36 Magnificent Marigold Flowers (Including Pictures)

Marigold flowers are hardy, annual plants that belong to the Compositae family. Marigolds bloom in a variety of colors, but are most commonly seen in shades of orange, yellow, and red.

Marigolds are also one of the most popular choices for flower beds and important functions, including the creation of garlands for religious ceremonies.

Marigold Flowers

That being said, there are over 56 species of marigold around the world, split into the following groups: French, African, Single, and Triploid.

All of these are varying symbols of creativity and passion, and all have their own unique characteristics that set them apart. 

However, we know that it can be slightly overwhelming trying to navigate the sheer amount of marigold types currently out there. But there’s no need to worry – we’re here to help!

We’ve created a list of the most popular (and most stunning) Marigold Flowers for you to take a look at. 

1. Antigua Orange Marigold

Native to Central America and Mexico, this boldly colored dwarf-type orange marigold is shaped like a golf ball and looks great as bedding and borders.

Antigua Orange Marigold

It’s lack of day-length sensitivity makes Antigua programmable and also very easy to grow. It’ll also explode with color all season long!

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2. Aurora Light Yellow Marigold

Aurora Light Yellow is a dense double perennial native to the UK. This French Marigold features a beautiful blend of hot crimson and brilliant yellow flower heads, and blooms from late spring to early autumn.

Aurora Light Yellow Marigold

3. Baileya Multiradiata Marigold

The desert marigold is a short-lived, tender wild plant that thrives in the springtime (and under the hot sun). This perennial is highly delicate, and has showy, long-lasting, bright yellow flowers standing atop seemingly leafless stems. 

Baileya Multiradiata Marigold

4. Bonanza Marigold

The Bonanza French Marigold can be characterized by bi-colored rust-red and yellow flowers. They start flowering in late spring and produce blooms until fall time. They are also great for patio decor!

Bonanza Marigold

5. Bounty Marigold

This is a dwarf variety French marigold that is quite compact, standing around 10 to 12 inches tall. It produces flowers only at the top of the plant, and come in brilliant hues of orange, flame red, and gold.

Bounty Marigold

6. Calendula Officinalis Marigold

Calendula Officinalis is generally a cheerful, short-lived perennial when grown in warmer climates, but is usually grown as an annual flower in flower beds and containers.

Calendula Officinalis Marigold

They’re also easy-to-grow, displaying semi double flowers in shades ranging from cream to orange, and are highly attractive to butterflies and bees. 

Calendula Officinalis Bon Bon Orange Marigold

7. Calendula Officinalis Bon Bon Orange Marigold

The Calendula Officinalis Bon Bon Orange Marigold produces a more diminutive plant in every way (flower size, height, and width).

Bon bon orange is also compact, easy to flower, and extremely eye-catching. Aside from summer to fall growth, this Southern European native double orange flower is also easily maintained.

8. Colossus Marigold

Colossus is a French Marigold that offers up a dynamic, large, bi-colored bloom that is both deep red and orange. It is a premier bedding plant that is also easy to grow, making for a spectacular feature flower. 

Colossus Marigold

9. Cottage Red Marigold 

This is a long-lasting hybrid plant that was first bred in Mexico. It is far more billowy than other marigold types, and features a single, bright red, five-petaled flower with a gold center and yellow edges. It’s also very easy to look after and maintain!

Cottage Red Marigold 

10. Disco Orange Marigold

Disco Orange Marigold

Disco Orange Marigolds have large, boldly-colored, single blooms that make it the perfect addition to any modern flower bed.

This French Marigold and has a lot of early flowering potential and typically blooms from late spring to late summer. It is also relatively compact, and features rounded petals. 

11. Discovery Orange Marigold

In the summer, this floriferous African Marigold – known as Discovery Orange – produces large, single, long-lasting orange flowers that make an excellent addition to borders and containers. They’re also highly weather tolerant!

Discovery Orange Marigold

12. Discovery Yellow Marigold

If you’re seeking a spectacular addition to your flower bed, this bright yellow double flower is ideal.

Discovery Yellow Marigold

Its flora contrasts well with its dark green foliage, and remains neat and tidy while retaining huge blooms. It is tolerant of cold weather and extreme heat. 

13. Doubloon Marigold

This tall African marigold produces large quantities of lemon-yellow colored pom flowers on sturdy, upright stems. It has a generally cheery disposition, is highly weather resistant, and is also easy-going – making it a great flowering plant for everyone.

Doubloon Marigold

14. Hero Orange Marigold

This orange French Marigold flower is double-layered and is on the larger side of the marigold types, reaching a width of 6 cm when in full bloom. It flowers well in summer and autumn and produces compact plants and large double flowers.

Hero Orange Marigold

15. Inca Yellow Marigold

This African Marigold is best suited for containers or flower beds. It is characterized by double, ball-shaped yellow flowers that stand out amongst any foliage, and fragrant ferny leaves that retain their color throughout the season.

Inca Yellow Marigold

16. Irish Lace Marigold

Despite its name, it doesn’t grow in Ireland! Instead, Irish Lace Marigolds are delicate-looking perennial flowering plants. They have scented dark green lacy leaves and small white florets, making them more subtle than other marigolds. This multitasking herb is also great for flavoring drinks and food!

Irish Lace Marigold

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17. Janie Deep Orange Marigold

Janie Deep French marigolds have bright, ruffled orange pincushion flowers and fragrant green leaves that grow at the end of stems. They are highly suitable plants to use for any border or container, and are very heat tolerant. 

Janie Deep Orange Marigold

18. Lemon Gem Marigold

A type of Signet Marigold, the yellow flower of the Lemon Gem is eye-catching and half-hardy.

