Peace Lily Flowers Turning Green: Tips and Tricks to Fix It

One of the main draws of Peace Lilies, perennially popular houseplants, is its blossoms. Yet, instead of being as dazzlingly white as they were when you first brought your plant home, those lovely blossoms often turn green with time. Let\’s talk about peace lily flowers turning green.


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Aging blooms are the main reason Peace Lily blossoms turn green. White blossoms may be pruned off at the base if you\’d like since they often turn green as they age. Greening of Peace Lily flowers may also be caused by insufficient light, acclimatization, and too much fertilizer.

This article will explain why your Peace Lily flower is turning green and what you can do to prevent this from happening so that it remains gorgeously white.

Let\’s explore it in more detail.

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Does Green-Flowered Peace Lily Species Exist?


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We must examine the components of the flower in order to comprehend why peace lily have green blooms. What are we referring to here? Peace lily’s flowers have two crucial components.

The first is the spathe, which is a leaf-like structure linked to the stem. The spadix, which is located within the spathe, is the second. The spadix has flowers on it.

The peace lily bloom undergoes a variety of alterations as it develops. It first stays concealed inside the spadix, which is encircled by the spathe. It then appears and begins to develop. And the spathe looks green at this time. The blossom changes color as it grows, finally taking on the appearance of foamy white.

Up till the flowering cycle is through, the flower is white. The blossom now changes into a modified leaf and has a green color. After that, it begins assisting the peace lily in producing food to promote plant development. This altered leaf eventually ages, becoming yellow, then brown, and finally dropping off the plant.

So, sure, all lily species eventually produce green blossoms. And you may anticipate that your flower will turn green again at the conclusion of blooming as well as throughout its developing stage. Yet these modifications happen gradually. If the green color appears suddenly, the plant probably has a problem.

Why Are the Flowers on My Peace Lilies Becoming Green?


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While peace lilies are developing and becoming older, green blossoms are usual. If the blossoms, on the other hand, tend to stay green or don\’t become white, your plant is not receiving what it requires.

 Let\’s go through every potential reason for flower color variations.

  1. Older Flowers

The simple fact that the spathes are becoming older is the most frequent reason for Peace Lily blooms to change from white to green.

Several Peace Lily species have spathes that are increasingly greener as they get older. This results from the spathe producing more chlorophyll as it ages. As the bloom\’s role is nearly finished, this helps the plant continue to create energy.

Technically known as spathes, the \”blooms\” of the peace lily are just modified leaves. The spathes may create chlorophyll and aid in the plant\’s capacity to get energy from sunlight because they resemble genuine leaves closely. 

The Peace Lily\’s blossoms are beautiful, but its primary function is to draw pollinators so that the plant may reproduce. The plant turns its attention back to energy production after it has given pollinators enough time to complete their task.

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How To Avoid Your Peace Lily Blossoms Becoming Green As They Age

Avoid picking a Peace Lily with any withering flowers if you want to enjoy its lovely white blossoms for as long as possible. Try to get a plant that is not displaying any bloom deterioration. The plants that are developing new spathes will probably survive the longest.

The first blooms on a plant you buy may persist for many months, but Peace Lilies will continue to bloom if the appropriate circumstances are present. 

Gibberellic acid is used to force most Peace Lilies grown for commercial purposes to bloom. This motivates them to create a stunning floral arrangement that will attract prospective customers. Yet, they may continue give a stunning show for several months of the year after they fade, even if subsequent blooming is unlikely to be just as prolific.

  1. Low Lighting Conditions

Aging flowers are only one of several factors that might result in Peace Lily blossoms becoming prematurely green. Too much light generally damages the plant but lack of light is one of the most common issues that causes green Peace Lily blossoms.

The flowers may start off white but rapidly become green in low light, or they may emerge with a green tinge. Insufficient light makes it difficult for the plant to generate enough energy. Although the spathes can synthesize chlorophyll and help with energy generation, the low light levels stimulate the plant to accomplish this.

Low light also causes most plants to transfer the chloroplasts, containing chlorophyll, to the surface of their leaves, giving the leaves the illusion of being greener. The presence of little to no chlorophyll makes the spathes look greener because it is pushed to the surface where they can absorb more light.

