The Best November Birth Flowers (With Pictures)

The month of our birth holds special meaning. For some, it’s tied to our zodiac sign or birthstone, while for others, like those born in November, it’s about their November Birth Flowers.

November Birth Flowers

With zodiac signs and birthstones increasingly becoming common knowledge, can the same be said for birth flowers? 

Many of us consider ourselves as embodying the characteristics and personality traits associated with our zodiac sign, but we rarely consider the meaning of our birth flower. 

Every month is associated with a special and unique birth flower that holds significant meaning in the same way that a birthstone does.

November is commonly associated with symbols of scorpions and the trusty bow and arrow. But what about the November birth flower? This post will explore the birth flowers of November in all their forms. 

Birth Flowers

The official birth flower for November is the chrysanthemum, scientifically known as Chrysanthemum Indicum.

This simple yet vibrant flower depicts what many of us draw as young children with even petals and bright, bold colors.

The chrysanthemum stands to be one of the most popular plant varieties and one of the most commonly cut as a result of its broad spectrum of color varieties.

Believed to bring joy, abundance, and good luck, these flowers make a great addition to the home and garden as an ornamental plant. 

Chrysanthemums come in a variety of beautiful shades of bold colors. Each unique variation stands to hold a significant meaning with its color representing different symbolisms such as happiness and friendship. 

1. Chrysanthemum

Though Chrysanthemums originally derived from northeastern Europe and East Asia, they are now cultivated all over the world for their unique shades. 

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November Birth Flowers

5 Types Of Chrysanthemum

1. Quilled Blooms 

Quilled bloom Chrysanthemum petals consist of long and quill-like petals that almost look like spikes. They possess a significant appearance of only having open-tips and a closed center.

This unique and vibrant Chrysanthemum variety is most commonly found in shades of fiery orange and yellow but it can also be found in shades of lavender and pink. 

November Birth Flowers

2. Spider Blooms 

Scientifically known as Chrysanthemum Anastasia Green, Spider bloom Chrysanthemums, as the name suggests, possess long and straggly petals that look like curled spider-legs.

November Birth Flowers

This unique Chrysanthemum variety consists of densely packed petals that present a velvety and elegant appearance. This variety can commonly be found in shades of green, yellow, and white.

3. Anemone Chrysanthemums

Anemone Chrysanthemums are a unique and stunning variety that consists of flat and even rows of petals with a center of tiny florets that look like a mini bouquet.

November Birth Flowers

This delicate and elegant flower can commonly be found in shades of burnt orange, purple, white, and pink. 

4. Pompon Chrysanthemum 

Pompon Chrysanthemums consist of a unique globe-like shape once they have fully matured. Conveniently called Pompons, this Chrysanthemum variety looks somewhat like a pom-pom.

November Birth Flowers

Pompon Chrysanthemum can be found in a variety of shades including orange, pink, red, green, and yellow. With a unique and delicate appearance, these flowers make for a great decorative plant. 

5. Shasta Daisy 

Scientifically known as Chrysanthemum superbum Alaska, the Shasta daisy looks similar to the common daisy. However, this unique flower can grow up to 9 ft in the right conditions. 

November Birth Flowers

2. Zodiac Flowers 

If you’re into your zodiac signs, you’ll be pleased to know that there are two special flowers associated with November’s zodiac signs.

Peonies are the birth flower for November’s Scorpio zodiac sign whilst Carnations stand to be the birth flower for November’s Sagittarius zodiac sign. 


These flowers stand to embody the personality and sensual passion of the Scorpio zodiac sign. Furthermore, Peonies are thick and luxuriously full-bodied flowers that come in a variety of romantic shapes of red, pink, and white.

November Birth Flowers

Peonies are famous for their delicate petals and rich fragrance. Thus, it represent power and romance and they are to be a good omen of abundance, fortune, and prosperity. 

5 Types Of Peonies 

1. Bowl Of Beauty 

Scientifically known as Paeonia lactiflora, Bowl of Beauty consists of delicate bowl-shaped pink petals with a center of white filaments.

November Birth Flowers

Moreover, this unique flower consists of a texture, a rich floral scent, and delicate coloring. Thus, Bowl of beauty makes a fabulous addition to a bouquet. 

2. Cardinal Vaughan 

Cardinal Vaughan stands out for its rich magenta purple petals. Therefore, its petals consist of a velvety texture making for a delicate and elegant appearance.

Cardinal Vaughan 

However, unlike herbaceous peonies, Cardinal Vaughan is surprisingly sturdy and can grow up to 7 ft. 

3. Reine Hortense 

Reine Hortense stands to be a unique Peony variety that likes to trick the eye. From one angle, this flower may appear white, at another angle, it may appear pink.

Reine Hortense 

Thus, this stunning flower consists of densely packed petals that emit a rich and sweet fragrance.

This Peony variety is native to Central and eastern Asia but it is widely around the world as a popular ornamental flower. 

4. Fairy Princess 

In fact, the Fairy Princess Peony is classified as a herbaceous dwarf variety of the Peony plant. Thus, it possesses a unique and striking appearance of romantic red velvet petals with a fiery center of yellow flares.

Fairy Princess 

5. Pink Hawaiian Coral 

Pink Hawaiian Coral Peonies make for the perfect celebration bouquet. Furthermore, this flower consists of thick coral pink blossoms with specks of white and yellow.

November birth flowers

From a distance, these delicate flowers look like spots of candyfloss. Hence, with a sweet and floral aroma, the Pink Hawaiian Coral makes a great decorative flower for the home. 


Carnations embody the characteristics of the Sagittarius zodiac sign. In addition, these flowers come in a range of sizes and colors which perfectly align with the multi-dimensional spirit of Sagittarius.

Furthermore Carnations stand to symbolize love and luck. Therefore, it is a belief that they bring good fortune and adventure.

2 Types Of Carnations 

1. Cheddar Pinks 

Its scientific name is Dianthus Grataniapolitensis, Cheddar Pinks are a deliciously bold perennial flower that is commonly in use as an ornamental flower.

November birth flowers

Furthermore, with bold and bright pink blooms with dashes of white. In addition, these unique flowers strive in the condition of full sunlight. Thus, under the right conditions, this Carnation variety can grow up to 1 ft. 

2. Hardy Annual Dianthus 

In addition, its scientific name is Dianthus Chinensis, the Hardy Annual Dianthus offers unique blooms that consist of rich pink and red petals with a white border.

November birth flowers

In fact, these Carnations are famous for their delicateness as they only grow well under specific conditions. 


Whether your birthday is in November or you know someone whose birthday is in November, you now know the meaning of the November birth flowers.

At last, the flower varieties presented each offer a unique appearance that makes them the perfect gift for someone with a birthday in November. 

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