31 Stunning Sunset Flowers (Including Pictures)

Who doesn’t like sunset, when the sky creates its artwork for us all to see? The beautiful reds, oranges, and golds of the setting sun are simply divine.

At sunset, the angle of the sun and the volume and density of gas that light passes through, cause the sky to take on a reddish glow from the longer wavelengths in the visible light spectrum.

Sunset Flowers

The upshot is a glorious display of reds, oranges, pinks and golds at twilight, when day starts passing into night.

Some plants bloom in the evening only, their scents associated with the fall of night. Other blooms evoke the sunset in their hues.

Let’s have a look at some flowers that epitomise the colors of sunset, along with a few that are sunset bloomers.

1. Flame Lily

Flame Lily

Flames of orange and deep red erupting from a slender stalk, the Flame Lily is a striking beauty. The national flower of Zimbabwe, this bloom epitomises an incandescent sunset.

It’s a perennial herb found growing wild in tropical and southern Africa, in savannah woodlands, on sand dunes and through the grassland.

It uses the tendrils at the end of its leaves to climb and ramble. Flame Lilies can be found in dark pink/red, red through to yellow and orange.

All parts of the plant are extremely poisonous, can cause skin irritation if touched and can be fatal if eaten, so keep children and animals away.

2. Blaze Orange Asiatic Lily

Blaze Orange Asiatic Lily

This sumptuous lily’s blooms have orange petals of a deep peachy orange hue that become a burnt orange at the tips. The colors and the enchanting lily design make this flower evocative of balmy sunset delights.

3. Sunset Snappy Gaillardia (Gaillardia x Grandiflora)

Sunset Snappy Gaillardia (Gaillardia x Grandiflora)

The attractive and unique flower colors of this plant make it perfect for inclusion in the Sunset Flowers category.  The plant is part of the Realflor Gaillardia Sunset Dwarf Collection.

The blooms have a purplish pink coloration with creamy yellow tips. Like other blanket flowers, this cultivar is heat and drought tolerant once established and is excellent at attracting pollinators.

4. Voodoo Orange Rose

Voodoo Orange Rose

With true orange petals, accented with darker orange outer petals, this is a splendid rose. Its large head opens into a captivating cup-shaped bloom with gentle edges. This orange beauty cannot help but bring sunset to mind, whatever time of day it is.

5. Sunset-Sunrise Gaillardia Grandiflora

Sunset-Sunrise Gaillardia Grandiflora

A Blanket Flower in the Sunset Medium Series that has gray-green hairy leaves, upright stems and is a magnet for butterfrlies! The flowers feature two rows of flat petals in orange and golden yellow. The deep yellow moving into red suggests the sun fading to sunset.

6. High And Magic Yellow And Red Rose

High And Magic Yellow And Red Rose

A bi-color rose with burnt red and rusty orange tones that is achingly beautiful and reminiscent of gentle sunset musings.

7. Nicotiana


This night-blooming Nicotiana plant usually comes in shades of white, pink, green, or red and has a strong fragrance that attracts night pollinators. The flowers open in the late afternoon or early evening and the scent then fills the air. A perfect Sunset Flower.

8. Antique Pink Spray Roses

Antique Pink Spray Roses

With dusty light pink outer petals that fold into a rich creamy peach center, these tiny blooms are sublime. They cannot help but make you think of that time of day when the sun goes down to rest, the light fades into sultry tones and everything stills.

9. Sunset Flower Or Blood Flower

Sunset Flower Or Blood Flower

A unique and stunning Asclepias variety, this is a highly cherished plant with stunning flowers of orange, yellow and red. The design of the blooms is magnificent; precise and clear. A showstopper!

10. Geum Mango Lassi Flower

Geum Mango Lassi Flower

Mango Lassi Flowers are a common wildflower that evoke the golden tones of sunset. Each stem features several blooms with frilly petals. The ruffles are of goldenrod yellow and venetian orange. The overall effect is gentle and pleasing to the eye.

11. Lonicera ‘Rhubarb And Custard’ Honeysuckle

Lonicera ‘Rhubarb And Custard’ Honeysuckle

The scent of the Honeysuckle comes out at night. This climber has blooms in sunset colors of red and orange. It can be trained to spread nicely along an arbor for your sunset viewing.

12. Pea Pod Orange Alstroemeria Flowers

Orange Alstroemeria Flowers

With large, semi-heart shaped blooms in a gentle, dusky orange and yellow, Pea Pod Orange Alstromeria is a delight. The freckles on the petals add a flourish that is artistic and pleasing to the eye.

13. Datura


Datura is sometimes called Moonflower or Devil’s Trumpet. It has large, trumpet-shaped blossoms, in shades of pink, purple, yellow, or white. This is a night blooming plant. Daturas are highly poisonous, so ensure children and pets are safe.