A Peace Lily might develop green buds when you bring it home with stunning white blooms and immediately set it in low light. Do not interpret this as a sign that the blossoms are fading. Make sure your plant gets the right amount of lighting to extend the life of the flowers.

How to Avoid Greening of Peace Lily Flowers due to Low Lighting Conditions?

Indirect, bright light is required for peace lilies. They thrive when placed near a window and away from direct sunlight; however, they can tolerate startlingly bright circumstances. The amount of light that enters a room depends on a number of factors, including the window\’s aspect, the season, the things outside, and how far away your plant is from the window.

A shadow with a fuzzy outline should appear if you hold your hand against a wall in bright, direct light. If there is little shadow, the light is too faint.

Using a light meter app for your smartphone is another excellent approach to assessing the lighting. Simply type \”light meter app\” on the Google Play or Apple App Store. They make use of the camera sensor on your phone and will provide you with precise illumination information. To make sure you provide your plant with the ideal illumination, read this article on the light needs of houseplants.

  1. Improper Fertilization

Rich fertilizers, especially those high in nitrogen and iron, encourage more rapid vegetative development and boost chlorophyll synthesis. Although beneficial to your plant in moderation, too much might cause Peace Lily blossoms to turn green.

The Peace Lily spathes\’ modified leaves react to an excess of iron and nitrogen by making more chlorophyll, which causes the once-white blossoms to become green.

Since peace lilies don\’t need a lot of fertilizer, it is much simpler to apply too much and harm the plant\’s roots and leaves. It usually just needs to be fertilized with a typical houseplant fertilizer twice a year during the growth season or with a small amount of compost added to the potting soil. 

  1. Acclimation

Your Peace Lily will probably be in full bloom when you get it home. The current blooms may become green since your home\’s environmental circumstances are less favorable than those in the grower\’s greenhouse, especially in terms of light intensity.

While creating the ideal environment in your house is quite challenging, you should strive to create an environment that supports the growth of your Peace Lily. The blossoms will be encouraged to endure as long as possible and be deterred from turning green as a result. To learn more about raising a Peace Lily that is very healthy, read more about Peace Lily care.

  1. Exception To The Rule

Several Peace Lily species may have some degree of spathe greening as a common occurrence. If you\’re giving your Peace Lily proper care, but the blossoms are still changing colour, it\’s possible that this is a normal trait of your plant. Maintaining your plant\’s health should be your first priority. Just make minor conditions changes as you see fit.

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Should I Remove the Greening Peace Lily Flowers?

Greening Peace Lily blooms may be pruned according to personal desire. According to others, it may aid the plant in preserving energy that it can utilize to generate future blooms. Some believe it doesn\’t affect anything other than how the plant looks. Snip the blossoms off using sterile pruners at the base if your plant is somewhat healthy and they are just turning green with aging.

If you see that your Peace Lily blooms are going green, the most crucial thing to do is to carefully consider your plant\’s growing environment to determine if there is anything you need to do to lessen the intensity of this in the future.

How to Avoid Greening of Peace Lily Flowers

Provide bright, indirect light, refrain from overfertilizing, and ensure your plant\’s fundamental requirements are satisfied if you want to maintain the white, immaculate appearance of your Peace Lily blossoms.

Due to acclimatization to the environment in your house, your Peace Lily may see some greening of the flowers in the first few months after you bring it home. Certain varieties of Peace Lily are more likely to produce green flowers.

Should the Green Peace Lily Flowers Be Chopped Off?

As modified leaves, the green blossoms provide sustenance for the rest of the plant. But you may chop them off if you\’d prefer not to have flowers on the plant. Pruning has a number of benefits:

  1. Throughout the growth season, additional flowering is encouraged. In this approach, if the first blooms were subpar, you may cut the green blossoms to make room for better blooms.
  2. It enables the plant to concentrate its energy on growing leaves. And it leads to lush, robust foliage.
  3. It shields the plant against infestations by pests. The older, greener blossoms are more susceptible to pests. You remove a weak spot by getting rid of them.
  4. Also, it makes the plant seem better. Use a clean, sharp instrument and cut the blossom off at the base of the stem to trim the green flower.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what causes a peace lily blossom to turn green can help you take care of the following blooms. Check out more articles for additional information on cultivating healthy Peace Lilies indoors or outdoors. They cover the majority of the critical components of care as well as how to avoid and resolve frequent issues

Enjoy your Peace Lilies!

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