18 Different Pink Fruits (Including Photos)

Fruits are an incredible gift from nature, and there is complete diversity with fruits of all different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some of the most amazing fruits are those that come in unique colors, such as pink fruits. 

The world of fruits is full of color and variety with no one fruit looking the same. Whilst many stand out for their unique flavor, others stand out for striking appearance.

This post explores some of the most amazing pink fruits the planet has to offer, their origins, flavor, and composition. 

1. Lychee 

The lychee fruit is an esteemed member of the soapberry family. Lychee fruit consists of a distinguishable dusty pink coarse shell and a unique translucent center.

Native to south-eastern China, the lychee fruit is widely cultivated across the globe for commercial purposes. Whilst the shell of the fruit is inedible, the pulp of the fruit consists of a sweet and tropical-tasting pulp that has a grape-like texture.

Lychee fruit has a distinctive flavor and tropical, floral aroma that makes it popular for culinary use. 

18 Different Pink Fruits (Including Photos)

2. Pink Banana 

Scientifically known as Musa velutina, the pink banana is a unique species of wild banana that looks somewhat like a sweet potato from a distance. The pink banana is native to Assam and the eastern Himalayas as the plant thrives in areas of full natural light.

Pink Banana 

The pink banana comes from a bright pink flower that peels back to reveal the banana when it’s ripe. Though brilliant in color, the pink banana is also edible. The unique fruit offers a sweet and creamy texture but is considered to be seedier to eat than the common banana. 

3. Cactus Pear 

As the name suggests, the cactus pear, also known as the prickly pear, comes from the opuntia which is characterized as a flowering plant that is a member of the cactus family.

Cactus Pear 

Though not apparent that it’s edible on the surface due to its spicy and guarded exterior, the cactus pear consists of red, juicy flesh. The cactus pear is widely cultivated across many subtropical regions and is commonly used for culinary purposes.  

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4. Rhubarb 

Rhubarb is a unique fruit that consists of a thick edible stalk and large, cabbage-like leaves. The stalk of the rhubarb consists of a deep red-pink skin that peels easily.


Rhubarb can be eaten fresh but it offers a tangy, sharp flavor, however, it is most commonly cooked for culinary purposes and used for baking or making condiments such as jams.

The rhubarb plant is classified as a perennial plant and is a popular fruit for many who enjoy growing plants in their backyard. Although technically a vegetable, rhubarb is often used in the same culinary way as fruit such as using it as an ingredient for baked goods and making jams, etc. 

5. Pink Pearl Apple 

The pink pearl apple is a cultivated fruit that was developed in 1944.

Pink Pearl Apple 

The pink pearl apple is a unique variety of apple that can be distinguished from the common apple as it consists of a bright pink flesh and a humble ‘normal’ apple-looking green-red skin.

The apple is most distinguished for its tart and slightly sweet flavor and crispy but juicy flavor. 

6. Pink Lady Apples 

The Pink Lady apple is one of the most popular apple varieties in the world and is known for its incredible juicy crunch and sweetness.

Pink Lady Apples 

Formerly known as the ‘Cripps Pink’ apple, named after the cultivator, it originated from Australia. Due to its distinctive flavor, the Pink Lady apple is widely cultivated across the world and is commonly cultivated in warmer climates. 

7. Pink Grapefruit 

The grapefruit is a common fruit that you may have come across before. Commonly confused with the orange, the grapefruit is a member of the citrus family and is classified as a hybrid of the sweet orange and the pomelo.

However, the grapefruit consists of a distinctive appearance of a thick skin with a variety of colors ranging from yellow to pink.

Grapefruits can also be recognized by their pink segments which produce a bitter but slightly sweet flavor. Grapefruits are nutrient-rich and widely consumed for their health benefits. 

Pink Grapefruit 

8. Peach 

Peaches are one of the most common pink fruits and are widely consumed for their distinctive delicious sweet floral flavor. Recognized by its pink-red fuzzy skin, peaches are widely cultivated across several regions.


Peaches are a member of the rose family which includes fruits such as berries, apricot, and plum. The peach, like its relatives, consists of a unique floral sweetness. Peaches come in all shapes and sizes with over 2000 varieties of peach across the globe. 

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9. Watermelon 

The watermelon is a unique fruit that is recognized for growing on the ground like a pumpkin. Growing on a delicate vine, the heavy and dense watermelon is characterized as being mostly water, as it has a 90% water content.


The watermelon is one of the most hydrating fruits and is widely cultivated across the world with more than 1000 existing in several regions, however, watermelon fruit tends to thrive in warmer climates.

