19 Unique Coffee Flowers (With Pictures)

Whether it’s a hobby or profession, growing coffee flowers can be enjoyable and good for everyone.

But when growing flowers color can be important, with the range of colors associated with coffee it can be a great way to add some subtle class to your home or flower bed without being so outstanding.

coffee flowers

With coffee being so popular it’s clear to see why people would want a smooth, brown classy flower in their collection.

1. Dahlia


The Dahlia comes in a shade of brown, but it sways more towards the black coffee color, it’s a very smooth color and oozes class. The dahlia comes from the same family as sunflowers, chrysanthemums, daisies, and zinnias.

Despite being from a family that blooms and flowers mostly in the sunnier weather but can be found in winter months. The dahlia symbolizes wealth and elegance.

2. Angel Amber Kiss Pansy

Angel Amber Kiss Pansy

This flower comes in smoother coffee color, leaning more towards a milky coffee like a latte. Its lovely light brown petals sink down into a warm orange center that blends perfectly with the petals. The angel amber kiss pansy symbolizes innocence, modesty, and decency.

Its colors and beauty make it perfect for flower beds and can reach up to 8 inches tall.

3. Daylilies


Daylilies are a deeper brown, like a strong black coffee that has only just been blessed by a dash of milk.

The daylily is a superb flower as it’s a durable plant that doesn’t require much attention to grow and is happy in most soils. Some daylilies are reblooming and others can bloom early for 1 to 5 weeks. The flower is a symbol of a mother sacrificing for her children.

4. Tropical Hibiscus

Tropical Hibiscus

The beautiful tropical hibiscus is a super smooth light brown with an amazing white center, to compare it to a coffee a flat white would be a perfect comparison. The whole plant grows up to 24 inches tall and the actual flower grows up to 8 inches. The beautiful Asian plant symbolizes passion and romantic love.

5. Toffee Rose

Despite being called a toffee rose its color really resembles more of a coffee color. Like any other roses, it’s smooth and very beautiful looking.

As their color is very soft and classy looking these flowers have become more appropriate in formal events and weddings. Like other roses, this flower symbolizes romance, beauty and courage.

6. Chocolate Orchid

Chocolate Orchid

Rich is the best description for the brown of this flower, like a dark roasted blend of coffee is what comes to mind.

Being an orchid, this is an amazing flower to try and grow yourself and just to have around the house, because of its color it brings a level of class and sophistication. The orchid is a symbol of love, beauty, luxury, and strength.

7. Boat Orchid

Boat Orchid

Like a few others of the coffee ranged flowers this one is more of a lighter, milky coffee aesthetic. This is a smaller orchid that only reaches up to 8 inches, but it’s ideal to have in a garden, or again to grow in your own home.

As it’s such a nice flower to admire and has a long life span it makes it perfect as a corsage or any other type of decorative flower. Like other orchids, this is a symbol of love, beauty, luxury, and strength.

8. Brownie Sweet Pea

Brownie sweet peas resemble a weaker, iced coffee, slightly pale in color but still holds some real class. It’s small and cute and looks lovely in smaller decorative collections.

As they’re small they also are very delicate and should be handled in such a way. Their fragrance is super sweet hence the name sweet pea. The flower is the symbol for blissful pleasure.

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9. Charlie Brown Cymbidium

Charlie Brown Cymbidium

The Charlie brown cymbidium originates from the Himalayas and is in a smooth tan color similar to a smooth milky coffee.

This evergreen orchid is a part of a genus that has 52 different species. Like an orchid, this one has a long-lasting life and is perfect for planting and growing yourself. This flower symbolizes pure, valued, and respected friendship.

10. Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris

The long-lasting Iris comes in a soft tan color, they all show 6 petals, 3 of which face up and then the other 3 face more downwards.

