Top 10 Online Places You Can Trust To Buy Indoor/Outdoor Plants

Plant shopping is fun and exciting! I mean the thrill of the hunt and the happiness when you spot that perfect, plump succulent. However, let’s be honest. Half the fun in plant shopping lies in discovering new plants you never knew existed. Who knew there was a plant called ”String of Dolphins”? I did not even know that dolphins could grow on strings. Nevertheless, online nurseries are the best place to start if you like discovering new plants.

Looking to spruce up a dull space or find a housewarming gift? Here are the best places to buy plants online.

These days, you can buy plants online faster than you can say ”photosynthesis.” However, not all online nurseries are alike. So we did the tedious work for you and found the best places to buy plants online. We will also answer questions like: Are online nurseries worth it? Are the plants from online nurseries healthy? Are there any online nurseries I should avoid? So many questions, right?

Well, don\’t worry; we are here to help. So, let’s get started.

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The Best Online Garden Nurseries

When creating this list, we considered many things other than the types of plants being sold. These include delivery options, return policy, customer services, etc. And before we talk about the best online nurseries, let\’s discuss why these things are essential.

  • Delivery options: Ensure the nursery has a delivery option that suits your needs. Furthermore, you do not want to pay more for shipping than the cost of the plant.
  • Price Point: You do not want to break the bank just to add some greenery to your life, do you? So, please look for a place that sells plants at reasonable prices.
  • Return Policy: Let’s be honest, sometimes we buy plants that we will love, but they are the worst thing since kale smoothies. So, please ensure your chosen online nursery has a return policy that will not leave you with a sour taste.
  • Last but not least, customer service perks. Look for a nursery with an easy-to-use website and staff that knows their stuff. You do not want to be left scratching your head when you have a burning question or query about your new plant baby.

And now, without further ado, let’s see which online nurseries are the best.

1. The Home Depot

 Home Depot offers all types of plants – from house plants to bonsai trees, garden decor, and more.

Main Features

  • Prices: $ – $$$
  • Return policy: 90 days

What To Buy?


Tired of dodging shopping carts and trying to find a parking spot amidst the sea of SUVs. Well, do not worry. With Home Depot\’s online nursery, you no longer have to deal with this madness. Sit in your chair, open your laptop, and browse their immense garden selection.

Furthermore, they have all the necessary tools and accessories to make your garden dreams a reality. Need help calculating how much mulch to buy? No problem, they\’ve got a fancy online calculator for that. Plus, with their satisfaction guarantee, you can plant away with the confidence that if your plants don\’t bloom like they\’re supposed to, you can still get a refund. So go ahead, order some plants, and start digging. Your garden will thank you.

Likes & Dislikes

What We LikeWhat We Dislike
Convenient online ordering
Large selection of plants available
Detailed plant descriptions and care instructions
Customer reviews and rating
Plant guarantee policy
Loyalty rewards program
Option to ship to store for free pickup
Easy returns and exchanges
Shipping costs can be high
Limited ability to receive personalized advice
Limited ability to select specific plant size or shape

2. Etsy

 Etsy offers many unique or custom plant specimens from various houseplant shops and sellers.

Main Features

  • Prices: $ – $$$
  • Return policy: Varies by seller

What To Buy?


Next up on our list is the all-famous online store, Esy. The magical marketplace where creativity thrives and unique, handcrafted items reign supreme! And do not worry. I am not talking about handmade socks or quirky mugs. I am talking about LIVE PLANTS! 

You heard it right! Unlike what most people might think, Etsy is not just a place for cute knick-knacks and homemade soaps. It\’s a botanical wonderland! Their website allows you to search for plants by name or type, and trust me. The options are endless.

You can find annuals, perennialsvegetables, flowers, fruits, trees, grassesvines, and everything! Etsy offers plant cuttings, bare roots, seedlings, and anything else to grow your garden of wonders. So, pick your iPad, hop on to Etsy, and join the plant party.