Botanically known as a berry, though certainly not like many other berries, the watermelon consists of a thick green striped rind and a dark pink-red, sweet and juicy flesh.  

10. Dragon Fruit 

Scientifically known as the pitaya fruit, dragon fruit, is a member of the cactus family. The fruit consists of a distinctive thick leathery pink skin with green scales. Its inside consists of a white pulp with black seeds.

Dragon Fruit 

This fruit produces a unique sour flavor with a hint of sweetness. The fruit’s flesh consists of a texture that is similar to a kiwi, especially with the little seeds. The dragon fruit is highly sought after for its flavor and is widely cultivated around the world. 

11. Rose Apple 

The rose apple is a sweet fruit that is not actually an apple but tastes similar to the common apple with a sweet-tart, floral flavor with unique citrus notes. However, unlike the apple, the rose apple consists of a soft watermelon-like texture with a watery flesh.

Rose Apple 

The rose apple is native to Malaysia but is cultivated internationally. The rose apple can be distinguished by its unique bell shape and its deep pink glossy skin. 

12. Pomegranate 

The pomegranate is a unique fruit with a two-part husk. The pomegranate fruit consists of a pink-orange skin with a soft white internal structure that holds clusters of juicy seeds. The edible seeds are a delicacy consisting of sweet-sharp juice.

The pomegranate fruit is native to Iran and northern India but is widely commercially cultivated and often used for culinary purposes. The pomegranate fruit is commonly consumed as it is considered to be highly nutritious.


13. Apple Guava 

The apple guava is a tropical fruit that is widely cultivated across many subtropical regions. The apple guava is native to several parts of the world including Mexico, the Caribbean, and northern South America.

Apple Guava 

Though botanically considered a berry, the guava is unlike other berries, such as cranberries or blueberries, as its flesh is considerably dryer, but succulent. The apple guava is recognized for its smooth texture and fragrant pulp. Its flesh consists of peach pink and sharp green skin. 

14. Yangmei 

Scientifically known as the Myrica rubra, the yangmei is commonly called the red bayberry due to its berry flavor. The yangmei can be found growing in subtropical regions as it thrives in warm climates.


The yangmei consists of clusters of segments that look like a collection of bumps that give it a berry appearance. It’s dark pink-red segments taste similar to a blend of strawberries and blackberries. The berry is also said to produce a significantly floral scent.

The yangmei fruit contains a small pit in the center which needs to be removed before eating. Once removed, the fruit can either be eaten raw or used for culinary purposes.

15. Raspberry 

The raspberry is characterized as a member of the rose family and is one of the most popular fruits due to its soft texture, plush pink skin, and juicy sweet-tart pulp.


The raspberry fruit can commonly be found growing in the wild in the forests and woodlands of several regions across Europe and Russia. Raspberries are widely cultivated internationally and are commonly grown in people’s backyards as a perennial plant.

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16. Pink Pineapple

Scientifically known as the Ananas comosus, the pink pineapple is a tropical fruit that is recognized for its brilliant pink scaly husk. The pink pineapple is native to South America but the pineapple is recognized globally as a rich fruit and is cultivated internationally for commercial purposes.

Pink pineapples are considered to produce a sweeter flavor than their yellow relatives and are significantly less sharp and juicy.

Pink Pineapple

17. Figs 

Scientifically known as Ficus carica, the fig fruit can commonly be found growing in the Mediterranean.

Growing on a flowering plant, figs are succulent and rich fruit that has been cultivated for centuries for culinary and ornamental purposes.


The fig fruit is a unique tear shape. It consists of a soft but thick purple skin and a grainy pink center that contains sweet and sticky seeds. The fruit produces a strong sweet-floral scent that makes it highly popular amongst pollinators.

The fig fruit is often eaten fresh but it can also be dried and is often done so as it does not keep well once it is ripe. 

18. Lilly Pilly Berries 

Lilly Pilly berries are relatively small fruits that possess a striking appearance. Found in Australia and Southeast Asia, the Lilly Pilly berry can be distinguished by its bright pink-violet skin.

Lilly Pilly Berries 

These berries are known for growing in large clusters and are widely consumed for their sweet-tart flavor with a hint of spicy notes of cloves.

There are several varieties of the Lilly Pilly berry each consisting of a unique flavor as some contain a metallic flavor, whilst others are more citrus. The fruit is considered to be highly nutritious and has been a significant fruit as part of the native Australian diet. 

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing better than pink fruit. Each of the fruits mentioned is completely unique in their own right and are each equally striking. The diversity of pink fruits is astonishing from the giant watermelon to the pink banana. 

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