T Is For Turnips: Terrific Veggies That Start With ‘T’

If someone were to ask you to name as many vegetables beginning with T as you could, how many would you be able to name off the top of your head without having to use Google? It’s funny that when someone asks you to name something as deceptively simple as Veggies That Start With T, it suddenly seems to become an impossible feat.

So rather than spend ages scratching your brain to try to find the vegetables that are just on the tip of your tongue, we’ve done the hard work for you.

We’ve collated as many vegetables beginning with T as we could find, making the job even easier for you. So the next time someone asks you to name a vegetable beginning with T, you can repeat this list verbatim!

Let’s take a look at which vegetables have the letter T at the front of their name.

1. Tabasco Pepper

Tabasco Pepper

If you love spice, we’re sure this is the first vegetable beginning with T that sprang to your mind. The Tabasco chili pepper is the variety of chili pepper that is of course used to make that spicy sauce you may slather over your favorite warm foods. Interestingly, the Tabasco chili pepper gets its name from the Mexican state where it originates from.

2. Tamarind Leaves

Tamarind Leaves

Whereas you may likely know the tamarind tree more because of the fruit that it bears, you may be interested to know that the leaves are also edible. These are often used in curry dishes, as well as a variety of Indian cuisine.

The leaves appear to be fern like in appearance, and tend to be used to add a spicy kick to dishes. They can also be used for herbal medicinal purposes.

3. Tamarillo


Interestingly, this is one of the vegetables known by several other names that also begin with the letter T. The tamarillo is also known as the tree tomato, the tomate serrano, or the tomate andino. This vegetable tends to be used to create chutney, curry, or compotes. It has a notoriously sweet flavor, which lends itself well to these sweeter dishes.

4. Tarwi


The tarwi plant is usually harvested for its tasty beans, which are native to the Andes region. Tarwi beans are typically added to soups and salads, and can be very tasty. This type of bean is considered to be an excellent alternative to soya beans, and are a rich source of protein.

5. Taro


A favorite for both Asian and African cooking, taro is a fascinating root vegetable that can be used in several styles of dishes. Unlike other tubers, it’s essential to cook taro before you consume it, as it can often be toxic when eaten raw. This root vegetable tends to be popular in the more tropical areas of the globe.

6. Tatsoi


This is a leafy green vegetable that is a close relative of the bok choy. Similar to its cousin, it is a very popular vegetable in Asian cuisine. This versatile leafy vegetable can be enjoyed either cooked or raw. When it comes to cooking your tatsoi, you can either sauté or steam it, as it can be prepared similarly to spinach.

7. Tepary Bean

Tepary Bean

Popular in arid areas around Mexico and America, the tepary bean is wonderfully resistant to drought. It was often cultivated by Native Americans because of its hardiness. These beans tend to have a rich, slightly nutty flavor once cooked. They are frequently popular as an addition to stews, cold salads, and soups.

8. Thai Basil

Thai Basil

A versatile herb used in a lot of Thai cuisine, Thai basil is a much hardier variety than the more common sweet basil. It is able to deal with higher temperatures, so doesn’t need to be added towards the end of the cooking process to maintain its great flavor. This hardy herb is popular for adding a dash of spice to Thai dishes.

9. Thai Chili Pepper

Thai Chili Pepper

Seeing as Asian cooking makes use of plenty of spices, it’s hardly a surprise that the Thai chili pepper is a popular choice. If you’re a fan of spice, then you will need to give this chili pepper a try. When measured in Scoville units, the Thai chili pepper ranks between 10,000 to 50,000 units. This makes it one of the hottest chili peppers around!

10. Thai Eggplant

Thai Eggplant

If you’re a fan of eggplant, then you’ll want to get your hands on a couple of these. There are actually several varieties of Thai eggplant, all of which are a popular addition to Thai cooking. Some of the more popular varieties of Thai eggplant include: Thai yellow eggplant, Thai purple eggplant, and Thai green eggplant.

11. Three-Cornered Leek

Three-Cornered Leek

Wondering where the three-cornered leek gets its name? Take a look at the overall form of the plant itself! When you look at the flowers, this is clearly split into three different corners, very similar to that of a triangle. Interestingly, the entire three-cornered leek plant is edible. They can be eaten either raw or cooked, and have a similar flavor profile to a standard leek.