Likes & Dislikes

What We LikeWhat We Dislike
Unique and hard-to-find plant varieties
Handmade and customizable planters
Option to buy from small and independent sellers
Detailed plant descriptions and care instructions
Customer reviews and ratings
Limited availability of popular plant varieties
Shipping costs can be high
Limited ability to inspect the plant before purchase
Higher prices compared to large commercial plant retailers

3. Bloomscape

At Bloomscape, you can shop for fully-grown, potted plants delivered right to your door.

Main Features

  • Prices: $$
  • Return policy: No returns. 30-day guarantee

What To Buy?


If you are trying to find plants online, you must check out Bloomscape. They have a vast collection of indoor and outdoor plants. I also ordered a Bromeliad Aechmea Pink from them a year ago. And the plant is still healthy and green. At Bloomscape, shopping is super easy. You can also shop by categories such as \”low-maintenance\” and \”pet-friendly.\” 

This is very handy for pet owners as you do not want to buy plants that can be harmful or toxic for your pets. Aside from that, they have everything from palms to succulent varieties to trendy fiddle-leaf figs. Their customer service is also phenomenal. 

Whenever I contacted them, their team responded quickly. And did I mention they offer free shipping on orders over $150? It\’s great! Especially if you want to add a few new plants.

Likes & Dislikes

What We LikeWhat We Dislike
Wide selection of indoor plants
Plants are shipped directly from the grower
Plants arrive healthy and well-packaged
Option to purchase plants with decorative pots
Option to buy gift cards
A limited selection of outdoor plants
Shipping costs can be high
No option for expedited shipping
Some plants can be expensive
Limited international shipping options

4. Nature Hills Nursery

 Nature Hills Nursery sells over 1,800 varieties of trees, bushes, perennials, and other plants.

Main Features

  • Prices: $ – $$
  • Return policy: No refund. Only Replacement

What To Buy?


Nature Hills Nursery is another excellent option if you are looking to shop for plants online. It has everything from, and its website is highly user-friendly. With its filtering options, you can find the plant of your dreams faster than ever. The plant page also gives the buyer plenty of details, including watering needs, sunlight requirements, etc.

Their website also has a handy video explaining the different pot sizes so you won\’t be caught off guard. And if you are looking to save a bit of money, check out their free shipping options. Aside from that, Nature Hills Nursery has a standard replacement policy. It will get you a 50% credit towards a replacement plant if your original plant doesn\’t survive.

Lastly, they have excellent customer service. If you have any questions, just reach out.

Likes & Dislikes

What We LikeWhat We Dislike
Wide selection of plants and trees
High-quality plants with healthy roots
Option to pre-order for upcoming seasons
Free shipping on some orders
Loyalty program for repeat customers
Customer support through phone and email
Plant experts available to answer questions
Limited shipping options for some products
Limited international shipping options
Limited availability of certain popular plant varieties
Occasional shipping delays
No physical store locations for in-person shopping
No live chat support

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5. High Country Gardens

Whether planting in wetlands or deserts, High Country Gardens can fulfill your needs.

Main Features

  • Prices: $ – $$$
  • Return policy: Up to 30 days

What To Buy?


The next online marketplace for buying all sorts of plants on our list is High Country Gardens. It has a power-packed collection of environmentally-conscious plants. So, even the greenest of green thumbs will have no problem finding the plant of their dreams.

And while their main focus is drought-tolerant plants for eco-friendly gardening, xeriscaping is not the only thing they specialize in. They also offer bulbs and perennials, plants to attract pollinators and birds, groundcovers, shrubs, and even some fruiting plants.

And if you are lazy, I highly recommend you check out their garden-in-a-box offerings. These boxes have everything you need to start a new garden from scratch. And they can be an excellent option for those who don\’t have a lot of space, time, or experience.

So, please do not wait and start browning before they run out of plants.

