15 Awesome Flowers That Start With K (Including Pictures)

For those that love the natural world, learning about flowers can be a fascinating pastime. Flowers brighten up our space and there are thousands of species, providing endless opportunities for learning. So, without further ado, let’s look at some popular flowers that start with K.

Learning about the health benefits of flowers and plants is a motivating factor to find out how we can use them for medical reasons. And there is certainly no denying that flowers make people happy, which is why they are a popular gift amongst friends and loved ones.

1. Kiss Me Not 

The kiss me not flower originated from China. It’s a fast-growing annual and itself seeds during the fall. Once planted, the flowers will return for many years. It can grow up to 7 feet (2 m) tall and 4 feet (1.22 m) wide (1.2M). 

The plant grows spiky, long clusters that hang down in shades of white and red. The plant grows extremely fast but doesn’t transport well, so it’s rare to find seedlings that you can germinate indoors.

If you do use seedlings, then they need to be stored in the fridge or sown directly into the ground. 

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2. Keli Flower (Cana Lilly) 

Keli flowers are tropical like perennials that produce large flowers similar to an Iris. They are super easy to grow and offer long-lasting displays in the garden. They come in bronze, green, and maroon depending on the variety. 

Typically, they grow as annuals in cool areas, but in the right environment they can return each year. They need full sun and well draining soil with plenty of organic rich fertilizer. 

3. King’s Mantle

The king’s mantle plant is an evergreen shrub originating from Africa; it now grows extensively in North America, South Africa and Europe. It thrives in moist conditions and can be found near water. It gets its name from its resemblance to a king’s crown. 

The plant grows around 6 feet (1.83 m) high and wide and produces stunning bright purple flowers. The foliage is also super attractive and works well as a hedge and is easy to manage. It grows fast and flowers all year but gives off the best blooms during the summer. 

4. Kyushu Meadow Rue

The Kyushu Meadow Rue is a herbaceous perennial that belongs to the buttercup family. They mainly grow in areas of Africa and South America. They produce small flowers that are yellow, purple, or green and grow in clusters. Furthermore, they flower from May-July

Flowers That Start With K

They have an ornamental appearance and work in a wild garden at home and look beautiful all year round.

Furthermore, they like moist soil and typically grow from 2 to 6 feet. You may need to stalk them when growing at home to reduce the risk of falling. Avoid over watering and plant seeds in spring or autumn. 

5. Kobus Magnolia

The Kobus Magnolia plant is part of the Magnoliaceae family. It is native to  Japan, Asia, and northeastern Asia. 

Flowers That Start With K

The plant is an evergreen shrub and has simple leaves that  are dark green and shiny above and gray color  below. It blooms during the spring with cute white flowers which are a slightly pinkish shade.

Magnolias are common garden plants as they produce attractive flowers and make a good ornamental plant for a stunning landscape. In addition, It is evergreen and can grow up to 32 feet (ca. 10 m) high  and 25 feet (ca. 8 m) wide.

6. Kiwi Flowers

Kiwi flowers are fast-growing vine plants that bloom during the spring and bear fruit during the summer. They have a dark fuzzy exterior. Hardy kiwis need a female and male plant to enable flowers to develop and produce subsequent fruit. 

Flowers That Start With K

If you plan on growing kiwi plants then it’s useful to research how to identify males and females, so you get it right 

7. Knautia Arvensis

This fragrant plant is a perennial that’s part of the honeysuckle family. It’s a wild flower and looks glorious when in full bloom with an array of pink flowers. The center is reminiscent of a pin cushion on top of tall wiry stems. 

Flowers That Start With K

The knautia arvensis looks amazing in a meadow of wildflowers and attracts wildlife such as bees and butterflies. It also looks great as a cut flower to brighten up a kitchen window sill or added to a bouquet. 

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8. Kolkwitzia

The Kolkwitzia amabilis, also known as a  Beauty Bush, is a  popular shrub that develops delicate white flowers during the summer months. It is related to the abelias and is very reliable and floriferous. 