14. Peruvian Lilies

Peruvian Lilies

Orange and Yellow Peruvian Lilies are Alstroemerias that have bright bi-color orange and yellow petals with dark freckles. The setting rays of the sun are suggested in the tones of the blooms.

15. Mirabilis Jalapa

Mirabilis Jalapa

Blooming from dusk until dawn, Mirabilis jalapa, sometimes known as Four o’ Clocks, are an old-fashioned favorite. The blooms come in a range of colors from yellows to purples and some have stripes.

16. Marron Leopard Aranda Orchid

Maroon Leopard Aranda Orchid

A tropical flower with a starfish shape and skinny petals that bring to mind a leopard resting in the sunset!

17. Flaming Red Freesia

Flaming Red Freesia

A blazing red, trumpet-shaped bloom, with a scorching yellow center. The petals are subtly painted with streaks of florescent pink.

18. Night-Blooming Cereus

Night-Blooming Cereus

This flowering cactus can be trained to climb up a trellis. Cereus flowers are large and white and start blooming after the plant is about 5 years old. You’ll have to wait for sunset to see the blooms, which fully open around midnight and exude a sweet fragrance.

Come morning light, Cereus flowers droop and die. If pollinated, however, the flowers produce a sweet edible fruit.

The very slight shading of sunset pink and the fact they only come out at sunset makes this a gorgeous example of a Sunset Flower.

19. Two Tone Bulk Fresh Tulip

Two Tone Bulk Fresh Tulip

Medium-sized, tapered heads gradually open into unique, cup-shaped blooms. The petals have a warm magenta hue with striking, sunset yellow edges.

20. Evening Primrose (Oenothera Biennis)

Evening Primrose (Oenothera Biennis)

Evening Primrose has sweet yellow flowers that bloom at night. This wildflower has a variety of medicinal uses.

21. Golden Flame Heliconia

Golden Flame Heliconia

Heliconia is a tall, thick flower, with long, orangey-yellow spikes called bracts that alternate up the stem.

22. Night Phlox Zaluzianskya Ovata And Zaluzianskya Capensis

Native to South Africa, the Night Phlox has wonderfully scented blooms. The deep-pink buds open in early evening to reveal white, heart-shaped petals with an intense perfume.

Sometimes called Midnight Candy because of the sweet fragrance. Perfect in an evening fragrance garden or a moon garden

23. Spiced Orange Mini Gerbera Daisies

Spiced Orange Mini Gerbera Daisies

A mini gerbera daisy with mango-colored outer petals that intensify toward the center.

24. Abyssinian Gladiolus Murielae

Abyssinian Gladiolus Murielae

The plant is superb for late-summer scent and evening luminosity. Commonly known as Acidanthera, the bulbs produce strappy green leaves and slim flower spikes with white petals and burgundy centres.

25. Hot Shot Orange Calla Lily Flower

Hot Shot Orange Calla Lily Flower

Sunny yellows with brushstrokes of deep tangerine make the trumpet shaped blooms scintillating! This lovely orange variety is said to represent elegance and confidence.

26. Foamflower (Tiarella Cordifolia)

Foamflower (Tiarella Cordifolia)

This lovely night blooming plant is great in a woodland garden or walking path. The Foamflower has blooming spikes of spidery flowers.

27. Festive Fireworks Mini Amaryllis

Festive Fireworks Mini Amaryllis

You can see why this flower is named after fireworks, with mini-blooms having thinner petals and a more delicate texture than standard amaryllis. The orange petals with a red center and a lime-green back are definitely evocative of sunset.

28. Angel’s Trumpet Brugmansia

Angel’s Trumpet Brugmansia

Remembering that this is a highly poisonous plant, so keep children and animals away, the peach-colored, bell-shaped flowers are stunning and bloom at night. They have a lovely fragrance.

29. Baby Pink And Yellow Dahlia

Yellow Dahlia

With bi-color pastel yellow petals that fade into a light baby pink, these dahlias are gorgeous in their soft sunset tones.

30. Twisted Orange Fringed Tulips

Twisted Orange Fringed Tulips

These medium-sized blooms have tapered heads that open into cup-shaped blooms. Their petals are lined with a layer of fringe, which helps make their yellow foundation and orange highlights look like wildfire at sunset.

31. Pink Repens Protea

Pink Repens Protea

An exotic tropical bloom with a golden yellow base and pink tipped petals. Protea flowers date back 300 million years. Associated with mysticism, Protea flowers are said to symbolize transformation, diversity and courage.

In Conclusion

Sunset is a glorious time of day when you can just sit back and watch the light fade in a vibrant show of color before night falls. Get yourself some of these blooms and keep a little sunset with you all day and all night!