18 Amazing Coral Flowers (Including Pictures)

Coral flowers make a lovely centerpiece and brighten any flower bed border. The warm, tropical hue of coral works beautifully with flowers that have a similar warmth, such as red, pink, burgundy, ivory, yellow, gold, and orange. 

If you’re wondering which coral flowers you can grow in your garden, or simply want to learn more about coral flowers, then you’re in the right place.

Coral Flowers

In this article, I will cover a variety of different coral flowers, to give you a better idea of this wonderful color and which coral flowers would work to breathe life back into a dull space.

Without further ado, let’s get started. We have a lot of ground to cover!

1. Snapdragon


First up, we have the snapdragon. The snapdragon gets its curious name from the shape of its flowers, which have an uncanny resemblance to a dragon’s face who opens and closes its mouth when you squeeze the flowers

Snapdragons come in a variety of beautiful colors, from white, orange, red, yellow, purple, pink, coral and some lovely multicolored patterns.

2. Sweet Pea

The sweet pea is a fragrant flower that can be grown either in pots or in the ground. Sweet peas are easy to grow from seed during the spring or autumn season.

Sweet Pea

The blossoms of sweet peas come in a wide range of gorgeous colors, from purple, pink, and coral, brightening any garden with ease.

Although some sweet peas are safe to consume, others are actually toxic. For instance, ornamental sweet peas are not edible, and can be quite harmful if ingested, so you should be mindful when planting them around pets!

3. Diascia 

Diascia is a free flowering plant that comes from South Africa. It’s a hugely popular flower grown in container displays, particularly hanging baskets.


Diascia comes muted colors such as blush and white, as well as brighter colors like coral and purple. These plants will bloom all throughout the summer season, making a wonderful addition to your flower beds or displays.

4. Zinnia


The zinnia is a wonderful flower that belongs to the daisy family and is native to Mexico. The great thing about opting to grow zinnias, is that they are super colorful and make a long lasting addition to your garden. 

With blossoms that are orange, red, pink, yellow, and coral to name just a few, you’ll never get bored of looking at these stunning flowers.

5. Impatiens 


Impatiens flowers are cheerful flowers that have long-lasting blooms that would impress experienced gardeners and novices alike! These flowers get their name from the Latin, impatiens, translating to “impatient.”

These flowers come in all sorts of colors, from white to coral, pink to fuschia, and flower continuously throughout the summer and autumn seasons. 

6. Poppy 


The poppy is a beautiful flower that comes in many different colors, including coral!

One species of poppy, Papaver somniferum, is the source of the narcotic, opium.

The poppy is used in many countries as a sign of remembrance for the servicemen and women killed. Remembrance poppies are mostly used in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand – all of which are realms of the Commonwealth of Nations.

7. Dianthus 

Dianthus flowers, also known as “pinks,” are primarily native to Asia and Europe. Dianthus is known for its blue-green foliage and abundant starry flowers that are a favorite amongst florists.


The blooms come in many colors, including purple, red, white, pink, coral, and yellow. Some species of dianthus, particularly the perennial pinks, are renowned for their strong and spicy fragrance.

8. Rose

Roses are romantic flowers often given as a sign of love. Their flowers vary in size and shape and range in color, from white through to coral, pink, yellow, and of course, red. 


There are over 300 species of roses, giving you plenty of choices for your flower beds. After all, no garden is complete without a rose! 

Roses are a hugely popular choice for wedding bouquets, as well as a gift on Valentine’s Day. They typically flower generously throughout summer and until the first frost arrives, making them a wonderful addition to your backyard.

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9. Peony 

The peony is a stunning flower with large blooms and green foliage. If you plant your peonies in autumn, you’ll be able to enjoy breathtaking flowers from spring to summer.


The blooms come in many colors, from white, blush, pink, and coral to name a few. Peonies are perennials that come back year after year, bringing color to your garden each year. After all, nothing quite says summer like a bunch of peonies!

