The Best July Birth Flowers (With Pictures)

July Birth Flower, regarded as symbols from love to loss and happiness to sorrow, represent different connotations. There will always be July Birth Flowers, regardless of the month you were born.

July Birth Flowers

Understanding more about birth flowers and the meaning behind them can make it easier when giving someone flowers on their birthday.

You may also find that these flowers signify certain characteristics and personality traits that fit someone you know. Therefore, you can pick and choose what flowers suit people perfectly.

July’s birth flowers are very special. Whether it’s your birthday or someone close to you, receiving or giving these flowers as gifts can be wonderful.

In today’s article, we will be discussing July’s birth flowers and the meaning behind them.

As you would expect for the month of July, both blooms add a wonderful splash of color to any floral arrangement and act as unforgettable gifs for those you love.

What Are The Birth Flowers Of July?  

As with all months, July has two birth flowers. These are:

  • Larkspur
  • Water Lily

Both of these flowers hold unique meanings and symbolize different feelings.

Unsurprisingly, larkspur and water lily plants are very popular during the summer months and their appearance immediately brings a sense of joy and happiness to everyone.

1. Larkspur 

Larkspurs boast a wide range of vivid and bright colors such as purple, indigo, and pink. The pink variety of this flower symbolizes fickleness whereas white larkspur tends to symbolize happiness. 


Frequently confused with delphiniums because of their similar appearances.

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And, while both flowers are members of the buttercup family, also known as Ranunculaceae, larkspurs are annuals rather than perennials which means they need replanting every year to grow. Larkspurs also sport more delicate hues of pink, lavender, and white while delphiniums have larger blooms with deeper hues of blue, purple, yellow, red, as well as white. 

Originating from England as many believed, larkspurs refer to the flower’s horn-shaped nectar. This resembles the spur of a small songbird’s claw.

Tall and showy, larkspur flowers are undoubtedly beautiful and a welcome sight in most backyards. The vibrant petals fuse together and form this iconic spur.

Although North America found larkspur as a popular garden plant, it is likewise natural to many European regions. 

Larkspur Meanings And Symbolism 

In general, larkspur symbolizes love, joy, and positivity. However, there are slightly different connotations with the different colors of the plant.

For instance, pink larkspur represents fickleness, white blossoms signify a happy-go-lucky nature and someone who loves to be free, while the purple variety symbolizes first love and a sweet disposition.

Overall, larkspur symbolizes an open heart. Associated with romantic feelings, they are often sent to partners or from secret admirers. 

Because the different colors all have varying symbolic meanings, it is essential that you are very careful when creating a bouquet including larkspur.

If you make a mistake, you could send someone the wrong message and have a lot of explaining to do afterward. 

2. Water Lily 

Another July birth flower is the water lily. These are unique lotus-like flowers and are exquisitely striking to look at.

Water Lily 

These water dwellers sport very colorful flowers as well as beautiful, vast leaves that sit below the flowers like dinner plates.

Their roots found in the mud below, water lilies are most visible to the surface of the water.

They also come in a range of colors from pinks, reds, and yellows, to whites and pastel oranges.

As well as these, there are also ‘changeable’ water lilies. These blooms actually change the color of their flowers and become any variation of the pastel hues. 

You will usually find water lilies floating serenely on top of bodies of water from May until early September.

While you may visit an area with water lilies on a regular basis during these months, you will have to time it right to enjoy the beautiful colors of the flowers.

This is because water lily flowers only last for around four days until they settle under the water. This is what makes these flowers so unique and extremely beautiful. 

Adopted by some countries as their national flower, the water lily family also known as Nymphaeaceae is common in tropical and temperate climates.

For instance, Bangladesh views white water lilies as its national flower while the blue water lily is Sri Lanka’s. 

Interestingly, water lilies that are native to the United Kingdom are some of the most exotic in the world and are very hardy. They can flower for six months a year and can cover up to nine square meters of water.

However, there are also some miniature species that you can grow in small bowls. You may have seen these on tabletops or as a water feature on some balconies. 

Water Lily Meanings And Symbolism 

In general, water lilies are believed to represent celebration, hope, fertility, peace, innocence, purity, pleasure, and overall wellness.

July Birth Flowers

Of course, different cultures vary with their ideas of symbolism behind this flower but it is widely regarded as being associated with enlightenment and rebirth. 

When you first think of a water lily, you may automatically think of an elegant white flower lying atop a still, gentle body of water. This is mainly down to the flower’s use in famous paintings by artists such as Monet.

Quite fittingly with these images, water lilies feature tender, fragrant petals which are considered an image of pleasure, peace, and purity. 

Nymphaea water lilies perfectly symbolize innocence, pleasure, purity, celebration, hope, fertility, wellness, peace, and rebirth. Travel through history and white lilies have been associated with gods and spirituality time and time again. 

Water lilies have been cultivated as ornamental plants for over three thousand years with evidence showing the ancient Egyptians were fans of the plant.

Throughout the ages, water lilies have been symbols of delight and happiness. The pure white flowers burst forward in the springtime and become a symbol of purity and, therefore, the rebirth of nature’s continuous cycle. 

The blue water lily is regarded as the ‘flower of love.’ Egyptian culture celebrated the blue lotus as a symbol of sexuality and gender with many ancient paintings of the time showing naked women holding a blue water lily bud.

It is believed that this is linked with a woman’s ability to give birth and create new life. 

In Summary 

In the northern hemisphere, July is often one of the hottest and driest months of the year. This time of year is when nature is in full swing and everything is alive and well.

The birth flowers of this month signify just this with larkspur being a symbol for happiness, freedom, and love while the water lily represents rebirth, peace, pleasure, and celebration.

Either of these flowers would be wonderful gifts for someone you cherish in your life. 

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