Q Is For Quinoa: Quality Veggies That Start With ‘Q’

Q is a letter that is not frequently used in the English language. In fact, it is used less than 0.01% in an average piece of text! veggies that start with q

Given its rarity, it is quite impressive when you can name something that starts with Q. But what about vegetables?

There are a few types of fruit that begin with Q – hello, quince and quandong – but there is just one vegetable that begins with Q. Keep reading as it may just surprise you!



Quinoa is known by most people around the world as a grain. But technically the leaves of the plant can be eaten too, making them the only vegetable that begins with a Q!

Quinoa was known as the Mother Grain throughout the Incan Empire because it has such a rich and diverse nutritional content. It is packed full of fiber and has a greater protein and lysine content than just about all other grains.

This is what makes it a superfood – protein, fiber, and omega-rich fatty acids like lysine are all essential components of a healthy diet.

Think of the leaves from a quinoa plant as being a bit like spinach. They can be cooked to make them tender, and they can have a crunchy and fibrous texture. 

Don’t forget the seeds! The seeds from a quinoa plant can be used for a hint of flavor in a myriad of recipes and are what most people think of when they picture quinoa. 

You can use quinoa as an alternative to rice in most dishes. It is equally satisfying and with some extra fiber. Who doesn’t want that?

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Final Thoughts

So, there you go! There is just one vegetable that begins with Q – quinoa. 

Most people think that just the grain part of the quinoa plant is edible. It’s a shame because the leaves are super delicious too!