Top 3 TruGreen Alternatives & Competitors | Is TruGreen Worth The Money?

Let’s be honest: maintaining a lawn and ensuring that it retains its richness and vitality takes a lot of effort and calls for a significant time investment.

You put in a lot of work to make sure that it is mowed on a regular basis, and that’s without even counting the work you put in to water it and fertilize your yard so that your grass stays green. But, even if this is the case, there is still no assurance that your efforts will produce the desired results.

That is where lawn care companies such as TruGreen come in! In this article, find out about different TruGreen competitors.

TruGreen competitors

TruGreen provides solutions to fulfill the needs of your specific outdoor living space.

If you would rather spend your weekends relaxing and having fun in your yard rather than working long hours behind the mower, it may be in your best interest to look into the option of hiring a professional lawn care service.

The best lawn care businesses do more than just mow, fertilize, and water the grass. They provide a variety of other services as well, including aeration, weed control, thatch removal, overseeding, hardscaping, and plenty more so that you may have a lawn that is actually healthy and desirable.

TruGreen is among the most extensive providers of lawn care and maintenance services in the United States, making it one of the leading companies in the industry. Did you know that TruGreen has over 2.3 million clients in the United States, and that number continues to grow?

However, TruGreen is not the best option for everyone, nor is it accessible to all citizens of the country.

This article will introduce you to three of the most respected and well-known lawn care providers other than TruGreen. You will learn how they compare to TruGreen and find advice on making the most out of your money when hiring a lawn care provider.

Is TruGreen Worth The Money?

Is TruGreen Worth The Money?

Most homeowners pay TruGreen about $1,000 for a year’s worth of lawn maintenance.

It is challenging to find a gardening service that is capable of performing practically all of the tasks that you require of them. Few have a broad reach. And there is hardly another company in our industry that has a more extensive reach than TruGreen.

This has caused some people in the sector to have their feathers ruffled, and some experts in the field have described TruGreen as an advertising company that also does lawn care.

TruGreen provides a wide range of plans, each of which is adapted to meet the specific requirements of individual homes. The TruHealth Lawn Care Plan, the TruComplete Lawn Care Plan, and the TruSignature Lawn Care Plan are the three primary annual offerings the business focuses on.

The individual components of the plan are as follows:

TruGreen Plan Types

ServicesTruHealth Lawn Care PlanTruComplete Lawn Care PlanTruSignature Lawn Care Plan
Lime soil amendmentYesYesYes
Pre-emergent and targeted weed controlYesYesYes
Tree and shrub servicesNoNoYes

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How Does TruGreen Work?

When you sign up for any of the plans, a local expert in lawn care will evaluate the state of your grass and soil. Then, they will devise a strategy for managing your lawn, which will include making regular visits to your property every four to six weeks.

In spite of the fact that TruGreen is a national brand, the company partners with regional specialists who are familiar with the weather and geography of specific areas.

This ensures that each homeowner’s maintenance and management services are individualized and tailored to the type of grass the homeowner has.

TruGreen Reviews

Overall, the reputation of TruGreen is one of excellence. In many of the reviews of the company, the customer care that they provided was praised, specifically how friendly and experienced the lawn specialists were. 

The complementary servicing that is provided through TruGreen’s Healthy Lawn Guarantee has also been widely praised in reviews as well.

TruGreen Cost

Although the rates for the preset plans can range from approximately $650 for an annual plan all the way up to $1,500 for the more extensive programs, the typical cost for a year’s worth of lawn care for a homeowner is approximately $1,000. 

When you hire TruGreen to take care of your lawn, the overall cost that you will pay might be affected by a number of different factors. The kind of service that you require will likely have the most influence on the final price.

TruGreen Competitors

If you’ve performed a search for “companies similar to TruGreen,” you might not have any luck finding anything. We are aware of how aggravating that is, so we have crafted a guide that will help you find a solution. On the national level, there are several key rivals to consider.

Each of these companies offers some services that TruGreen does not.

So, it is reasonable to consider them as viable alternatives for your lawn care needs. We have created a list of companies similar to TruGreen, their services, and the pros and cons of each in order to assist you in better comprehending the available choices.

