13 Different Plants That Start With O (Including Photos)

Take a look outside? There’s no doubt that you’ll spot at least one plant… Have you ever wondered what the names are of plants you come across, where they’re from or what properties they offer? If you’re looking for a little education in plant lingo, then this post is for you. To give you a quick review of some awesome plants, we’ll share a list of the best plants that start with O. Why O? Why not! 

With so many different plants in the world and so many different plant varieties, knowing which plant is which can become challenging.

Plants That Start With O

1. Oaktree 

The oak tree is a member of the beech family which consists of over 500 species of oak. The oak tree can commonly be found in the northern hemisphere in regions including the Americas, Europe, North America, and North Africa.


Currently, North America stands to hold the largest number of different oak species with around 160 in Mexico and around 90 in the US. China stands to hold the second-highest number of oak species with around 100 varied species.

Oak plants can be distinguished by their unique smooth serrated leaves. The oak tree produces nuts referred to as acorns. The oak plant is unique in that it produces both male and female flowers hence the tree is characterized as monoecious. 

2. Olive Plant

The olive plant is widely recognized around the world for its edible olive fruit. The olive plant, scientifically known as Olea europaea, is a species of the family Oleaceae. It is a plant that is classified as an evergreen tree.

Olive Plants That Start With O

The olive plant is native to Mediterranean regions but it is commonly cultivated in regions around the world including the Mediterranean, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the Americas. The olive fruit is commonly used for culinary purposes as a result of its unique and distinctive taste and aroma.

Olives are commonly consumed raw or made into oil. Its rich oil content is also popularly used for cosmetic purposes. 

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3. Oregano Plant 

Oregano is classified as a plant that is part of the mint family. The plant is also referred to as wild marjoram. The plant consists of bold pink and purple spade-shaped flowers and rich green leaves.


With a unique and distinctive aroma and strong taste, the oregano plant, scientifically known as Origanum vulgare is a flavorful herb that is commonly used for culinary purposes. The oregano plant is native to Mediterranean regions, western Asia and can also be found in parts of Mexico and the US.

The oregano plant is characterized as a small evergreen subshrub. It’s a plant that grows best in mild climates. As a perennial plant, it makes for a popular garden herb.

4. Orchidaceae 

Orchidaceae, commonly known as the orchid family, consists of a wide variety of perennial flowering plants. Orchid plants stand to significantly differ from other plants as they are considered to consist of about 28,000 species.


The orchid plant is associated with its rich fragrance and bold blooms that make it highly sought after. Though not common knowledge, the orchid plant is related to the asparagus and iris families.

The unique plant consists of tubular roots that differ from other plants as they grow on other plants instead of being in soil. Most orchid species make their own food by feeding on the nutrients of dead organic material.

5. Oxblood Lily 

The oxblood lily is a unique plant that appears delicate with its silky and vibrant flower petals, however, the plant is incredibly hardy being able to withstand extreme temperatures of -12 degrees celsius.

Oxblood Lily 

As the name suggests, the plant produces deep red petals that bloom for only two to three days. The oxblood lily, scientifically known as Rhodophiala Bifida is a plant that is dormant during the summer months and blooms in the fall.

Commonly referred to as the hurricane lily, this bold plant frequently blooms during the storm season in its native regions. The plant is native to Argentina and Uruguay. 

6. Onion 

People crop onion widely. Onion plants are native to southwestern Asia. Characterized as a biennial plant, an onions’ life cycle consists of two seasons.

Its scientific name is Allium cepa, the onion plant is part of the amaryllis family which is a botanical family that is in cultivation for its edible bulb.

The onion plant consists of a strong and distinctive scent when cut and offers a mild but significant flavor that makes it a popular choice of ingredient for culinary purposes. There are numerous types of onion plant species that are unique in their appearance, taste, and aroma.  


7. Oleander 

An oleander plant is an ornamental shrub that produces beautiful pink flowers. Its scientific name is Nerium, the oleander plant is a part of the dogbane family which is commonly famous for producing a poisonous, milky sap.


The oleander plant produces a sweet and floral, vanilla-like aroma. Though the plant’s origin is in the Mediterranean region, it is widely growing as a popular ornamental plant. This plant is highly toxic and one cannot consume it as all parts of the plant are poisonous. 

8. Okra 

Okra, also as ‘ladies fingers’ is a unique flowering plant that people crop for its okra fruit that is common for culinary purposes. The plant is a part of the mallow family which is related to species such as cotton and cacao.


The okra plant produces fruit that consists of green seeded pods that produce a distinctive scent.  When cooked the okra fruit consists of a gooey texture. The perennial okra plant can be in multiple areas of the world including western Africa and southern Asia.

It is a notable ingredient for cuisine in South America, the Middle East, and India. 

9. Oat Plant 

Commonly recognized as the key ingredient for making cereal, oats are the most popular species of cereal grain. The plant has long been in consumption by both humans and livestock as a result of its nutrient-rich profile as they are high in fiber, protein, and carbohydrates.

Oat Plants That Start With O

They also provide a rich source of vitamins and minerals which create a host of health benefits making them a popular ingredient for culinary and cosmetic purposes.

Its scientific name is Avena sativa, the oat plant is grows widely. Oats are annual plants. 

10. Ornamental Pomegranate

An ornamental pomegranate is a stunning addition to any backyard garden. This plant produces beautiful flowers that look similar to that of a large carnation. The flowers can be in a variety of bright and vibrant colors.

Ornamental Pomegranate Plants That Start With O

The ornamental pomegranate plant is delicate and cannot withstand cold temperatures. Hence, this plant thrives in warmer climates with full sun. The ornamental pomegranate plant is native to the Himalayas and Iran. Whilst the plants are ornamental, some plant varieties succeed in producing fruit.

11. Osage Orange 

Its scientific name is Maclura pomifera, the osage orange plant is an ephemeral tree. The osage orange plant, in the right conditions, can grow up to 15 meters tall and it is native to south-central America.

Osage Orange Plants That Start With O

The tree produces unique fruit that consists of a rough and textured outer skin that is yellow-green. The fruit of the osage orange plant is not edible and is not popular amongst animals either as a result of the sticky latex excreted from the fruit.

Though the name orange, the osage orange plant is unrelated to the orange plant and is instead a part of the mulberry family. 

12. Ostrich Fern 

The ostrich fern is a popular ornamental plant to fill out backyards. These hardy plants are perfect for planting in dark, shaded, and damp areas of the yard. Unique in appearance, these plants add a touch of woodland with their distinctive ostrich feather-shaped leaves.

Scientifically known as Matteuccia struthiopteris, ostrich fern plants originate from regions in the northern hemisphere, central and northern Europe, Asia, and North America. 

Ostrich Fern Plants That Start With O

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13. Osmunda 

The osmunda plant is another variety of ferns and is a part of the Osmundaceae family. This unique fern during maturation changes to a golden color which from a distance looks as though it’s blooming. Hence, the osmunda plant is the flowering fern.

Osmunda Plants That Start With O

Its scientific name is Osmunda regalis or the royal fern, the osmunda plant is the most imposing fern in Europe. The Osmunda plant species are found in multiple regions including Europe, Africa, and Asia. 


So, there you have it, a pretty extensive list of plants starting with O. Each plant possesses unique properties and consists of a unique and distinctive appearance or features.

Whilst some produce edible fruits, others are poisonous. It just goes to show that we have a lot to learn about the plants around us. 

In this list, there may be some plants that you may have heard of, whilst others you may have seen but not known what it was. With this list, you’ll now be a pro at your next quiz if the question of plants starting with O happens to come up… You’re welcome! 

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