What Is ‘Poultry School’?

In the world of farming, poultry is one of the most profitable industries – especially as far as livestock is concerned.

This is due to the money that can be recouped from eggs and meat, as well as the regularity of the reproduction cycle of chickens. 

However, for information to be shared, and the industry to be successful, there had to be a global source of information that can be accessed by all: and this is where Poultry School comes in. 

But what exactly is Poultry School, and what purpose does it serve? 

What Is Poultry School? 

Poultry School is a global education platform, which was created as a means of instructing farmers and sharing information to make all those in the poultry industry as successful as possible. 

Poultry School seeks to connect all the dots within the industry, ensuring that all those involved in poultry farming have the tools they need to turn their farm into a profitable one.

Their intention has been to create a global community with an individualistic focus – providing information and support in a specialized way so that it benefits all users. 

What Courses Do They Offer? 

When it comes to their syllabus of information, Poultry School offers a series of online courses – allowing people all around the world to access their information and learn about the best and most modern information pertaining to the industry. 

Presently there are two courses available, and these will be explained below in a little more detail. 

Introduction To Egg Production

This course is broken down into 6 specific sections, each with a focus on a different facet of the egg production process, and the best ways to foster a successful yield each time. 

The course is run by Dr Vincent Guyonnet, a doctor with a veterinary degree from the National Veterinary School of Lyon in France, as well as PhD from the Department of Poultry Science at the University of Athens, Georgia (United States). 

As such, this makes him an authority not only on the health and science behind the process, but also the egg production industry as a whole. 

One thing that makes Guyonnet so popular and sought after is his ability to walk the line between the scientific and the practical – allowing those under his tutelage to learn more about conditions, disease control, cleanliness, and health, as well as the business side of the industry, and the best things to look out for. 

This particular course focuses on: 

  • Part 1: Egg production Systems
  • Part 2: Egg Quality & Grading
  • Part 3: Biosecurity In Egg Production
  • Part 4: Management Of Critical Stages
  • Part 5: Positives & Negatives Of Cage-Free Production Systems

This series is also available in a bundle pack for better value. 

UGA Cold Weather Ventilation 

The second course is centered around cold weather ventilation, and is a ten part course that falls in line with the UGA (University of Georgia) and their guidelines based in poultry science. 

Do You Pay For Poultry School? 

Like many online courses, Poultry School is not free, and each session of each course requires a payment – usually around the $15 dollars mark. 

However, there are package deals that can give some discounts to the individual users, so these are definitely worth looking into – especially if you have several areas of study you wish to engage with. 

Is There Free Content? 

While there isn’t a free package for the courses themselves, Poultry School does have free content that is put out through their social media channels, as well as their Youtube channel. 

This is also combined with leading articles and papers surrounding certain topics – all produced outside of the school – as well as other pieces of information and useful links that individuals might wish to engage with. 

What Are The Benefits? 

What Is ‘Poultry School’? (1)

When it comes to Poultry School, there are several benefits to be had. 

Reasonably Priced

When compared to other courses of this ilk, Poultry School and the courses they offer are fairly reasonably priced, and depending on how much you need or want to learn, you can affordably access the information you need without breaking the bank. 


The content also seems to be accessible and comprehensive, allowing people of all learning abilities to access the material they need to make their farming business a success. 

Globally Recognized

What’s more, the information being delivered is globally recognized and applicable to numerous industries all around the world – allowing for standardization of the poultry industry and the working practices of those working within it. 

So, Is It Worth It? 

By and large, this seems to be the only online institution of its kind that puts such specific focus on this field.

This means that, for those wanting to get into the poultry business, there really isn’t a better way to consume the necessary knowledge to make it a success. 

For this reason, combined with the reasonable pricing structure, this seems like a great course for existing, and would-be farmers who want to learn as much as possible about their business without breaking the bank in the process. 

What’s more, the courses are taught by a leading mind in the world of poultry and veterinary medicine, meaning that the information is trustworthy, accurate, and in line with proper governmental regulations and guidelines. 

Even as an outsider to this industry, this course seems like the real deal!

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Poultry School, and what purpose it serves within the farming industry. 

It’s true that Poultry School has changed the ways that information regarding poultry can be exchanged and taught, and it looks as though this global education platform is at no risk of slowing down anytime soon. 

So if you are interested in learning the ropes of poultry farming, then why not check out the Poultry School?

Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!