Likes & Dislikes

What We LikeWhat We Dislike
Wide variety of native & drought-tolerant plants
Excellent quality of plants and packaging
User-friendly website with easy navigation
Helpful customer service and support
Commitment to sustainability and the environment
A limited selection of non-native plants
Higher prices compared to some competitors
Limited availability of some popular plants
Returns can be complicated and may require photos
Limited international shipping options

6. Fast-Growing Trees

 You can find privacy trees, house plants, fruit trees, and more at Fast Growing Trees.

Main Features

  • Prices: $ – $$
  • Return policy: One-year, one-time replacement warranty

What To Buy?


If you are thinking of sprucing up your garden, another fantastic online nursery is Fast Growing Trees. And unlike what its name might suggest, it has everything you might want, from shrubs to bushes, to flowering and fruit trees, not just fast-growing trees. 

And let’s be honest, with so much variety; it is easy to get confused. Well, do not worry. Fast Growing Trees has got your back. They have a built-in plant classifier and finder on their website, which you can use to find a plant that suits your needs quickly.

I have also bought several large trees and privacy shrubs from them over the years, and I highly recommend them to everyone as they have many options for purchasing larger, more mature trees and shrubs. So, don\’t wait up and visit their website today.

Likes & Dislikes

What We LikeWhat We Dislike
A wide variety of trees and plants are available
Free shipping on orders over $125
Generous return policy
Option to sign up for notifications for restocks
Informative blog with helpful gardening tips
Limited information about plant care and maintenance
High prices compared to other online plant retailers
Limited availability of some plants
No option for in-store pickup
No live chat customer support option

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7. Plants.Com

 Shop the best variety of plants with an immense outdoor & indoor plant collection at

Main Features

  • Prices: $ – $$$
  • Return policy: 10 days to return an item from the date of delivery

What To Buy?

Review is another excellent online nursery you can visit to purchase plants of all types delivered right to your doorstep. With more plants than a botanist\’s wildest dreams, has everything from towering trees to teeny-tiny succulents for small pots.

Their website is also very user-friendly and allows you to filter by size, price, and plant type. Another thing I love about their website is that it will enable you to browse plants by category based on events such as Mother\’s Day, Plant\’s Day, Friend\’s Day, etc.

In addition, you also have the option to buy plants based on lifestyle. Your choices include pet-friendly plants, air-purifying plants, and plants for beginners. In sum, is one of the best online sellers of houseplants, and you will love shopping on it.

Likes & Dislikes

What We LikeWhat We Dislike
Wide variety of plants available
Easy-to-use website interface
Free shipping for orders over $50
Plant care tips and advice articles
Loyalty program for repeat customers
Eco-friendly and sustainable focus
High prices for some plant varieties
Limited information on plant care
No live chat or phone customer support
Limited international shipping options
No option for expedited shipping
Limited plant accessories available

8. Horti

 A houseplant seller that delivers not just plants but also inspiration and confidence.

Main Features

  • Prices: $ – $$$
  • Return policy: Replacement within first 15 days of purchase

What To Buy?


The Horti online nursery is unlike anything that you might have seen. It is more than just an online plant retailer. In fact, it would not be false to call it a whole experience. Horti offers plant  subscription options, ranging from a month-to-month option to a 12-month \”journey.\”

These subscription plants from Horti also come with hardy plants that are easy to care for. So, you will never have to worry about your new green friends dying on you. There is also a beginner-friendly subscription plan called \”New to Planting.\”

And that is not all! They also offer a \”Pet Friendly\” option. And if you\’re feeling adventurous, you can choose the \”Horti Pick\” and let them surprise you with a mystery plant.

Likes & Dislikes

What We LikeWhat We Dislike
Wide variety of plants available
High-quality plants and packaging
Free shipping on orders over $50
Sustainable and eco-friendly practices
User-friendly website & easy ordering process
No international shipping
No option for local pickup
No choice for custom plant arrangements
No plant warranty beyond 14 days

9. Logee’s

Discover a world of botanical wonder, including various fruiting, rare & tropical plants.

Main Features

  • Prices: $$$
  • Return policy: 60 Day Guarantee period

What To Buy?


