15 Fantastic Fruits That Start With F (Including Pictures)

We marvel at the variety of fruits across the globe. From their exceptional beauty and expansive flavor, it’s fair to say this world would be dim without its natural variety. So, what better way to kick things off than to explore fruits that start with F. 

15 Fantastic Fruits That Start With F (Including Pictures)

What better way to celebrate the range of fruits out there than to explore the variety and what they each have to offer.

1. Fuji Apple 

Fuji Apple Fruits that Start with F

The Fuji apple is a genetically modified apple that was cultivated in Japan. It is different from other apples in that it has a significantly longer shelf life.

The Fuji apple is characterized as a cross between the Red Delicious and the old Virginia Ralls Janet apple. The Fuji apple is widely cultivated and stands to be particularly popular in the US.

The apple represents the appearance of the common apple which consists of a typical round shape and pink-red and yellow-green skin. The Fuji apple is considered to be a particularly tasty apple with sweet, crisp, and juicy flesh. 

2. Fairchild Tangerine 

Fairchild Tangerine 

The Fairchild tangerine is characterized as a cross between the citrus hybrids, the clementine mandarin, and the Orlando tangelo, both of which are popular citrus fruits.

The Fairchild tangerine consists of a similar appearance to other tangerine fruits as it has a deep, rich orange skin.

Like a clementine, it consists of sweet and juicy pulp. Fairchild tangerines can be recognized for their unique and delicious flavor, however, they are considered to be difficult to peel and are commonly found with their stem and leaves attached. 

3. False Mastic Fruit 

False Mastic Fruit 

The false mastic fruit is characterized as a flowering plant that is native to several regions including Florida, northern Central America, and the Caribbean.

False mastic fruits have a berry-like appearance. The fruits often possess a cherry-pink and sometimes dark-purple skin that changes to a yellow-orange color when ripe.

This unique fruit consists of a distinctive gummy pulp.

Though tasty to eat, the false mastic tree is most recognized for its odd scent as its flowers are said to smell like cheese. 

4. Feijoa 

Feijoa Fruits that Start with F

Feijoa fruit comes from the feijoa sellowiana that is native to southern Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Colombia, and Uruguay.

The flowering feijoa plant can commonly be found growing in highland areas. It is classified as a member of the myrtle family which includes plants such as eucalyptus and guava.

The feijoa plant is often grown as an ornamental plant and is widely cultivated for its beautiful floral aroma and delicious feijoa fruit.

The feijoa fruit is said to have a floral and tropical flavor that consists of hints of mint, pineapple, and a guava texture. The fruit’s pulp is also similar to guava.

5. Fig 

Fig Fruits that Start with F

The fig is a widely cultivated fruit recognized for its rich flavor and texture.

Commonly grown as an ornamental plant with its unique leaves and deep purple fruit. The fig is one of the most popular edible fruits for its sweet, honey-like flavor and bitty texture.

Though native to the Mediterranean and Asia, the fig is grown all around the world with over 800 fig species available, each with a unique appearance, taste, and scent. Figs are commonly used for culinary purposes and they are often eaten fresh, used as an ingredient, and dried.

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6. Florida Strangler Fig 

The Florida strangler fig is a unique species of fig as it differs from the image most associated with the fig which is a pear-shaped, deep-purple fruit. The Florida strangler fig, also known as the golden fig, consists of a deep orange-gold fig.

The Florida strangler fig is native to the United States, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

Known as the strangler fig, the plant is known to germinate in the canopy of a host tree and begin to grow. As it grows, it strangles the host tree and continues to grow until its roots reach the ground. 

7. Fascell Mango

Fascell Mango

The Fascell mango is a delicious cultivated mango that is recognized for its distinctive sweet flavor and originates from South Florida. This fruit is known for its abundant sweetness that consists of hints for rose, peach, and slight citrus notes.

Not only do they taste sweet, but they also produce an incredibly sweet and floral scent and they consist of a rose-blush skin and a vibrant orange flesh.

The Fascell mango is classified as a hybrid between the Haden mango and the Brooks mango. Though not widely cultivated internationally, the Fascell mango is popularly grown commercially in Florida. 

