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About Hauser’s Superior View Farm

Established in 1908 by the industrious Hauser family in Bayfield, Wisconsin, Hauser’s Superior View Farm is a vibrant hub of horticulture innovation. What began with Great-Grandpa John Hauser’s expertise in strawberries and prize-winning potatoes evolved into a vast orchard of over 2,000 apple trees today. Embracing the challenges of history, Hauser’s shifted to growing and selling perennial plants when an embargo on European seeds hit in 1912. This resilient spirit has shaped Hauser’s into one of the leading suppliers of northern field-grown perennials in the nation, catering to Zone 3-4 regions. Every spring and fall, Hauser’s ships these resilient plants across the United States, a tradition that has been preserved through generations.

During the challenging times of the Great Depression in 1928, Grandpa J. Dawson Hauser sowed the seeds of his first apple orchard to support his growing family. This orchard now flourishes on 30 acres, boasting a diverse array of 2,000 apple tree varieties. In 1988, Marilyn Hauser added a sweet touch to the farm’s offerings by establishing a jam kitchen, crafting homemade preserves that capture the essence of freshly picked fruits grown on-site. Hauser’s Red Barn jams, jellies, and apple butter are exclusive delights created in small batches within our state-inspected kitchen, ensuring quality and flavor preservation.

The legacy of Hauser’s Superior View Farm continues with the Hauser family, with Jim Hauser Jr. and his wife Ellen at the helm, guided by Jim Hauser Sr. A new chapter unfolds as Dane Hauser, son of Jim Jr., takes his place alongside his father and grandfather, marking the fifth generation of Hauser’s dedicated to cultivating excellence at Hauser’s Superior View Farm.


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