10. Tulip

The tulip is a member of the lily family, getting its name from the Turkish word for ‘turban’ for their similar appearances. 


Tulips were brought to Europe during the 16th century, and their popularity significantly increased in the 17th century due to their cheerful and colorful appearance. The flowers are brightly colored, and generally come in shades of red, pink, coral, yellow, or white, and brighten any garden!

11. Calla Lily

The calla lily, also known as the arum lily, flowers from early to late summer and makes a wonderful addition indoors or outdoors.

Native to southern Africa from South Africa north to Malawi, calla lilies are a favorite for wedding flower displays and bouquets and come in colors from white, yellow, orange, pink, coral, maroon, and lavender.

12. Hyacinth 

Hyacinths are a perennial that typically bloom in early to mid-spring, at the same time as daffodils. 


Originally a pale blue or violet flower, hyacinth blooms are now available in a wide spectrum of colors including lilac, pink, coral, white, and cobalt blue just to name a few.

They are great for brightening up any border, pots, and planters, and bring a wonderful fragrance to your yard that is often referred to as “nature’s perfume.”

13. Daffodil 

Daffodils are cheerful flowers that are native to northern Europe and are grown in temperate climates all over the world.


Daffodils are the national flower of Wales and are traditionally worn on St David’s Day. While you might associate daffodils with being a sunny flower, not all daffodils are yellow. They actually come in various combinations of white, yellow, orange, pink, and coral, ranging from intense to pastel shades of each color.

14. Hibiscus 

Hibiscus flowers are native to warm subtropical and tropical regions all over the world, with the yellow hibiscus flower being selected as Hawaii’s state flower.


Hibiscus flowers come in a range of colors and color combinations that are simply stunning, from shades of orange, coral, yellow, red, pink, and multicolor. You can even dry the flowers to make a hibiscus tea that has a variety of healthy benefits and a tart taste!

15. Dahlia 

Dahlias cope well with hot, dry weather, and are even drought-tolerant, making them a great choice if you live in a hotter climate.


Dahlias come in a variety of different colors, including yellow, pink, coral, orange, red, multi-colored, and even black flowers.

16. Coral Gerbera Daisy 

Gerbera Daisies are known for their showy, long-lasting blooms that are bound to bring a smile to your face any time you’re in the garden.

Coral Gerbera Daisy 

The blooms of gerbera daisies come in various colors, including red, orange, yellow, coral, white, lavender, and bi-colored. The center of the daisies can also vary, ranging from yellow to bronze and black depending on the color of the bloom.

While growing gerbera daisies outdoors is a relatively straightforward process, growing gerbera daisies indoors can be a lot more challenging as they need very specific growing conditions that can be difficult to maintain.

17. Coral Godetia 

Godetia, known as clarkia amoena, is a flowering plant native to western North America.

Coral Godetia 

Godetia is highly popular due to the fact that it is easy to grow and is hardy to the cold, making it a great option if you live in a colder climate. It is a spring blooming annual flower, and its blooms range from white, pink, coral, and fuschia to name a few shades.

As cut flowers or as a growing addition to your garden, you can’t beat the gorgeous appearance of godetias.

18. Coleus 

Coleus is one of the easiest plants to grow and is known for its spiked flowers that typically appear during the warm summer months.


While coleus isn’t a flower, this plant does offer flowers that make it worthy of a mention! It is hugely popular as a garden plant for its brightly colored foliage that ranges from bright pink with green edges, to coral with green edges.

Coleus is wonderful for brightening up your garden, especially because its leaves work to contrast against the rest of the green foliage in your backyard or flower bed.

In Summary

So, there you have a variety of coral flowers! Hopefully this article has given you a better idea of which coral flowers are available, and has provided you with some inspiration on which flowers you can grow in your backyard and flower beds to brighten up your dull and lifeless backyard.

If you’re stuck for ideas, this list of coral flowers is a great resource to save and reference back to if you’re ever in need of inspiration.

Good luck and happy gardening!

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