Lemon Gem Marigold

This makes it ideal as an edging for a lawn or pathway. These plants can also last from spring well into autumn and may also be affected by pests.

19. Little Hero Marigold

This French marigold will grow to be around eight inches tall. Characterized by two-inch double layered pincushion flowers, the Little Hero Marigold comes in several shades ranging from gold to yellow to red. 

Little Hero Marigold

20. Marsh Marigold

Also referred to as Caltha Palustris, this plant is native to marsh-like areas.

Marsh Marigold

A succulent perennial plant native to the Northern Hemisphere, the Caltha showcases glossy, heart shaped leaves and clusters of 5-petaled bright yellow buttercup-like flowers

21. Mexican Tarragon Marigold

Fall-blooming and anise-flavored, these Mexico-native perennial flowers reach between 2 and 3 ft. high and are half-hardy. They typically have small golden-yellow flowers and bright green narrow leaves – all of which form small, upright bushes.

Mexican Tarragon Marigold

22. Moonstruck Yellow Marigold

Moonstruck is an African marigold plant that features huge domed bright yellow or orange flower heads on weather-proof stalks.

Moonstruck Yellow Marigold

These tightly packed flowers breeze through heat and humidity and remain colorful, fresh, and tight regardless of surrounding weather conditions. 

23. Mountain Marigold

Mountain Marigold

These southwestern perennials bear huge quantities of large, bright yellow flowers, and grow from late fall through to winter time. Such shocking color displays are a daring, bold contrast to other flowers.

They also attract butterflies and have a strong pungent scent that has been described as tangerine or lemon-mint.

24. Mr. Majestic Marigold

Arguably the showiest of French Marigolds, this flowering plant is packed to the brim with striking gold and mahogany striped petals. It’s a single flowered dwarf plant that makes a beautiful addition to any flower bed.  

Mr. Majestic Marigold

25. Pot Marigold

Pot Marigold is an easy-to-grow, cheerful-looking flower that can brighten any location. The boldly colored florets of the Pot Marigold are edible while also doubling as fabric dyes (if used correctly). They grow well in sunnier locations but rarely survive in colder climates.

Pot Marigold

26. Queen Sophia Marigold

Yet another dwarf French variety of marigold, this plant produces reddish-orange semi-double flowers that resemble carnations. These also usually have yellow edges. As the flower matures, the color of the flowers becomes more bronze-like. They also repel ticks!

Queen Sophia Marigold

27. Safari Red Marigold

Safari Red is a hybrid between the American and Signet Marigold. It is bold in appearance with pincushion flowers that consist of deep orange-red and gold-lined petals, and is very low maintenance. It is also quite an easy flower to grow, especially from late spring into late summer.

Safari Red Marigold

28. Safari Scarlet Marigold

Safari marigolds combine two sought-after qualities: extra large flowers and earliness. This dwarf French marigold is no exception.

Safari Scarlet Marigold

It also makes a striking addition to any patch of land, sheds seasonally, and produces semi-double flowers in stunning rich hues of mahogany and orange with yellow edges. 

29. Safari Mixture Marigold

This is a strongly aromatic flowering French marigold plant. It produces semi-double large flowers in orange, red, and yellow hues – all of which require the same maintenance level. This particular marigold blend lends itself well to flower beds, containers, and borders.

Safari Mixture Marigold

30. Signet Marigold

These are half-hardy annual bedding plants that feature small delicate (and edible) blossoms.

Signet Marigold

These come in a range of abundantly rich colors, ranging from yellow to orange to red. They also feature a luscious lemon-scented foliage!

31. Southern Cone Marigold

Native to The Americas, the Southern Cone Marigold (also known as “black mint”) is a species of annual herb that belongs to the Asteraceae family.

Southern Cone Marigold

Each potent plant features compound broad green leaves and is available in many colors and varieties. It’s commonly used to add splendor to any event or location.

32. Sweet Cream Marigold

Sweet Cream Marigolds are beautiful creamy flowers that adorn a sturdy, medium, compact 16 inch tall plant. These bloom early in the year and continue to do so until the colder weather sets in.

Aside from this, the Sweet Cream is highly attractive to butterflies, and is ideal for both border and flower bed planting.

33. Taishan Gold Marigold

Taishan Gold Marigolds are herbaceous annuals that are relatively low maintenance and delicate. Sturdy fragrant leaf-covered stems hold up bold, golden yellow ball-shaped flowers.

Taishan Gold Marigold

This African Marigold is a showy, vigorous selection that holds up in wet weather, but usually flowers from early summer to mid-fall.

34. Tiger-Eyes Marigold

Tiger-Eyes Marigold flowers are characterized by a profusion of red or orange double-layered flowers with a deep yellow anemone-like inner layer.

Tiger-Eyes Marigold

These modern marigolds typically bloom from spring to early autumn, are the perfect filler for flower beds, and are reminiscent of iconic vintage looks. 

35. Yellow Jacket Marigold

These dwarf French marigolds are half-hardy annuals that are suitable for attracting butterflies and bees, and perfect for pollination!

Yellow Jacket Marigold

Yellow Jacket Marigolds have long-lasting flowering seasons and can be grown indoors. They have double-crested bright yellow flowers, and aromatic foliage.

36. Zenith Lemon Yellow Marigold

A unique hybrid of African-French marigolds, these flowers stand out thanks to aromatic leaves and striking lemon yellow flower heads. This variation of marigold is generally disease and pest-free, and maintains a great heat tolerance.

Zenith Lemon Yellow Marigold


And that’s it for our list of marigold flowers you just have to know about! We hope this has been helpful and has given you a far more detailed idea of what these flowers look like, and the factors that are required for proper growth. 

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