8. Finger Lime 

Finger Lime Fruits that Start with F

The finger lime, scientifically known as Citrus australasica and also commonly known as the caviar lime as it consists of a distinctive caviar-like pearled pulp.

Native to Australia, this unique fruit has a similar shape to a small cucumber but possesses the skin of lime.

However, what really stands out about this unique fruit is its remarkable pearl-drop chewy pulp that contains a significant tangy flavor.

The finger lime is commonly used for culinary purposes and is considered to be a popular bush fruit that’s used for making things like marmalade.

Due to its unique flavor and appearance, finger lime is widely cultivated across Australia. 

9. Fe’i Banana 

The fe’i banana consists of a distinctive appearance with their bold orange, yellow skin that looks a little like an overripe banana and orange flesh.

The fe’i banana is characterized as a combination between a banana and plantain as they are commonly cooked as they offer a sweet flavor and soft creamy texture.

The fe’i banana is classified as a cultivated fruit. They can be found growing on islands in the Pacific where they are considered a staple food and have long been used as ceremonial food. Though delicious, the fe’i banana isn’t commercially cultivated. 

10. Forest Strawberries 

Forest Strawberries 

Scientifically known as Fragaria vesca, the forest strawberry is a member of the rose family and is presented as a rugged strawberry. The forest strawberry can commonly be found growing naturally in areas of the Northern Hemisphere.

The fruit consists of a sweet and floral strawberry flavor but is considered to be smaller in size and consists of protruding seeds. Forest strawberries can be found growing naturally in areas such as hillsides, meadows, and woodland. 

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11. Flatwood Plum 

Flatwood Plum 

The flatwood plum, also known as the hog plum, was historically used to feed livestock. This plum species is one of the most common plum species that is native to the United States.

The flatwood plum is recognized for its sweet, bitter flavor. This type of plum is often used for culinary purposes due to its distinctive flavor. It is also commonly grown as an ornamental plant as it produces beautiful white blooms.

12. Fox Grape 

Fox Grape

The fox grape, scientifically known as the Vitis labrusca, is a species of grapevine that is native to North America.

The fox grape consists of a distinctive bright purple grape that possesses significantly thin skin. Known as a slip-skin, the skin of the grape can be delicately squeezed off without the pulp crushing.

The fox grape offers a uniquely sweet flavor and earthy aroma that makes it great for using to make wine.

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13. Five Flavour Berry 

Five Flavour Berry 

Scientifically known as Schisandra Chinensis, the five flavor berry, also known as the magnolia berry is native to Northern China, Russia and Korea. The berry can commonly be found in forest areas.

Coming from the magnolia vine, the five flavor berry produces a strong, floral scent.

It also gets its name from its distinctive flavor that contains hints of sweetness, saltiness, sourness, spiciness, and bitterness. This unique blend of flavors is what makes these berries so popular for culinary purposes.

The berry is considered to be highly nutritious and is said to have great health benefits. 

14. Florida Cherry 

Florida Cherry 

The Florida Cherry is a botanical berry with a distinctive appearance of a wedged shape that looks somewhat like a tiny pumpkin.

These unique berries can often be found in the color of cayenne pepper with variations of orange, bright red, and deep red.

The edible fruit is native to South America and is widely cultivated for its edible fruit but also for ornamental purposes. The cherry is often used for culinary purposes for making jams.

It is also frequently used for its high nutritional value as it is rich in vitamin C.

15. Farkleberry 


The Farkleberry. Also scientifically known as Vaccinium arboreum, is a member of the heath family which includes members such as cranberries and blueberries. The farkleberry is similar in appearance to a blueberry.

Though commonly grown for ornamental purposes, the farkleberry is inedible to humans. It is, however, a popular fruit that is widely consumed by local wildlife such as birds and mammals.

The farkleberry consists of a dark-blue shade and can be distinguished by its thin, glossy skin and the thick leathery leaves of the plant. 

Final Thoughts

Fruits starting with F stand to have a lot to offer, bringing us joy in many different ways. From the farkleberry, which we can’t actually eat but can admire, to the five flavor berry which offers an explosion of flavors. 

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