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In 2001, Pistils Nursery blossomed from a seed of passion for plants, with a mission to cultivate a profound connection between people and nature in the verdant city of Portland, Oregon. We see plants not just as decorations, but as powerful catalysts for transformation, infusing vitality into homes and gardens. By fostering a sense of community and encouraging self-reflection, our carefully curated selection of plants serves as a soothing balm in today’s fast-paced world, reminding us to stay rooted, practice patience, and embrace the beauty of the natural environment.

One of the top suppliers of authentic San Pedro cactus (Trichocereus pachanoi) in the United States, San Pedro Cactus Sales has been the go-to source for quality products for numerous years, consistently earning a stellar 5-star customer satisfaction rating.

At Succulent Alley, we cater to all your desert plant aspirations! Explore our diverse collection of over 100 succulents and cacti varieties on our online platform. Your orders are carefully packaged and shipped by USPS across the United States. Please note, due to agricultural regulations, we currently serve customers only within the contiguous United States.

Succulent Market thrives as a reputable source for premium cactus and succulents, rooted in three generations of expertise in cultivating these stunning plants. With over five decades of experience, we are delighted to extend our offerings to you through our convenient online platform. Elevate your home gardening experience by browsing through our vast collection of over 100 unique varieties of cactus and succulents, carefully nurtured for optimal health and beauty. From popular choices like Echeveria, Sedum, Crassula, and Haworthia to an array of colorful options, potted plants, and even bulk purchasing options, Succulent Market caters to all your succulent desires. Put an end to your quest for the perfect succulent store and let Succulent Market be your preferred destination for all your botanical aspirations. Embrace the joy of plant parenthood and elevate your green thumb with Succulent Market!

In Succulent Love is a leading garden supplier, focusing on providing top-quality individually chosen succulents for shipping. Founder, Jessica Cain, renowned for her expertise in botanical design, is also the author of Stylish Succulent Designs & Other Botanical Crafts.

Rare botanicals, vibrant dart frogs, and exquisite accents for creating stunning terrarium and vivarium landscapes – all available at Black Jungle Terrarium Supply, your top destination for premium garden supplies.

At Gardino Garden Suppliers, we are experts in cultivating an exquisite array of bonsai, ferns, flowering vines, fragrant plants, rare botanical wonders, and much more.

At Frysville Farms, we meticulously cultivate over 20,000 vibrant hanging baskets each spring, featuring an array of charming flowers like geraniums, begonias, fuchsias, verbenas, lantanas, and elegant Boston ferns. Alongside these beauties, our garden experts craft unique combination baskets with up to five distinct cultivars, offering you a diverse selection of stunning foliage and blossoms. As the seasons shift to fall, we proudly nurture over sixty-five thousand premium nine-inch mums, ensuring your garden radiates with autumnal splendor.

For the past three decades, our team at Serra Gardens has delighted in cultivating and curating a stunning array of exotic flora. Our passion for succulents has blossomed into a thriving collection, and we are excited to extend the beauty of these plants to fellow enthusiasts.

Originating from a passion for plants dating back to the 1950s, Smg Succulents has blossomed into a thriving nursery under the care of John and Joyce Hoekstra. Transitioning ownership in 2001 to the skilled horticulturist, Don Mylin, the nursery’s focus has zeroed in on the vibrant world of succulents – both hardy and tender varieties. Today, our garden suppliers business proudly nurtures an extensive array of these captivating plants for enthusiasts and green thumbs alike.