16 Different Fruits That Start With O (Including Photos)

With a whole world of exotic fruits and other plants out there that most people have never heard of, it can be worth doing some internet exploration and discovering more about the natural world. In this article we have listed different fruits that start with O.

That’s why we’ve gone out and compiled this list of some fruits that all share the same initial: O.

Yes, we’re going to go over everything in this article from the humble orange to the mysterious olallieberry.

Stick around to learn some fun facts about the fruits of the world!

1. Orange

 Fruits That Start With O

Probably the first thing that comes to most peoples’ minds when you mention O-fruits, the orange is a staple of all kinds of cultural cuisines across the globe.

This roughly tennis-ball-sized fruit boasts a wonderful citrusy flavor and juicy texture that makes it a go-to snack for pretty much everyone.

Its versatility means it tastes just as good when blitzed up into a smoothie, crushed into a natural fruit juice, or diced up and sprinkled over some granola.

What’s not to love?

2. Olive

Olive Fruits that Start with O

Another very well-known O-fruit in the US, the olive is frequently confused for being a vegetable.

Because they are formed from the ovary of an olive flower and bear their own seeds at full growth, they are technically considered fruits.

You won’t find many olives in fruit salads or other sweet dishes like most fruits but they work fantastically well in things like pizzas and pasta dishes.

You can get them in green or black but there are actually thousands of different varieties of olives, most of which you’ve probably never heard of!

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3. Oval Kumquat Fruit

Oval Kumquat Fruits that Start with O

This small orange fruit is native mainly to Southern China but its tree branches are commonly used in Christmas decorations in the US.

The fruit itself has a chewy, sweet rind with softer flesh that has a distinctly tangy flavor.

However, this does mean that, unlike some fruits, you can eat the entirety of the kumquat fruit, leaving nothing to waste!

Interestingly, American farmers have produced hybrids of this fruit with other citrus fruits like mandarin oranges and limes.

4. Opal Apple

Opal Apple

This particular breed of apple was created as a hybrid between the golden delicious and topaz varieties.

Originally developed in Prague in 1999, the fruit boasts a characteristically sweet and floral flavor.

However, there’s something unique about the gorgeous crunchiness of the apple, making it great for eating on its own, as a light snack.

Since its introduction to the world, this apple has been cultivated in plenty of different European countries, including Austria, Italy, and France.

5. Ozark Beauty Strawberry

Ozark Beauty Strawberry

The mere mention of this fruit’s name is enough to get most people a little interested in what it has to offer.

The plant was originally developed in Arkansas and is fantastic for farmers, thanks to the range of conditions in which it can grow.

In fact, the Ozark beauty strawberry can withstand winter temperatures as low as -30°F and will grow all year round!

These strawberries are plump, juicy, and bursting with flavor, making them a favorite among consumers as well as farmers.

Some people are put off by the sometimes unusual shape of the fruit but there’s no question that it tastes wonderful!

6. Okra

Okra Fruits that Start with O

This is another controversial inclusion on our list. Much like the olive, many people believe this to be a vegetable but it is, indeed, a fruit.

It grows as a long, green pod that houses a bunch of seeds and every part of the fruit is edible.

Much like the olive, you also won’t find okra in a lot of sweet dishes like other fruits but it makes a wonderful addition to soups and stews, as well as any other kind of vegetable-based dish you might be cooking up.

We know it’s confusing but you can pretty much treat okra as if it were a vegetable anyway!

7. Orlando Tangelo

Orlando Tangelo Fruits that Start with O

This fruit can be considered a cross between a mandarin orange or a grapefruit.

It has very similar qualities to a regular orange, including its sweet, citrusy flavor and bright color.

It is a little harder to peel than oranges and other similar fruits, which is part of the reason you don’t see it grown or sold that frequently in the US.

However, once you get inside, you’ll be rewarded with a sharp citrus flavor and plenty of vitamin C to keep you healthy.

8. Opal Plum

Opal Plum

This is one of the most popular varieties of plums that you’ll find in Europe, with special popularity in the UK.

