15 Different Fruits That Start With N (Including Photos)

We are blessed with a world full of incredible fruit varying from the sweet and elegant to the weird and wonderful. We can enjoy fruit as a quick snack, to improve our health, in the culinary process, and in a range of different cosmetic products. In this blog we have put together a list of fruits that start with the letter N. This will make it easier for you to improve your knowledge and hopefully lead to you trying something new. 

However, with there being thousands upon thousands of different fruits from every corner of the earth, how can we possibly put them all into one list that we can learn from? 

If you want to broaden your knowledge in regards to fruit from around the world we have the answer for you. The easiest way to list fruits of the world is to simply go from A to Z.

Without further ado let’s take a look at the list. 

1. Nectarines

15 Different Fruits That Start With N (Including Photos)

We’ll start our list with the most recognizable fruit that starts with the letter N. Nectarines are essentially peaches but with a softer, smoother outer skin. They even taste like peaches, though some people claim they are even sweeter with a more aromatic flavor.

This fruit can be eaten on its own as a snack or in some amazingly delicious jams or fruit tarts. Rich in vitamins they also offer weight loss and skin health benefits. 

2. Naartjie


Naartjie is an excellent citrus fruit to snack on. Named after a Japanese province, the naartjie fruit actually originated in China and is now grown in South Africa.

A relative of the orange, it is also known as a satsuma in England. This typically seedless fruit has a bright orange leathery rind and a soft, delicate inner flesh that is easily squashed.

Naartjie offers a unique sweet taste, leaving a strange acidic smell on your hands after eating. 

3. Nuts


It may seem like we’re cheating with this one but many nuts are actually fruits. In fact, almost all nuts – aside from peanuts – are either the seeds of a fruit or a fruit in their own right. So as strange as it may seem, every time you’re tucking into a big handful of nuts you are most likely eating a fruit.

Nuts vary in shape and size but they usually have the same savory, salty taste and a smooth texture. They typically sit in a small rough shell that must be cracked first.

As an extra bit of information for you here, did you know peanuts aren’t even nuts? They are actually legumes much closely related to peas and beans.

4. Nam Dok Mai

Nam Dok Mai

Nam Dok Mai is a fruit not commonly found in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a type of mango that is similar in appearance and taste to the typical mangoes you will find in your local store.

Oval in shape, this mango has a soft dark yellow flesh that is beautifully sweet. Simply remove the soft skin to use the fruits in a variety of Asian dishes.

If you just want a juicy snack, you can eat Nam Dok Mai with or without the skin.

5. Nonda Plum

Nonda Plum

Native to Australia and New Guinea the nonda plum is edible but most people don’t like their taste. Most compare the taste to that of baked potatoes, which we must say we really don’t like the sound of.

With its oval shape and yellowy-orange color, you would expect the fruit to be juicy and sweet so for it to have an odd savory flavor is very disappointing. Other than having the same health benefits as other fruits we can’t think of a very good reason why you would want to use this fruit. 

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6. Nutmeg


Most of you will recognize nutmeg as a spice you put in a variety of pies, however, the nutmeg tree also produces a green apricot-looking fruit that can be used to make tasty jams or even sweet candy. 

Navel Oranges

Navel oranges are easily one of the most popular oranges in the world, a close second to the mandarin orange. However, they are the most used fruit in the U.S.

The navel orange has a very distinctive appearance. They are bright orange in color and round in shape, with a small spot on the bottom that looks like the human navel, hence the name navel orange.

They are juicy, seedless, and easy to peel. What’s not to like? The sweet taste of the navel orange is perfect for a quick juicy snack.

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8. Nashi Pear

Nashi Pear

Also known as the Japanese pear or Korean pear, the nashi pear is the most common type of pear in Asia.

Though they are a relative of the pear family, they look quite different. The nashi pear is more round in shape, with a light brown color that usually also has some darker spots.

They are becoming vastly more popular in the United States thanks to their high mineral content and presence of important vitamins. In regards to texture and taste, the nashi fruit is nice and juicy with a beautiful crunch. 