If you have heard of Logee\’s before, you might know them for selling tropical plants. Though, once valid, the Logee\’s of today is another story. Today, they sell everything from rare plants that are so exotic that you will feel like Indiana Jones discovering a new species.

In addition, they also have flowers and fruit trees that will make your nose tingle with delight and your taste buds dance with joy. And do not worry; they still have plenty of tropicals.

The best part? Now they also sip nationwide. So, no matter where you are and what plant you need, Logee\’s has your back. So, please do not wait and visit their website today, as they are still new to this and sometimes get hit by supply shortages.

Likes & Dislikes

What We LikeWhat We Dislike
Wide variety of plants
Plants are healthy and well-cared for
Helpful customer service
Offers rare and unusual plants
Loyalty rewards program
Some plants can be expensive
Shipping can be slow
Limited stock on certain items
Returns can be complicated
The website can be slow to load

10. Amazon Plants

A fantastic place for plant shopping from a great selection of Flowers, Fruits, Trees, Herbs, & more.

Main Features

  • Prices: $ – $$$
  • Return policy: Within 30 days of delivery

What To Buy?


Amazon is a superstar when it comes to shopping online, including live plants, plant seeds, and other plant products. They have everything from real plants to fake plants because, let’s be honest, some of us are barely alive ourselves. How can we keep our plants alive?

All you have to do is type in the name of your favorite plant, and you will be hit with dozens of products. And I think buying the one with the best reviews is always a no-brainer. It is a game of ”find the perfect plant match\” but without awkward small talk.

And do not worry if you still manage to buy the wrong one. Most sellers on Amazon have a refund policy unless you somehow kill your plant within a few days of delivery. Buying fake plants seems like an excellent option now, doesn\’t it? Just kidding!

Likes & Dislikes

What We LikeWhat We Dislike
Competitive Pricing
User reviews and ratings for plants
Easy ordering and payment process
Eco-friendly packaging materials
Free shipping for Prime members
Option for gift-wrapping for plant gifts
Risk of plants being
Limited availability of rare or exotic plants
Delayed shipping times for live plants
Limited customer service options for plant-related issues
Potential for mislabeled or incorrectly identified plants
Potential for plants to be infested with pests or diseases

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The Bottom Line

There you have it. A comprehensive list of best online nurseries.

And though you can also buy plants elsewhere, be wary of the fraudsters. Choose a website with good online reviews. Also, know exactly what you are looking for. If ever in doubt, reach out to customer services, and while at it, see if the support is quick and friendly.

Also, when shopping on giants such as Etsy and Amazon, please remember they are not the sellers but instead the selling platforms. So, just because you had an excellent experience one time does not guarantee you will have a similar experience next time too.

Lastly, check their return and refund policy. It will come in handy when you mess up!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the biggest nursery online?

It is difficult to accurately say which is the biggest nursery online as a plethora of websites and companies offer these services. However, according to most experts, Nature Hills Nursery, The Home Depot, and Etsy are the biggest sellers of plants online.

Which nursery is best in the world?

No one can accurately say which nursery is the best online. However, for an individual, the best nursery is the one which will fulfill all their specific needs and preferences. Some of the best online nurseries include Horti,, Bloomscae, and Fast Growing Trees.

Is buying plants online safe?

Buying plants online is safe as long as you remember and take care of a few things.

For instance, you want to ensure the seller has good reviews and ratings. Furthermore, check to see if the seller is certified by a reputable organization. Lastly, consider the shipping options, refund/return policy, and the quality and availability of customer care services.

Is it legal to sell plants online in India?

Yes, it is legal and safe to sell plants online in India. However, specific regulations must be followed. These regulations may vary depending on the state or region. Also, please remember that certain plants might be invasive, and you won\’t be able to sell them.

How can I save money on buying plants online?

If you want to save money when buying pants online, here are a few things you must be aware of. Firstly, compare prices from different sellers to get the best deal. Also, try to buy plants off-season and look for promo codes and coupons to save a few bucks.

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