V Is For Vine Leaves: Various Veggies That Start With ‘V’

Ever wondered how many vegetables start with the letter V? It’s one of those weird questions that you never think about, but equally can’t ignore when you start wondering! Various Veggies That Start With ‘V’.

Keep reading to get the ultimate list on all V veggies. No more head-scratching for you – we have done all the hard work!

Keep this list handy next time you are playing board games or quizzes – everyone is bound to be blown away by your horticultural and culinary knowledge!

V Vegetables

Here is the definitive list of every V vegetable, from all over the world.

1. Vainitas

Velvet Beans

Vainitas is a delicious vegetable that is packed full of vitamins and minerals. They are a type of green bean and are quite similar to runner bean.

Unlike other types of beans, all the vegetables are consumed – the unripe beans as well as the fleshy pod. The most delectable vainitas are not ripe as the older the pod becomes, the more tough and fibrous its flesh. 

2. Velvet Beans

Velvet beans are a type of tropical legume that is native to Africa and areas of tropical Asia. They are otherwise known as monkey tamarind,

Bengal beans, cowage, or Lyon bean. They are renowned in their native lands for producing terrible itchiness on any skin that comes into contact with it.

Make sure that you are extra cautious around young leaves or the seed pods as these are particularly irritating.

Despite this, the velvet bean is widely used in herbalism practices and in some agricultural and horticultural practices. As it is a type of legume, the velvet bean can make the soil rich in nitrogen which is ideal for growing other crops.

Throughout history, the pods of this plant have been carefully cultivated and used to treat some ailments, including sexual dysfunction.

3. Vagem


Vagem is the Portuguese term for green beans – usually runner beans. Runner beans are the fruit from the Phaseolus coccineus plant. This plant can be grown as an ornamental plant or for the beans.

It is a favorite of some smaller bird species, including the hummingbird, and produces wonderful flowers in deep shades of red.

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4. Verdolaga

Verdolaga is a leafy green vegetable that is often called purslane in English-speaking countries. It is widely believed to be indigenous to India or Iran, but this is not true, and it is actually native to Latin America.

It can be seen as a weed by some farmers, but it is edible and quite healthy. It is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids – more so than any other vegetable. It is widely used in Mexican cuisine for a refreshing and tangy flavor in many dishes.

5. Vidalia Onion

Various Veggies That Start With V

Vidalia onions are several varieties of sweet onions, primarily grown in the US and originally in the town of Vidalia, Georgia. The soil in this area has very low levels of sulfur. This is what makes the Vidalia onion so sweet.

The Vidalia onion’s sweetness and lack of acidity or pungency make them delicious raw. Choose the Vidalia next time you have a salsa – they contain over 12% sugar so do not have the same eye-watering acidity of a yellow or brown onion.

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6. Vine Tomatoes

Various Veggies That Start With V

Vine tomatoes are tomatoes that are sold still attached to the vine. They are able to derive nutrients and antioxidants from the stem of the plant until they are taken off.

This means that vine tomatoes have a longer shelf life and are more flavorful, with a sweeter taste.

Do not refrigerate these tomatoes until they are fully ripe. Make sure they are warmed up to room temperature before serving to get the best flavor in your dish.

7. Verza

Various Veggies That Start With V

Verza is another name for the savoy cabbage. These cabbages have slightly looser leaves and are not as tightly compacted as other types of cabbage.

As with all cabbage, the verza or savoy will keep its firm leaves after cooking and is rich in vitamins and minerals.

The leaves are deep green at the tips and are crunchy but tender when prepared properly. There are some subtypes of savoy cabbage available that vary in texture, color, and taste. 

8. Vine Leaves

Various Veggies That Start With V

Vine leaves are the leaves of the grapevine plant. They are large leaves that are typically sold already cooked in jars or cans. These are then typically used to wrap up other foods or to add some texture to soup dishes. 

Vine leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals and a great addition to most meals. There is a reason why they are used in cuisines all over the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

So, now you know all the vegetables that start with V in the world, you may have some questions about them

Which Vegetable That Starts With V Has The Most Protein?

Variants of green beans have the highest concentration of protein than most other vegetables. If you want to look exclusively at vegetables that start with V, look to vainitas or vagem.

These are different types of green beans are so are packed full of nutrients that are essential to a healthy diet – including protein.

Which Vegetable That Starts With V Has The Highest Sugar Content?

The Vidalia onion has the highest sugar content of any vegetable that starts with V, or indeed any other vegetable. It is around 12% sugar which is what gives the flesh such a sweet taste that is not as pungent as other onions. 

Remember that this natural sugar and not refined. A vegetable with 12% sugar is not the same as a piece of candy or chocolate!

Which Vegetable That Starts With V Is The Most Difficult To Source?

We think that velvet beans are the most difficult vegetable beginning with V to source. This is because they are only grown in one specific part of the world – parts of Africa and the tropical areas of Asia.

If you do stumble across some velvet beans on your travels don’t forget to exercise caution! The plants are super irritating to human skin.

Final Thoughts

So there you go! All the V vegetables that are known to mankind from everywhere in the world.

From the leafy greens of the vine leaves to the rich and sweet flavors of vine tomatoes – there are a variety of V veggies to suit everyone’s tastes.

Keep this list handy next time you want to impress your friends and family with your infinite knowledge of vegetables and the alphabet!