Due to their classic flower look these Iris’ are more popular than most and would suit any arrangement of flowers. With well-drained soil and some beautiful sunny weather, these flowers will have a lovely bloom. These bearded Irises are the embodiment of wisdom, hope, trust, and valor.

11. Japanese Arisaema

This sleek beautiful flower is very rich and dark, but also a very smooth brown. The flower is a perennial, native to Japan that flowers in springtime and flowers best in moist but well-drained soil. The actual presentation of the flower radiates sophistication.

12. Absalon Tulip

Like many of the other flowers on this list, this one is a very rich brown, but perhaps not quite as dark as a filtered coffee, but more of a chocolate tone to it. This is a hybrid tulip and started to come about in 1780.

It’s also referred to as a Rembrandt Tulip, and with its unique looks would be ideal in any arrangement. Like other tulips, this symbolizes perfect and deep love.

13. Echibeckia Summerina Brown

Coffee and chocolate are probably the best way to describe the color brown that these flowers grow in. They’re very similar to the Rudbeckia, there’s a good reason for this as they’re a hybrid of the Rudbeckia and the Echinacea.

By mixing these two it creates a beautiful flower that lasts longer and is bigger than its parents. As a hybrid, they are slightly more temperamental and will require a little bit of attention to ensure they bloom and last well.

14. Flowering Tobacco

Flowering Tobacco

Despite the name, the color of this flower resembles a smooth, rich, dark coffee and has an amazing fragrance to match the way it looks. The flower takes on a very traditional or stereotypical flower shape.

Plant this beauty in rich soil and it’ll bloom lovely and be low maintenance so you can enjoy the flower.

15. Chocolate Cosmos

coffee flowers

With a name like ‘Chocolate Cosmos,’ it’s very apparent what this color is going to look like, rich, and smooth being two of the first words that come to mind, and this is very comparable to the color that coffee can come in.

The flower is native to Mexico and has a wonderful chocolate scent to it. With it being described so wonderfully it’s only right that its symbolism is intense feelings of love.

16. Charlie Brown Orchid

Charlie Brown Orchid

As previously mentioned, orchids are definitely a fan favorite as they’re very pretty to look at and great for growing. Using a moist environment, you’ll get to see your orchid from late spring all the way till the end of summer.

This particular orchid definitely comes in a lighter color similar to a hazelnut color but is also very smooth with it. As previously mentioned, like other orchids this has the symbolism of love, luxury, beauty, and strength.

17. Cattleya Velutina

coffee flowers

This is another variation of the orchid, and despite it having a purple center, the surrounding petals are a very similar color to the classic americano. This flower is definitely one of the more unusual orchids and doesn’t really conform to the classic orchid appearance.

This one actually comes from Brazil and has super vibrant colors and fragrances. Again, this symbolizes the same virtues as the other orchids.

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18. Rudbeckia


These smooth light brown flowers that are very similar looking to sunflowers are perfect to add to a Boquete. Independence makes them perfect to grow as it means little attention and all of the enjoyment.

Rudbeckia’s grow in the summer and last until fall, making their vibrant colors very appropriate. These simply pretty flowers are native to North America and symbolize encouragement and motivation.

19. Anthurium Cocoa Tropical Flower

Dark, rich, and smooth are a few words that come to mind, this flower is similar to cocoa in looks and color. This flower could add an extratropical feel to your flower bed or home, whichever you prefer, as it has a long life in the home and garden.

This flower can grow and reach up to 12 inches and symbolizes kindness and love.

Final Thoughts

When thinking of the color of coffee, the immediate go will be the dark, rich color that comes with a standard black coffee. However, in today’s society, there are billions of coffee drinkers. There are loads of variations of how people are taking their coffees.

Some people go for much creamier, pale coffees with loads of sugary flavors, and others who are purely drinking it for the buzz will take it straight black as it comes.

So, when considering the colors of the flowers it’s important to know that it isn’t just one color of dark, rich brown that will be thought of, but a wide range of shades of brown.

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