Flowers That Start With K

Kolkwitzias are native to the forest regions of South America and do not thrive in  frosty conditions, so you should keep kolkwitzia in areas away from cold weather, such as in a  garden or courtyard. 

Kolkwitzias can be grown as a tree or bush and generally reach four meters tall, some even reaching 12 feet (3.66 m).

If left to its own devices they will spread, so bear this in mind when growing. This plant is ideal for growing on a bank in full sun, although it also grows well with some shade.

9. Kniphofia

Kniphofia is otherwise known as red-hot poker and is a  hardy perennial that grows in southern and eastern areas of Africa.

Flowers That Start With K

Kniphofia belongs to the Asphodelaceae family and is often found near river banks and on hillsides. They live a long life and are recognized by their distinctive blooms and stunning red color. They enjoy a long season, making them a favorite amongst garden enthusiasts.

Due to breeding they are also available in other colors such as pink, yellow, green, and orange. 

They are pretty easy to grow but should be placed in an area that receives full sun and well drained soil that won’t retain a huge amount of moisture. The smaller varieties are easier to grow, and they do well in containers and pots. 

10. King Protea 

This unique plant is a shrub similar to heather and used for ornamental purposes.

Flowers That Start With K

It’s native to South America and has been its national flower since the 70s. It’s upright and stout, producing attractive flowers that are white or pink.

Furthermore, it blooms from spring to early summer and grows 1 m tall and wide. 

King Protea makes a great container plant, but if planting outside make sure to position it in full sun and acidic well drained soil. They are pretty hardy plants and can handle moderate frosts but protect them from anything below 25-30 degrees F. 

11. Kangaroo Paw 

As you may have guessed, the kangaroo paw plant is native to Australia. The flower really does resemble a kangaroo’s paw and is an interesting flower to learn about and grow. 

Flowers That Start With K

The kangaroo paw is most commonly grown and used for cut flowers and is exported worldwide. Their size and color differ depending on variety, but typically they will be yellow, orange, red, or black.

When grown outdoors they will flower in the spring and summer, but indoors they can bloom all year round. 

The plants are pollinated by birds, so make a  great addition to the garden if you want to attract some flying visitors. 

12. Kalmia

Kalmias are evergreen shrubs that produce bushy and dense dark green leaves. They are native to North America and Cuba and are generally found in meadows, swamps, and woodlands. 

Flowers That Start With K

The leaves are leathery and they flower in large beautiful clusters with masses of pale pink flowers. The buds have a crinkled shape and open up in late spring to early summer. 

Kalmias go well with heather and should be grown in light, acidic soil in full sun. You should mulch each year with leaf mold for best results.  

13. Kaffir Lilly

The kaffir lily originates from South Africa and is from the Amaryllis family. They work very well in indoor gardens and tolerate shade and cool temperatures. In the spring, they produce clusters of large red flowers and an intense fragrance. 

Flowers That Start With K

Kaffir lilies are easy to grow both outside, in a garden, conservatory or house. The lilies can grow up to 18 inches, although they grow slowly and may take between 2 and 5 years to fully mature. 

The lilies flower in early spring, but they don’t last long, and you should take care of them carefully and with patience to ensure they mature enough to produce more blooms each year.

They are well worth it though because once established and in full bloom they parade a spectacular display of orange and yellow flowers that are shaped like a trumpet.

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A word of warning to all you feline lovers – kaffir lilies are poisonous to cats, so should be kept well out of reach. 

14. Kerria

The kerria is a spring flowering shrub and is ideal if you have a dark area of your backyard you want to brighten up.

Flowers That Start With K

The plant will grow anywhere and grow into tall, pretty stems from creeping roots. From mid-spring, glorious yellow flowers burst out and look gorgeous against the oval, bright green leaves.

You should grow kerria in well-drained but moist soil in partial shade or sun. Direct sunlight may bleach the color of the flowers, so is best avoided. They are easy to divide up and propagate for use the following summer

So there we have it, 14 flowers that begin with K. You can now impress your friends with your new-found knowledge.

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