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Established and managed by The Gardening Channel Featuring James Prigioni on Youtube, Team Grow serves as your ultimate destination for top-quality gardening equipment and products.

At Troy Bilt, we believe that gardening should be an enjoyable experience, not just another chore on your to-do list. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating top-quality products that make your yard work a breeze. From innovative designs to reliable performance, we’re here to ensure that your time spent in the garden is always fulfilling and rewarding. Let us be your trusted partner in making your outdoor space a place of joy and tranquility.

In need of premium garden essentials? Discover the exceptional range at PetraTools – your ultimate destination for all things gardening and landscaping! Our extensive selection includes top-of-the-line backpack sprayers, innovative fogger machines, reliable mulch glue, and more, to assist you in effortlessly enhancing and preserving your outdoor environments. Committed to delivering superior landscaping products, PetraTools ensures that every item is crafted with utmost durability and performance in mind under the motto “Built Rock Solid.” Step up your landscaping projects today by browsing through our diverse offerings and trust in PetraTools for elevated garden experiences!

Sarah Pabody, the founder of Triple Wren Farms in 2012, leads the charge in cultivating and sharing beauty through the farm’s stunning array of cut flowers and dahlia tubers. Alongside her husband Steve, they offer workshops and Open Farm events, extending the farm’s charm beyond its blooms. Sarah’s passion for beauty is evident not just in the flowers but also in her dedication to sharing the beauty of God’s Word with women, helping them nurture their hearts. Working closely with the field crew manager, Sarah oversees harvesting, production, and dahlia tuber shipping, while also taking the lead as the wedding crew’s designer. Steve Pabody, with a background in marketing and PR, complements Sarah’s vision by taking charge of sales, logistics, and maintenance at Triple Wren Farms. His forward-thinking approach drives the farm’s mission of Sharing Beauty towards a bright future. Additionally, Caroline Arnhart, the Field Crew Manager, plays a vital role in coordinating harvests, designing bouquets, and providing essential support across various farm activities, making her an invaluable asset to the team.

As your premier garden oasis partner and supplier in the Pacific Northwest, Play It Koi is your go-to source for transforming your backyard into a vibrant natural haven. From conceptualization and design to the actual creation and ongoing maintenance, we are committed to helping you bring your dream garden to life. Our comprehensive services cater exclusively to residents in the greater Seattle area, ensuring that your outdoor sanctuary is in expert hands every step of the way.

At Grassland Aquatics, we are proud to offer a unique collection of over 200 varieties of aquatic and other plants for your garden needs. Our dedication to quality is evident in our beautiful imported fish that are disease-free and of exceptional quality. From pond liners to waterfall supplies, and everything in between, we provide all the hardware supplies necessary to create your own stunning waterscape. Our range of products includes pumps, filters, ultraviolet sterilizers, pond lights, and fountains, making us a one-stop shop for all your aquatic gardening needs. Additionally, we offer our own specially formulated Highland Rim aquatic plant fertilizer tablets and koi nutrition to ensure your plants and fish thrive. Trust Grassland Aquatics as your top supplier for all your garden and aquatic needs.

Myron and Ellen Kloubec embarked on their aquaculture journey three decades ago with the establishment of a fish production and management enterprise in Amana, Iowa. Initially focused on game fish, the farm later transitioned to embrace the enchanting world of koi, inspired by their son Nick’s growing fascination with these colorful creatures. Through unwavering dedication, the Kloubec family nurtured their passion for koi, gradually shifting their focus to prioritize the breeding and rearing of these majestic fish.

Nestled among the picturesque hills of Eastern Iowa, Kloubec Koi Farm exudes a tranquil charm reminiscent of Niigata, Japan. Spanning 80 acres, the farm boasts over 55 meticulously landscaped mud ponds, artfully terraced to harness the purity of snowmelt, an essential element in the growth of koi. Beyond the pristine water, Kloubec Koi Farm benefits from an abundance of exceptional clay, crucial for the optimal development of these prized fish. Positioned in a region teeming with mineral-rich clay, the farm stands as an ideal sanctuary for cultivating exquisite koi specimens.

Pond Depot offers a diverse selection of garden essentials, from water enhancements to maintenance tools and everything in between. Explore our collection of premium water treatments, innovative iongen algae control systems, and efficient submersible LED pond lights. Keep your aquatic display pristine with our selection of koi pond pumps, bio filters, and UV filtration systems. Enhance the beauty of your pond with aquascape pond kits, top-notch plant care products, and nutritious fish food. Dive into our inventory to discover the perfect solution for all your garden needs.

The inception of GrowMax Water™ USA stemmed from a community of dedicated gardeners who were disheartened to discover that their beloved tap water contained harmful contaminants. Driven by a shared commitment to cultivating the purest, healthiest produce, we recognized the vital role that quality water plays in achieving organic food excellence. Through extensive exploration, we forged a valuable partnership with the premier garden water filtration company in Europe, GrowMax Water™. Following meticulous planning and refinement, we have proudly crafted a range of efficient water filtration systems tailored for passionate home gardeners. In a world of uncertainty, the ability to grow uncontaminated food is paramount for the wellbeing of families. At GrowMax Water™ USA, we aim to empower gardeners nationwide with the assurance of using pristine, uncontaminated water on their precious plants. Let us be your steadfast companions in nurturing thriving gardens and maximizing the potential of your harvests. May your gardening endeavors always be filled with joy and success! Happy Watering!

For over nine decades, Kenneth Lynch & Sons has been synonymous with exceptional garden aesthetics, unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, and a commitment to ethical business practices. Our exquisite collection has graced prominent establishments, public spaces, and cherished gardens across the globe since 1927. As a premier provider in the garden decor industry, Kenneth Lynch & Sons takes pride in offering exclusive and personalized creations, setting us apart as pioneers in our field.