Harmonious And Sweet: 11 Different Types Of Hyacinths

Hyacinths are gorgeous. These beautiful plants blossom into spring blooms that come in a wonderful variety of colors. Introducing types of Hyacinths

They are the epitome of spring and often blossom around the Easter period, displaying exactly when the middle of spring is. They have been known to Europeans, North Africans, and those from the Middle East for thousands of years and were first described by the Ancient Persians and Greeks.

In Persia, they were the flower used to adorn the Haft-Seen table for the Nowruz celebration and in Greece they were sacred to the goddess Aphrodite, though they were originally created by Apollo for his slain lover, Hyacinthus, hence the modern name of the flower, Hyacinth. .

Harmonious And Sweet: The Ultimate Guide To Hyacinth

The beauty of these flowers has continued to be recognized until the modern day, with many nations cultivating them throughout the eons, for example the Netherlands in the 1800s.

With such a great following, it is no wonder that people flock to buy these wonderful flowers. 

As such, we have decided to create a list to guide you through the various plants that adorn this family tree. Without further ado, let us look at the varieties of Hyacinth that you can buy and the features that make them special. 

Hyacinth Varieties

There are three species of the Hyacinth plant, but there are hundreds of varieties of those species. It would be impossible to cover every single type of Hyacinth in a single list.

Therefore, we have decided to have a look at the most popular and the most sought after varieties of this amazing plant and tell you about them below. 

Of these hundreds of plants, there are three main types of hyacinth that they can be split into; the single form, double forms and bulbous forms.

The first type, the single form, is the most common form and consists simply of a stem which holds up one or two blossoms.

This form of hyacinth comes in both colors and shapes, but the most common ones are blue, white, pink and purple. 

The second type is the double form. This variety is very similar to the single form except that instead of just having one stem, there will be two stems coming out of each plant, usually arranged like an X.

This variety also comes in different colors, shapes and sizes and is generally larger than the single variety. 

Finally, the third type is the bulbous form. This version is much rarer than the other two because it does not produce any leaves, only bulbs. It is therefore harder to grow and harvest. 

Types Of Hyacinth

1. Anna Marie

Harmonious And Sweet: The Ultimate Guide To Hyacinth

The Anna Marie has become a favorite of horticulturalists and casual gardeners over the years, and even won awards for its beauty.

The plant itself grows to about 10 inches tall at most, but over the course of its growing life, the color of the flowers change.

They start as a very delicate pink that could almost be mistaken for white in the right light, before becoming darker with age until they are salmon on the outside and flamingo pink in the center. 

2. Blue Festival

Harmonious And Sweet: The Ultimate Guide To Hyacinth

This Hyacinth is a blend of rich blues and deep purples that gets lighter the further along the lobes you go, away from the center of the flower.

Its panicles are full of flowers, and it’s hard to see gaps in between them. As with the Anna Marie, it has won awards before. 

This plant is incredibly hardy and can survive in difficult or rocky areas, while also being wonderfully fragrant. It is perfect for specialized gardens or as a pot plant inside. 

3. Blue Jacket

Harmonious And Sweet: The Ultimate Guide To Hyacinth

This particular variety of hyacinth is extremely popular among collectors and horticulturists alike. It was created by combining several hybrids together and then back crossing them with their parents.

The flowers themselves are more spread out than the Blue Festival, but they are longer and the lobes expand further, giving a Bluebell like quality to the plant. 

The plant can get up to 10 inches tall when fully grown. It is mostly found in shades of dark blue with hints of violet, which gives it a beautiful appearance, while also being resistant to deer and rabbits. 

4. Carnegie

Harmonious And Sweet: The Ultimate Guide To Hyacinth

The first thing to note about the Carnegie Hyacinth flower is that it is pure white, as in, there is not a hint of another color on it.

The tightly compact panicles with lots of little flowers on them combined with the color can appear quite dramatic in contrast to the rest of your garden and its own green leaves, but it makes an absolutely gorgeous effect. 

