nursery pot to protect them and reduce shipping costs. However, all the succulents are hand-packed and they provide care instructions to ensure live plants.

Leaf & Clay transports plants quickly and offers unique species. In addition, they provide curated, cheap succulents, succulent subscription boxes, and regular sales.

6. Succulents Box

Succulents Box, created in 2017, sells over 300 succulents and cacti. The plants are grown in California and vary in price and rarity. You won’t have to worry about how to care for your new plant, either, because the shop provides detailed instruction cards to their customers. 

The store also emphasizes sustainability and environmental stewardship. Parts and sales profits go to One Tree Planted, a global forestry project. In addition, they assist Smile Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, serving thousands of cheap meals daily. 

Succulents Box has an excellent selection of succulents, and many rare succulents are available for purchase. They offer friendly customer service and quick responses to queries.

You can choose from an excellent selection of succulent wedding/event favors, gifts, accessories, and other items; their shipping quality and speed are superior.

7. Fairy Blooms 

The Fairy Blooms is a California-based succulent store. They are pleasant sellers that have a big social media following, and their miniature pixie succulents appeal to plant lovers. 

Their selections include a wide range of intriguing succulents; however, the majority of their succulents are more often than not sold out. So, make sure to grab them while you can! Their succulents are reasonably priced, while rare succulents are generally more expensive. 

Examine Local Nurseries

While online shopping is convenient, you can always visit your local nursery if you don’t want to risk having your plants damaged. Local sellers may not have as many options as online sellers, but they can still provide you with fresh and healthy plants. 

At the end of the day, plants are plants, and their unique characteristics bring joy to plant lovers no matter where they are purchased.

Purchasing Plants Online

Buying succulents online comes with some danger, especially given how many websites are untrustworthy. We typically either don’t get the plants in excellent shape when we acquire them, or we get ripped off after buying them.

Succulents can be freely offered for sale on other forums and Facebook groups as well. Sadly, a lot of fraudsters operate on these platforms.

Flowering succulents

To be safe, choosing reputable sellers with many positive reviews is critical. Things usually go smoothly when you buy succulents online, but the plants occasionally suffer. They do, however, recover quickly after being watered and planted.

 How do you choose which online store provides quality plants and ensures proper shipping and delivery if you decide to shop on your own?

 Here’s how to buy plants online:

First, investigate the shop’s specifics

Consider the nursery’s experience with growing, selling, and shipping plants when looking for a shop. You must reduce the possibility of damaged plants arriving at your door.

Examine the shop’s return policy

Whether a seller accepts refunds or not can tell you a lot about the quality of their plants. A favorable return policy indicates that the shop will take more outstanding care in packaging and delivering your plants.

Examine customer feedback

Based on previous customer experiences, this will help you set realistic expectations for your purchase. You can also learn what a customer liked or disliked about the transaction.

Please read the policies and disclaimers

Sellers show potential customers images of their plants. These images are representations of what your plant will eventually look like. Still, it will not look exactly like that when it arrives. Set your expectations based on the policies of the shop.

Don’t forget about the plant’s growing requirements

Succulents and cacti appear elegant and simple to care for, so it’s easy to be swayed by pretty pictures, but don’t overlook their growth requirements. 

Succulents are desert plants that do not tolerate cold temperatures. Consider this when purchasing the plant. Can the cacti thrive in your soil? What are the light and water requirements? Consider the following factors before deciding whether it is a good fit for your environment. 

When you’ve already considered these factors, don’t forget to check our list of flowering succulents or red succulents that you can grow indoors. For sure, you can find something that will make your plant journey complete!

Final Thoughts

Succulents truly are excellent plants for gardeners of all skill levels. Plants that don’t need much care can be left alone for weeks and still do well. When caring for succulents, there are some things to keep in mind. Remember that your succulent plants are very sensitive to cold temperatures and too much water

Succulents need very little water and lots of sunlight to grow. So strictly depending on the part of the world you are in, you might be able to grow some succulents outside. But you can only grow winter-hardy succulents outside if you don’t live in a warm place with little or no frost in the winter and a moderate amount of rain.

Furthermore, when you find yourself ready to buy succulents to start your plant collection, or you need them for social occasions like weddings, birthday gifts, or to add joy and brightness to your house, check the stores mentioned above. 

No matter how big or small your plant collection is, succulents are a great addition. Succulents grow slowly for an extended period of time, but if you take care of them, they will stay beautiful plants that breathe fresh air in your environment. All the best with your succulent journey, and we wish the plants to be happy and healthy!

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