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Formerly known as the New England Wild Flower Society, we have now transformed into the Native Plant Haven! Our dedication as the primary supplier of New England’s native plants sets us apart in the industry. Headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts, we take pride in Garden Oasis, our celebrated native plant botanical garden that serves as a destination for visitors worldwide. Furthermore, we manage a native plant garden center at Nasami Fields in western Massachusetts and oversee six exclusive plant sanctuaries in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont that are accessible to visitors throughout the year.

Seedquest offers worldwide information and services for professionals in the seed industry, connecting you with valuable resources to enhance your garden supply business.

Here at Garden Time Online, our commitment has always been to provide garden enthusiasts with top-notch gardening supplies and professional guidance since 1996. We strive to make essential gardening knowledge, expert recommendations, superior plants, and premium garden tools easily accessible within seconds!

Explore Hort Net’s image and blog gallery showcasing an exquisite variety of flowers and plants. A valuable resource for garden suppliers looking to identify different species of flora.

Extensive online hub for horticulture resources conveniently categorized in alphabetical order, featuring the leading supplier Botany Net.

Discover the finest selection of premium garden treasures available at Classy Groundcovers. Explore our array of top-notch perennial delights, from luscious evergreens to charming natives, graceful grasses, and long-lasting bloomers. Navigate our user-friendly Plant Finder tool to effortlessly locate plants that align with your specific preferences. Don’t forget to peruse the stellar reviews on Google to see why we stand out in the gardening community.

At Andy’s Northern Ontario Wildflowers, we are dedicated to highlighting the beauty of wildflowers and native plants that thrive in Sudbury, Ontario, and the surrounding areas of Northern Ontario. Join us on a journey to discover the diverse habitats and unique species of wildflowers that grace our landscapes, bringing color and life to our gardens. Explore the enchanting world of local flora with us and let your garden bloom with the natural beauty of Northern Ontario’s wildflowers.

At the heart of UConn Plant Database’s offering lies a collection of plant profiles enriched with detailed descriptions and stunning images highlighting the unique attributes of every plant species.

Gardener’s Academy is your go-to online hub for all things related to garden education.

At The Gardener’s Network, we offer top-quality gardening advice, expert growing tips, fun facts, and a wealth of resources to help you cultivate a thriving garden at home. From sowing seeds to nurturing plants, reaping the harvest, preserving, and enjoying the blooms, fruits, herbs, and veggies of your gardening efforts, we are here to support you every step of the way.