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Lawn Doctor

Lawn doctor - TruGreen competitors

With over 525 franchises, Lawn Doctor is among the nation’s leading lawn care companies.


Lawn Doctor is also a nationwide company, as seen by the presence of more than 500 service locations all throughout the United States. Lawn Doctor is headquartered in New Jersey. However, given that it is a franchise, each site is independently owned and operated.

It is TruGreen’s most significant rival in the industry. Founded in the 1960s, the company has had ample time to refine its service and products.

Because their company operates through local franchisees supported by their corporate headquarters, the quality and consistency of the service you receive will largely be determined by the reputation of the Lawn Doctor franchise that is closest to you.

How Do They Work?

Lawn Doctor operates in a manner that is somewhat distinct from that of some of its most formidable competitors, with an emphasis placed on personalization.

The first step in the process of creating a customized lawn care package is doing an in-depth examination of the client’s lawn, which the lawn care specialist does in collaboration with the homeowner to decide the most effective course of action for the client’s grass.

What Services Do They Offer?

The following are some of the lawn care services that are offered by Lawn Doctor:

  • Core aeration
  • Fertilization services
  • Grub Control
  • Lawn pest control
  • Mosquito & tick control
  • Power seeding
  • Pre-emergent and targeted weed control
  • Soil pH balancing
  • Tree & shrub care

How Much Does Lawn Doctor Services Cost?

According to the findings of our investigation into lawns located all over the country, we determined that the annual cost of a Lawn Doctor plan for a customer might range anywhere from $928 to $2,900.

A basic package that includes fertilizer and weed control is your best bet for the lowest overall cost; upgrading to one that also includes aeration and power seeding would, on the other hand, drastically drive up the price.

The annual cost of mosquito treatment typically ranges between $500 and $725, whereas the median cost of aeration services falls anywhere between $150 and $350.

For more pricing information, you can visit their website.

TruGreen Vs. Lawn Doctor

ServiceTruGreenLawn Doctor
Customer service weekend availabilitySaturday hours are limited, and Sunday hours are not offered.No
Frequency of serviceQuarterlyBiannually, quarterly, or weekly
Mobile appYesNo
Service GuaranteeReturn as often as necessaryRefund on application
States available48 states40 states
Visit siteGet a free quoteLearn more

Weed Man

Weed Man

Thanks to Weed Man’s comprehensive lineup of lawn care services, your grass will remain lush and healthy.


Weed Man is a company with roots in Canada that currently operates offices not only in the United States and Canada but also in the United Kingdom.

Their footprint in the United States isn’t quite as extensive, but they stand out from competitors such as TruGreen and Weed Man because of their strong emphasis on eco-friendly lawn treatment methods.

Due to the nature of the business being a franchise, the services and plans that are available to you will differ based on the location. In other words, you may have access to most of their services or just a few based on the franchise in your region.

How Do They Work?

Weed Man provides eco-friendly and natural approaches to lawn care, such as organic lawn dressing that is formulated for the best possible health of the grass. The lawn care company also applies a special fertilizer with the same high standards as those used on golf courses to the lawns of their customers. 

In general, the organization provides lawn care packages that are straightforward and easy to grasp, and they rapidly service your lawn and solve typical problems.

What Services Do They Offer?

The following things are included in Weed Man’s lawn services:

  • Aeration
  • Pest control
  • Fertilization
  • Fire ant management
  • Flea and tick control
  • Grub control
  • Mole control
  • Mosquito control
  • Organic lawn dressing
  • Overseeding
  • Perimeter pest control
  • Soil Ph control
  • Soil revitalizing
  • Weed control

How Much Does Weed Man Services Cost?

Because Weed Man does not publish its prices on its website, customers need to get quotations to determine how much the service would cost. However, the cost of a regular session is estimated to be around $60 based on evaluations found online. 

Also, the price you’ll pay will vary greatly not just based on the services you require but also on the size of your property and the location where you live. Nevertheless, while researching, we found the information below regarding their prices.