9. Nagami Kumquat

15 Different Fruits That Start With N (Including Photos)

Bright orange in color, oblong in shape, and with a tangy taste the nagami kumquat is an orange-like fruit native to most parts of Southeast Asia. Even the rind on this fruit is incredibly sweet and tasty which is why many people eat them whole.

They are hugely popular around Asia but they can also be found in the United States. Nagami kumquat makes a delicious ice cream or chutney so why not give it a try.

10. Naranjilla

15 Different Fruits That Start With N (Including Photos)

Difficult to grow, the naranjilla is an exotic plant that produces vibrant green, yellow, and orange fruit. It has the shape of orange but features a more unique stalk that points out of the top. The yellow and green flesh inside the fruit is separated by membranous walls.

The flavor of the naranjilla is intense and powerful so many people cut the fruit in half and squeeze the juice out directly into their mouths. The flavor is described as tangy and citrusy. It is almost as though pineapple and lemon flavors have been put into one fruit.

When sugar is added this fruit makes a fantastic refreshing drink.

11. Nepali Hog Plum

15 Different Fruits That Start With N (Including Photos)

Nepali hog plum or lapsi is a green and yellow fruit that varies in size. Looking like a mango this fruit is known to have a sour taste that can actually fight lower back pain.

Originating in Nepal (you probably guessed that) the hog plum is typically eaten raw on its own or used to make dried fruit nuggets. 

12. Northern Spy Apple

15 Different Fruits That Start With N (Including Photos)

Northern Spy Apples are an American variety of apples that were first cultivated in the 1800s. They are a large, round winter variety of apples coming with multicolored skins that are usually red, green, and yellow.

Relatively crispy on the outside, they have a much softer and tender inner flesh. The pleasurable taste of this type of apple is surprisingly tart. In fact, it tastes more like a pear. Thanks to its tart taste this type of apple is regularly used to make apple cider.

13. Nocera


Nocera is an Italian grape used to produce wine. The grape’s strong sharp taste makes them better suited to the production of wines that have a more acidic taste.

Sadly, this dark red grape is prone to disease so it can be quite hard to come by at times. 

14. Nance Fruit

15 Different Fruits That Start With N (Including Photos)

Native to Southern and Central America the nance fruit is also known by the name hogberries. They are about the same shape and size as cherries, but a rich yellow in color. You can also find a red variety of this fruit in Mexico and Costa Rica.

The nance fruits can be eaten cooked or raw with many people enjoying them as a snack or in a fruit smoothie. The unique cheesy fruity taste takes some getting used to but the fruit does come with a variety of health benefits that make it worth it.

15. Neem

15 Different Fruits That Start With N (Including Photos)

This Indian fruit has a similar story to the tomato. Though it’s classed as a fruit it has more uses in the culinary world as a vegetable. Outside of the culinary world, this fruit is also used in medicine and as a natural pest control product.

The neem fruit has the appearance of a green cherry tomato. They are small and oval in size but have a slightly tougher exterior. In the kitchen, neem is usually dry roasted and used as a garnish or used as an ingredient in rice and lentil dishes. 

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Final Thoughts

As you can see from our list there is actually quite a surprising amount of fruits that start with the letter N. These fruits from all around the world all have unique characteristics and qualities that make them interesting.

Some of the fruits on this list are absolutely wonderful and delicious, while others look and taste strange and unsatisfying. 

The fruits on this list also vary in the way they can be used. Some fruits are perfect for a quick tasty snack, others are better for use as an ingredient when cooking. Some fruits are good for providing a health boost, and others can even be used as a natural way to kill pests. 

Now you have our list of fruits that start with the letter N, what’s your next step?

You could take a look at other letters in the alphabet to see what fruits start with those or you could start trying some of the fruits on this list.

Why not see if you can get hold of some of the fruits and see what you think? Who knows you might even find your next favorite fruity snack.

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