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At California Rare Fruit Growers (CRFG), we take pride in being the leading enthusiasts’ community dedicated to exotic fruit cultivation. Our focus lies in nurturing fruits that are unconventional in local markets, showcasing our expertise in cultivating a wide variety of edible plants sustainably. Please note that we are an organization and do not retail fruit or fruit trees.

By embracing the rich expertise of Willits & Newcomb Inc and infusing it with the traditional practices and cutting-edge techniques of Johnston Farms, our company, WN Citrus, stands firmly rooted in its legacy while progressing with modern technology and top-notch cultivation practices.

As the premier garden supplier on the islands, Plant It Hawaii has blossomed into the leading destination for wholesale fruit trees. Our extensive collection of plants caters to retail nurseries all around, boasting a diverse selection of over 100 citrus, avocado, mango, and other tropical gems. Our commitment to excellence shines through in the superior quality of our trees.

Nurturing gardens for generations, Clausen Nursery stands as a cornerstone in the realm of garden suppliers. As a family-owned business spanning three generations, we take great pride in our extensive 20-acre nursery. By offering direct access to our grower, we provide the public and landscaping professionals alike with a diverse range of top-notch trees and plants at competitive prices. Count on us to guide you in selecting the perfect greenery to elevate your outdoor space.

California Tropical Fruit Tree Garden Suppliers is the product of a passionate Southern California family’s commitment to growing vibrant and delectable tropical fruits, nuts, spices, and flowers. With a deep appreciation for the extraordinary taste, nutritional benefits, and distinctiveness of its trees’ bountiful harvest throughout the year, the California Tropical Fruit Tree family is devoted to offering landscaping professionals in the region with the most extensive selection and top-notch quality inventory available.

Nestled in a serene riparian valley, Bonita Creek Nursery thrives amidst nature’s beauty. Spanning ten acres, our sanctuary is embraced by the Sweetwater Regional Park to the North and an Open-space Preserve to the South. Blessed with a natural spring and blessed positioning at the junction of two creeks, our unique setting boasts diverse micro-climates within Sunset Zones 20-23. This rich tapestry of climatic conditions enables us to nurture a vast array of nursery stock, showcasing over 500 plant varieties including fruits, nuts, berries, and vegetables. Embracing diversity, we actively scout for new additions from various sources—be it a neighbor discovering a promising seedling, a wholesaler introducing new cultivars, or an exciting import from abroad with all the necessary permits. Delving into the realm of innovation, our nursery also spearheads the development of hybrids and novel plant varieties, ensuring a dynamic and ever-evolving collection for our discerning clientele.

Established in 1990, South Coast Organics is a trusted family-owned garden supplier nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Santa Barbara County, California. Our passion revolves around providing premium organic gardening products, ensuring that our customers receive nothing but the finest and freshest supplies. With a dedicated founder and CEO, Jim McKeon, boasting over four decades of experience in the field, South Coast Organics remains at the forefront of the industry. Whether you seek expert advice or assistance, Jim is always on hand to offer his wealth of knowledge and friendly support. To get in touch with us, simply visit our contact page and choose the contact option that suits you best.

For three decades, Moss & Vine Topiary has proudly served as the premier supplier of premium topiary products and supplies for garden enthusiasts across the country. Our exquisite line of topiaries are meticulously handcrafted right here in the U.S.A., ensuring top-notch quality and durability. Unlike other suppliers, we use robust galvanized steel wire in our construction process, providing superior longevity compared to flimsy chicken mesh. Each topiary is expertly assembled using an electric spot welder for added strength, guaranteeing that they will stand the test of time. Join our satisfied customers who have enjoyed their Moss & Vine Topiaries for over a decade, adding timeless beauty to their gardens.

The Burchell Nursery proudly presents a diverse selection of over 85 fruit and nut tree varieties developed through our innovative breeding program.

Experience the exceptional variety of papaya seeds and fruits offered by Aloha Seed And Herb, your go-to source for all your garden needs. Explore our website and reach out to us for personalized guidance on how we can help you achieve your gardening dreams.