Fall aeration$208 per session 
Flea and tick control$166 per session 
Grub control$166 per session 
Spring lime application$104 per session 
Total Lawn Care$728 annually 

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TruGreen Vs. Weed Man

ServiceTruGreenWeed Man
Get QuoteVisit SiteVisit Site
Mobile appYesNo
Online chatYesNo
State Availability48 states37 states

Sunday Lawn Care

Sunday Lawn Care - TruGreen competitors

Sunday Lawn Care provides a subscription that supposedly has everything you require for a thriving lawn.


Sunday, a pioneer in the lawn care industry, introduces a do-it-yourself approach to the marketplace. First, the company creates a specialized subscription box tailored to the requirements of your lawn.

It then delivers the necessary lawn care components, such as fertilizer, weed control, and insect control, right to your front door. 

They determine what you need to apply and when you need to use it based on the local weather conditions, a soil test, and satellite measurements of your lawn. They then deliver you the necessary items, along with instructions and all of the nutrient pouches in a convenient hose-end sprayer.

Sunday is caring for lawns all throughout the country and delivering its packages to each of the 50 states. Its kits employ safe, natural substances, including seaweed, molasses, and iron. For just one day in 2019, Sunday was responsible for the diversion of more than 10,000 pounds of chemicals from lawns. 

How Do They Work?

Sunday does not dispatch professional lawn care workers to your yard to complete a predefined set of upkeep and care tasks. Instead, the company will provide you with a specialized subscription box that is delivered right to your doorstep. 

Inside, you will find lawn care essentials such as fertilizer and weed control tailored to meet your specific grass requirements. The nutrient-rich kits will be sent to your location at regular intervals during the duration of the growing season there.

Sunday Lawn Care Pros & Cons

Easy-to-follow product directions.Provides lawn care services at the most appropriate time.Various add-on items available to tailor your grass care.For lawns bigger than 13,500 square feet, not recommendedOnly provides a partial refund if you are dissatisfied with the serviceThere are no separate soil amendments for sale.

How Much Does Sunday Lawn Care Cost?

In order to obtain an idea of what prices residents all across the country may anticipate for Sunday plans, we conducted incognito purchases in Nashville, Charleston, and Salt Lake City. These three cities are located in the Southeastern United States. 

We obtained several bids for Basic Care plans and discovered that their prices varied just slightly, going from $228 to $229. Keep and Protect Packages were each quoted at $258, and Grow and Renew Packages were each quoted at $330. 

All in all, these prices were consistent across all three cities.

Final Thoughts

The sheer number of companies offering lawn care services can make it feel like an impossible challenge to choose one that meets your needs. 

When looking for a company to care for your lawn, make sure to get quotes from each of the companies you are considering hiring. You will be able to get a better deal as a result of comparing the pricing of the many services that are available. 

Many companies, including TruGreen, offer pre-made plans, while many others give customers the option to pick and choose the services they require. When you hire a firm to take care of your lawn, among other things, you want to make sure that they will keep their appointments and treat your grass in the way that is healthiest for it. 

So, make sure that you check out online reviews. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is true Green’s biggest competitor?

The Lawn Doctor is TruGreen’s most prominent rival in the industry. This company was established in the 1960s, giving it ample time to improve its lawn care service. Lawn Doctor promises more individualized services and an “all or nothing guarantee” in the case that you’re not satisfied with the result.

What company is the best for lawn care?

With nearly 50 years of expertise providing full-service lawn care to millions of consumers, TruGreen is maybe the most well-known and acclaimed lawn care provider in the country. They are not the only choice, though. Weed Man, Sunday Lawn Care, and Lawn Doctor are some other well-known brands in the industry.

What services do most lawn care companies provide?

Lawn care firms provide programs that maintain the health of your lawn all year long, as well as other services that are not required on a regular basis. These typically include lawn fertilization, lawn aeration, dethatching, lime application, mowing, pest management, weed control, and tree and shrub care, among many other things. 

How many times a year does TruGreen come out?

A representative from TruGreen will visit your lawn on a predetermined schedule approximately every four to six weeks over one year. TruGreen’s services are supposed to be renewed each year unless a client specifically requests that they terminate their account.

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