Due to its small size and startling contrast with other colorful flowers, you can use this plant as a border for your garden, or you can plant it in small containers and move it where you think it looks best. 

5. City Of Haarlem 

Types of Hyacinths

This plant is not named after the Harlem, New York, you are all thinking of. As a Dutch Hyacinth, it is named after the city in the Netherlands, hence the spelling.

These types of Hyacinths can grow up to ten inches and need some space for their roots to grow. 

They are a blend of cream and yellow coloration, giving them a glorious hue that isn’t overpowering and is easy on the eyes.

Many people have described them as cheery in looks and when combined with their light fragrance, they make a great addition to any area you put them in. 

6. Delft Blue

Harmonious And Sweet: The Ultimate Guide To Hyacinth

As before, this Hyacinth plant has won a few awards in its time over other types of Hyacinths. Its flowers have a striking look with an incredibly deep purple and their formation of a cluster.

The flower cluster on the plants is made all the more dramatic by the lobes of the flowers themselves, as they are long, thin, and curl backwards into the cluster, creating a strange protective barrier. 

This Hyacinth is probably one of the more famous, thanks to its plants. Still, this has been helped by its sweet smell and the ability to grow them easily. 

7. Gipsy Queen

Types of Hyacinths

Again, not a spelling error, just the alternative spelling of the word Gypsy. The flowers of these types of Hyacinths are an amazing peach color, with none of the color lost on any part of the flower.

While they are one of the unique orange hyacinths, their color is certainly their own. The striking beauty of this unique color is accentuated by the lance-like leaves that spring up around the panicle protectively. 

These plants are resistant to deer and rabbits, have a nice sweet aroma, and – in the right conditions – can grow up to 10 inches tall.

8. Hollyhock

Types of Hyacinths

In terms of having an imposing and breathtaking look, Hollyhock Hyacinth may win over others types of Hyacinths.

Its pink color is incredibly deep, almost to the point of being a crimson, and its panicle of flowers has practically no holes in it.

This is thanks to a fairly unique feature in that Hollyhock Hyacinth has double flowers. One large open flower with wide sweeping lobes and then one smaller flower with tiny petals growing in the center.

This intense and amazing look has made it coveted by gardeners and has won it many international awards. 

9. Jan Bos

Types of Hyacinths

Another hyacinth with deep, rich pink flowers, the Jan Bos Hyacinth only resembles Hollyhock in color.

The flowers themselves are actually bell shaped with 4 little lobes at the end that delicately drape down and give off a very pleasant aroma. 

These types of Hyacinths are perfect for window pots or indoor spaces, as though they grow up to 10 inches they do not expand their roots as much as other plants do.

If you want to plant them outside, they are also deer and rabbit resistant, so you should have no worries in that department. 

10. Lady Derby 

Types of Hyacinths

The Lady Derby is a wonderfully colored hyacinth with tiny pale pink flowers that match perfectly to its tall, green stems.

Types of Hyacinths itself can grow up to 10 inches tall and is very sturdy, even in extreme environments. 

This plant will easily naturalize to the environment that you place it in, however you should make sure that you give the best conditions for survival. 

11. Pink Festival

Types of Hyacinths

The Pink Festival Hyacinth is well known and well named, with its flowers coated in pink hues that are occasionally highlighted by white lines streaking it. Each hyacinth bulb can produce up to 6 panicles, and a light fragrance follows the plant around. 

Many people love arranging these flowers along patios and walkways to accentuate the walk. 


Hyacinths come in all varieties of colors and flowers and are a truly wonderful plant.

They produce an abundance of little, colorful flowers from each bulb and due to their size and sturdiness, they can be planted and cared for in any area that you like.

If you are looking for a plant that can brighten up even the most bland or dull garden, then we would suggest buying a hyacinth. They are easy to find, and you won’t be disappointed in the purchase.