65 Stunning Purple Flowers of Different Types (Including Pictures)

Do you have a penchant for flowers, or purple in general? Do you have a loved one who loves flowers, and want to give them the perfect gift in the form of a potted flower or bouquet?

Below, we have listed 65 flowers from around the world – perfect for adding to your garden or giving away as a gift.

There is close to 300,000 flowering plant species in the world. And it just so happens that many of them are purple!

65 Purple Flowers of Different Types

Purple is a color that represents royalty, luxury, and ambition, as well as peace, spirituality, and creativity. Purple flowers, in particular, can effortlessly make a garden or room look more elegant while inspiring a state of calmness and peace.

We love flowers, so this list is full of flowers of every different shade – with a purple orchid thrown in for good measure!

So, without further ado, here is a list of 65 flowers of different types, complete with a short informational description of each flower.

1. Allium

purple Allium

Allium is a flowering plant that resembles a dandelion, found in most regions of the world. 

2. Anemone

Purple Anemone

Anemones are part of the buttercup family, blooming in colors of red, white, and purple.

3. Aster

purple Aster

Aster flowers are a bright purple color with a yellow center, resembling daisies.

4. Balloon Flower

Purple Balloon Flower

Balloon flowers are native to East Asia, having star-shaped petals that are a deep purple.

5. Bellflower

Purple Bellflower

Bellflowers have trumpet-shaped flower heads that vary in light and dark shades of purple.

6. Blazing Star

Purple Blazing Star

Blazing stars, also known as dense blazing stars, are tall flowering plants with lilac petals.

7. Blue False Indigo

Blue False Indigo

Despite the name, blue false indigos are purple in color, native to Central and eastern North America.

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8. Blue-Eyed Grass

Blue-Eyed Grass

Blue-eyed grass flowers are a soft bluish purple, part of the large Iridaceae family.

9. Bluebeard

Purple Bluebeard

Bluebeards, also known as snow fairies and blue mist, are more purple than blue, despite their name!

10. Bluebonnet


Bluebonnets, named after the shape of their petals, are the state flower of Texas, boasting a dark color.

11. Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bush, sometimes called summer lilac, are purple ornamental flowers due to their cone-shaped flower heads.

12. Calibrachoa

Purple Calibrachoa

Calibrachoa flowers come in various colors, one of the most popular being the dark variety.

13. Candytuft

Purple Candytuft

Iberis, or candytufts as they are commonly called, are perennial flowers that can bloom white, pink, or purple.

14. Canterbury Bells

Canterbury Bells

Canterbury bells are popular decorative trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in various shades of purple (as well as pink and white).

15. Catmint


Catmint, or nepeta, is a flowering plant that resembles lavender in appearance and color.

16. Chicory


Chicory flowers are a bluish purple, part of the Asteraceae family of daisies.

17. Clematis


Clematis, sometimes called leather flower, are eye-catching flowers that have either bright pink or purple petals.

18. Columbine


Columbine flowers are unique-looking, having pink or purple petals surrounding a white flower head.

19. Cornflower


Cornflowers have royal blue petals with a purple hue, also called bachelor’s button.

20. Cosmos


Cosmos flowers are part of the sunflower family, blooming in white, pink, and light purple.

21. Crocus


Crocus is a species of autumn-blooming perennials that have beautiful dark lilac petals.

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22. Cyclamen


Cyclamen, part of the Primulaceae family, are flowering plants with cup-shaped pink and purple petals.

23. Delphinium


Delphinium, sometimes called larkspur, are tall flowering plants that bloom in pink, blue, or purple.

24. Dwarf Iris

Dwarf Iris

Iris pumila, or dwarf iris, is a hybrid flower with outspread violet petals.

25. Early Purple Orchid

Early Purple Orchid

Early purple orchids are popular decorative orchids due to their deep pink and purple colored flowers. 

26. Flax Flower

Flax Flower

Flax flowers are light blue in color with a subtle violet hue, blooming from spring to fall.

27. Foxgloves


Foxgloves are a species of 20 trumpet-shaped flowering plants that bloom in white, pink, or purple. 

28. Fuchsia


Fuchsias are popular hanging plants that have vibrant colors of dark pink, dark purple, and red.

29. Gladiolus


Gladiolus, also called sword lily, are part of the Iris family, having white, orange, pink, red, or purple flowers.

30. Globe Thistle

Globe Thistle

Globe thistles resemble dandelions in appearance, with spiky violet flower heads.

31. Harvestbells


Harvestbells, also called soapwort gentian, are bottle-shaped flowers with bluish purple petals.

32. Heliotrope


Heliotropes have a bold purple or lilac color, part of the Boraginaceae family.