12. Tiger Nut

Tiger Nut

While some people tend to think of the tiger nut plant as a weed, this plant actually has edible tubers. Despite the name, these aren’t actually nuts. Instead the tiger nuts are edible tubers, roughly the size of a chickpea.

If you were to snack on some of these tiger nuts, you would note that the flavor is similar to a coconut. They also have a slightly chewy texture.

13. Tomaccio Tomatoes

veggies that start with t

This particular variety of tomatoes was first developed in Iran by using a different wild specimen on Peruvian tomatoes. It usually has a high crop yield, giving the grower lots of tomaccio tomatoes to enjoy. Interestingly, this variety is often used to create sun dried tomatoes, which are often used in a range of dishes.

14. Tomatoes

veggies that start with t

We couldn’t make a list of vegetables that start with the letter T and leave the humble tomato off the list! This plant is frequently considered to be a vegetable, and has a wide range of applications.

It is even considered to be the base of many dishes, and can be eaten both cooked and raw. You may be surprised to learn that the tomato is actually a fruit, as it grows on the vine above ground.

15. Tomatillo

veggies that start with t

Chances are that you’ve enjoyed the tasty tomatillo without even knowing it if you enjoy Mexican food. The tomatillo is often used to craft tasty salsa verde, a green version of the classic red salsa. The tomatillo originated from Mexico, and tends to have a very tart flavor when compared to the standard tomato.

16. Topinambur

veggies that start with t

Chances are that you have heard of topinambur by an entirely different name. The topinambur vegetable is often known as Jerusalem artichoke, even though it isn’t related to the city of Jerusalem in any way, shape, or form.

This tasty root vegetable actually was very popular with Native Americans. It can be prepared and cooked by using the exact same methods as you would use with any variety of potato.

17. Tree Onion

veggies that start with t

A popular vegetable in Korean cooking, the tree onion is also known as the walking onion. This is because as the new vegetable bulbs start to sprout and grow, this weighs down the stalk of the parent plant, until it touches the ground where the bulb can then take root. The tree onion is very similar to the standard brown onion, however, the tree onion plant has flowers on it.

18. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper

veggies that start with t

If you’re not put off by the spiciness of the Thai chili pepper, then perhaps you should try your palate with the Trinidad moruga scorpion pepper. This is considered to be one of the spiciest varieties of chili pepper ever to exist, with a spice rating of more than 1,000,000 Scoville units.

This chili pepper can be grown virtually anywhere around the globe. It is noted to have a sweet and fruity flavor once you have gotten past the heat.

19. Turban Squash

veggies that start with t

One of the more interesting squash varieties to look at, the turban squash has notable colors of orange, green, or white. It all depends on the variety you choose to grow. However, if you’re a fan of other squash varieties, you will need to be mindful that the turban squash has a much milder flavor profile.

20. Turmeric

veggies that start with t

Turmeric is slowly being recognized for the superfood that it is. This spice has a whole range of health benefits, including natural anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant properties.

It is used widely in Indian cooking, and typically gives a dash of color and flavor to food. It is a highly versatile herb that is typically ground down before it is used.

21. Turnip

veggies that start with t

A popular root vegetable around the globe, the humble turnip is available in either white or purple varieties. The root vegetable is the part of the plant that is typically consumed, however, the leaves are also edible.

Interestingly, the turnip was originally used to carve the very first jack-o-lanterns before people realized that pumpkins were much easier to carve.

22. Tuscan Kale

veggies that start with t

If you’re looking for a new healthy vegetable to introduce to your diet, then you should consider the tasty Tuscan kale. This variety of Tuscan kale differs from curly kale both in color and by being much more tender and thin.

You can eat Tuscan kale both cooked and raw. In fact, this vegetable will still be wonderfully tender if eaten raw.

In Summary

So there you have it! You are now armed with lots of different vegetables of several varieties that all begin with the letter T. From the humble root vegetable, to leafy greens, and even down to varieties that are commonly used as a spice, you will now have plenty of foodie knowledge to wow your family and friends.

It may have seemed like an impossible feat to name as many as 21 different vegetables starting with T, but now you can do it with ease.

Have we missed any of your favorite vegetables from our list? Or are there a few that you think should be included? How many of the vegetables that we’ve highlighted above have you heard of? Let us know in the comments below!