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Explore the enchanting world of irises with Eagle Ridge Iris Gardens, home to a diverse collection of 3500-4000 unique varieties. Unlike commercial growers such as Sutton’s, Superstition, and Schreiner’s, who thrive in different climates, we take pride in our Montana zone 4b roots. Our smaller rhizomes may be a result of our shorter growing season, but they are perfectly acclimated to northern zones. We grow irises not for profit, but for the pure pleasure of cultivating these magnificent flowers. Join us in our passion and discover the beauty of irises with Eagle Ridge Iris Gardens.

Nurturing blooms in the heart of Denver, Colorado, Iris4U Gardens is a cherished sanctuary for all things iris. Affectionately known as Iris Bob, the skilled hands behind the operation cultivate and offer a stunning collection of over 1000 vibrant Tall Bearded Iris varieties to the community. With a passion for hybridizing these enchanting flowers, Iris Bob carefully tends to around 10,000 seedlings, each waiting to reveal its unique beauty.

Established on a humble 1 ¾ acres in 1994, Iris4U Gardens has evolved over the years, expanding to nearly 3 acres of blooming paradise through the acquisition of neighboring properties. This growth has made the garden a truly exceptional destination, especially during the peak of the colorful bloom season.

The Iris4U legacy extends beyond the borders of Colorado, with the opening of Iris4u Greenhouse in Hamburg, Germany, in 2009. This international presence showcases the dedication of this family of iris enthusiasts to sharing their passion with the world.

In his quest to enrich landscapes with the allure of irises, Bob also manages a landscape maintenance business, which fuels his unwavering love for growing and hybridizing Tall Bearded Iris. What began as a simple request for a pink iris has blossomed into a full-fledged transformation into Iris Bob, a renowned hybridizer in the iris community.

With a meticulous eye for detail, Bob sifts through countless seedlings, selecting the best and discarding the rest in pursuit of excellence. This attentive process mirrors Iris4u’s commitment to cultivating Tall Bearded Iris for their exquisite beauty, exceptional performance, and the joy they bring to all who behold them.

Crafton Hills Iris Farm, a distinguished garden supplier in the verdant lands of San Bernardino County (CA), indulges in the wholesome endeavor of offering their exquisite range of iris rhizomes to plant enthusiasts far and wide. Their eminence is bolstered by being an esteemed licensee of the California Department of Food and Agriculture, granting them the authority to retail nursery stock and dispatch iris rhizomes across the expanse of the United States, bearing the honorable License #D1781.001. Moreover, they have been accorded the distinction of being featured on the esteemed American Iris Society Commercial Iris Farm Directory and the revered Historic Iris Preservation Society’s Garden Directory.

Walnut Garden’s expertise lies in providing a stunning array of premium hostas, daylilies, and irises, perfect for enhancing any garden space.

Since 1999, Stout Iris & Daylily Gardens has been dedicated to nurturing, showcasing, and crossbreeding a stunning variety of daylilies and irises.

Mid-America Garden is your go-to destination for all things iris-related. They excel in providing a wide variety of irises, including tall bearded, miniature tall bearded, intermediate bearded, and other stunning varieties.

At Nola’s Iris Garden, we pride ourselves on offering the finest Iris plants available. Each rhizome is carefully hand-dug and directly shipped from our farm in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area, guaranteeing that you receive only the highest quality specimens. With our extensive collection of bearded Irises, you can enjoy a prolonged blooming season in your garden. Keep an eye out for the E, M, and L bloom times noted in the descriptions of each bearded Iris variety – indicating Early, Mid, and Late bloom stages. We stand by the quality of our iris plants, ensuring that they are true to name, disease-free, pest-free, and delivered to you in a live and healthy condition.

Greetings from Pleasants Valley Iris Farm’s virtual shop! Explore our wide selection of more than 400 unique varieties of bearded irises, including rare finds like reblooming irises, fragrant irises, and exquisite medians.

At Rainbow Iris Farm, we have transformed into a premier mail-order haven for garden enthusiasts, offering a curated selection of top-quality irises that elevate any contemporary outdoor space. Our dedication to innovation is showcased through ongoing hybridization projects and the careful assessment of novel iris varieties sourced from promising breeders across the nation.

In the fertile lands of the Willamette Valley, Schreiner’s Iris Gardens nurtures 200 acres of exquisite Iris variety. Our family’s deep-rooted passion for cultivating the finest Iris traces back to the legacy of F.X. Schreiner, who first planted the seeds of this botanical journey in 1925. Today, as a leading supplier in the industry, Schreiner’s Iris Gardens stands as a beacon of quality and dedication, proudly carrying on the tradition of excellence across four generations. Our meticulous care and attention ensure that each Iris rhizome, lovingly hand-dug from the bountiful fields of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, is of superior quality – robust, resilient, and free from pests and diseases. Every shipment is packed with care, guaranteeing that you receive premium A-1 size rhizomes, primed for planting and blooming magnificently in your garden. Experience the joy of vibrant blooms with Iris from Schreiner’s Iris Gardens, a trusted partner for discerning gardeners seeking top-tier botanical treasures.