33. Hellebores


Hellebores bloom in a sophisticated, faded purple color, in addition to pink and white.

34. Honesty


Lunaria annua, better known as annual honesty, are flowering plants with deep pink and purple petals.

35. Hyacinth


Hyacinths are eye-catching and fragrant with white, pink, or dark purple flowers.

36. Hydrangea


Hydrangeas are native to Asia and America, typically pink, blue, or purple in color.

37. Jacaranda


Although a tree, jacarandas have beautiful lilac flowers that bloom each spring. 

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38. Lavender


Lavender is a well-known purple flowering plant with a distinctive scent.

39. Lilacs


Lilacs make beautiful floral gifts, having a bouquet-like appearance of purple and pink flowers. 

40. Lily Of The Nile

Lily of the Nile

Lily of the Nile, also known as agapanthus and African lily, is bluish purple in color with starfish-shaped petals.

41. Lisianthus


Lisianthis, also eustoma and prairie gentian, are flowering plants with either white, pink, or purple rosette flower heads. 

42. Lobelia


Lobelias are dark purple flowering plants, partial to tropical and warm regions.

43. Love In A Mist

Love in a Mist

Nigella damascus, better known as love in a mist, are recognizable by their jagged white, pink, and blueish purple flowers.

44. Lungwort


Lungworts are known for their medicinal properties, having pink, blue, or purple flowers.

45. Monkshood


Monkshood flowers, also called aconite and wolf’s bane, get their name from their deep purple hood-shaped petals.

46. Morning Glory

purple flowers

Morning glory are brightly colored flowering plants with circular pink, red, blue, or purple petals.

47. Oxford Blue

purple flowers

Oxford blue flowers have spiky flowering heads that are dark lilac in color, despite the name of the flower.

48. Passionflower

purple flowers

Purple passionflowers have mesmerizing flower heads, native to South America and the United States.

49. Perennial Geranium

purple flowers

Perennial geraniums bloom in pink or purple (mostly purple) from early spring to mid-summer, native to eastern North America.

50. Petunia

purple flowers

Petunias, native to South America, are small flowering plants that bloom in white, pink, red, and purple, sometimes with a mixture of these colors. 

51. Phlox

purple flowers

Phlox flowers are popular flowers among florists (used in floral garden displays), having bright white, pink, red, or purple petals.

52. Pincushions

purple flowers

Scabiosa, better known as pincushion, are flowering plants distinguishable by their unique white, orange, pink, or purple flower heads.

53. Purple Pansy

purple flowers

Pansies are some of the most popular flowers around the world, having petals that bloom in white, yellow, orange, burgundy, and purple.

54. Rhododendron

purple flowers

Rhododendrons have more than 1000 species, native to Asia, famous for their elegant pink, red, and purple flowers.

55. Sage

purple flowers

Salvia officinalis, also known as sage, is a flowering plant that is also popular for its scent and herbaceous properties. 

56. Sea Holly

purple flowers

Sea holly flowers are spiky in appearance with a bluish purple color, native to South America with around 250 species.

57. Sweet Alyssum

purple flowers

Sweet alyssum (lobularia maritima) gets its name from its fragrant scent, blooming with white, pink, or purple flowers.

58. Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Lathyrus odoratus, better known by its nickname sweet pea, is a flower native to Italy with bright white, pink, red, or purple petals.

59. Sweet William

purple flowers

Dianthus barbatus, commonly called sweet William, is a flower with distinct red or pinkish purple flowers.

60. Verbena

purple flowers

Verbenas are light purple (and pink) flowers consisting of around 150 species.

61. Veronica Umbrosa

purple flowers

Veronica umbrosa, also called Georgia blue, shares a resemblance to poppies but with purple petals.

62. Violas

purple flowers

Viola, or violets, are small vibrant flowers that can be white, yellow, or purple in color.

63. Wishbone

purple flowers

Torenia fournieri, nicknamed wishbone flower, has uniquely shaped yellow, pink, or purple petals.

64. Wisteria

purple flowers

Wisterias are purple hanging decorative flowers of the Fabaceae family, native to Asia.

65. Zinnia

purple flowers

Zinnia is a flowering plant with neat rosette-shaped flower heads in yellow, pink, red, and purple.


You made it this far, so you must love purple flowers as much as we do! There are more flowers out there, but this list includes 65 of the most popular purple flowers that are perfect to add to your garden or give as a gift to a loved one.

They have the ability to make any room or garden bed look more elegant, while inspiring a sense of calmness and creativity. So, from this list, we hope you found a flower (or two) that caught your eye, while learning a few new ones along the way.

Before you go, make sure to save (bookmark) this list for future reference! After all, you never know when you might want to add another delightful flower to your garden, room, or windowsill.