They provide a gorgeously tangy flavor to those who consume them and many consider them to be the best version of the humble plum that exists.

One of the reasons they’re so popular is that they’re incredibly easy to grow in a variety of conditions and are often available to purchase all year round.

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9. O’Henry Peach

O’Henry Peach

The O’Henry peach is a variety of the well-known peach fruit that is freestone, meaning the pit of the fruit is very easy to remove.

As well as being convenient to eat by hand, the O’Henry peach is pretty tasty, boasting unique essences of vanilla and citrus in their flavor.

They’re often considered a great choice for home gardens as they can grow quite comfortably in a variety of conditions, with minimal care and attention required.

10. Oroblanco Grapefruit

Oroblanco Grapefruit

This fruit is a natural cross between a white-fleshed grapefruit and a pomelo and was originally cultivated in California in the 20th century.

They have a distinctly sour flavor that can prove too much for some but others can’t get enough.

Not to mention, they’re super easy to peel and eat by hand, have a fantastic aroma, and contain plenty of anti-inflammatory properties.

These grapefruits feature frequently on exotic cocktail menus, offering drinkers a chance to try out some new fruits they may never have encountered before.

11. Orient Pear

Orient Pear Fruits that Start with O

The orient pear is a unique crossbreed between an Asian pear and a European pear.

They are pretty convenient to grow, not taking too long for a tree to form before fruits start appearing on its branches.

Similarly, the tree is pretty resistant to disease and intervention from wildlife, as well as producing very large fruits, making it a farmer’s favorite.

They have the same distinctly sweet flavor of a common pear but are also considered to be slightly milder.

12. Orangelo


The orangelo fruit is a hybrid of a grapefruit and an orange, two of the most popular citrus fruits in the world.

With that fantastic combination, it’s no wonder the orangelo is so highly regarded by some as the best citrus fruit out there.

It hasn’t been around long and is believed to have originated in Puerto Rico, though the exact origin is not decidedly known.

You can eat an orangelo fruit with a spoon, just like you would a grapefruit but are very easy to peel and can also be eaten like a normal orange.

13. Ogallala Strawberry

Ogallala Strawberry

Another strawberry variety for our list, the Ogallala is a perennial plant that was pretty much designed to be delicious!

Each of the berries on this plant will be wonderfully sweet and have a firm, satisfying texture to bite down into.

Not to mention, the fruits grow all year round, making it easier than ever for consumers to get their fix of strawberry goodness in every season.

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14. Osteen Mango

Osteen Mango

This mango, which was originally cultivated in Florida in 1935, can be grown in a variety of colors and have a unique shape that distinguishes it from other varieties of mangoes.

They are said to have a slightly muted flavor but will still have the same sweetness and tanginess as a regular mango.

Not to mention, they are very easy to grow, even in somewhat undesirable conditions, meaning they are favored by farmers around the world.

15. Ogeechee Lime

Ogeechee Lime

Sometimes referred to as a river lime, this fruit grows on trees that mainly adorn the sides of rivers in the Southern United States.

It has a very acidic flavor that, much like regular limes, makes it pretty tough to eat on its own.

That’s why most people favor using its juice in recipes or to turn into a jam or jelly.

It grows fairly rarely throughout the world but in terms of its conservation status, it poses little concern of extinction.

16. Olallieberry


The final fruit we’re looking at in this article is the bizarrely named olallieberry.

In terms of appearance, you’d be forgiven for confusing this fruit with a blackberry, but the olallieberry is usually slightly longer.

They work in pretty much the same way as regular blackberries though, featuring in plenty of pies and tarts by those fortunate enough to have them growing nearby.

However, because of their similarity to blackberries, these babies will work just as well as an individual snack!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve learned a thing or two here about some fruits that are probably new to you.

Unfortunately, it will be pretty tough to get your hands on all of the fruits we’ve listed in this article but that definitely shouldn’t stop you from trying to taste them all at some point in your life!

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