17 Different Types Of Plants That Start With X (Including Photos)

Alphabet gardens are a great way to fill up your gardening space with a huge variety of plants that start with X – trees, flowers, shrubs, anything! 

The goal is to have at least one plant in your garden that begins with each letter of the alphabet. For example, a hydrangea shrub would count for ‘H’ while a daffodil would count as your plant that starts with the letter ‘D’. 

Plants That Start With X

However, there are some letters of the alphabet that are trickier to find suitable plants for. The worst one of them all is ‘X’. 

There are not many words in the English language that start with the letter ‘X’ and there are even fewer plants!  

So if you are struggling to find the names of some plants that start with the letter ‘X’ for your alphabet garden, here are some ideas for you to take inspiration from. Here is a list of lots of different plants that all begin with the letter ‘X’. 

Find the right plant for your garden and soil, so you can complete your alphabet garden! 

1. Xanthisma

Xanthisma plants that start with X

Also known as the sleepy daisy, Xanthisma is a beautiful and bright yellow flower that is closely related to sunflowers. 

These wildflowers like to bloom in the spring and are also drought tolerant, making them great for xeriscaping or gardens in dry areas. Bold yet small, they are a great border plant as they are not particularly large. 

2. Xeranthemum

 Xeranthemum plants that start with X

If you want to bring a bright dash of color to your garden, then try planting some Xeranthemum! 

They are native to Southern Europe and grow cute little flower heads that bloom petals varying from deep purple, lilac, fuchsia to pale pink

All this color will catch your eye and turn your garden into a wonderful canvas of pinks and purples! 

3. Xerochrysum 

Xerochrysum plants that start with X

This genus of the flower is native to Australia and is sometimes called strawflower – it’s easy to see why! 

These flowers can bloom in dry conditions, growing a straw-like stem that features a bright yellow flower at its head. 

They are a great way to bring a bit of color to gardens in hot and dry areas, plus they take up very little space. 

 4. Xyridaceae 

Xyridaceae  plants that start with X

These small and delicate flowers are sometimes known by another name – the bog yellow grass! 

It grows tall and green, thrives in wet conditions, and the tip of its long stems are decorated with a dainty little yellow flower. Plant them near the edge of your water feature or pond to help blur the border and make your garden merge effortlessly. 

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5. Xerophyllum Tenax

Xerophyllum Tenax

If you are looking for a tall yet elegant plant, then the Xerophyllum Tenax is the one for you! 

These stunningly gorgeous flowering plants are known by several other names, including the name ‘soap grass’ which alludes to how its white flowering heads resemble soap bubbles that float in the air. 

Although you will need a lot of room to grow one, they are very eye-catching and will bring a touch of magic to your garden.  

6. Xylobium 


Xylobium refers to a genus of plants that are closely related to orchids. 

They are a beautiful form of tropical flowering plants that vary in color from pure white to speckled pink. 

So, if you like orchids, fill out your alphabet garden by growing some Xylobium plants!  

7. Xanthium 

Xanthium plants that start with X

Xanthium is a type of plant that is related to both sunflowers and daisies. They grow coarse pods called cockleburs and grow huge leaves that spiral and are deeply rooted.

They are a very unusual kind of plant, but not recommended growing if you have animals or pets nearby. 

This plant is very toxic when eaten, so only grow Xanthium in areas you know are safe and unlikely to affect any animals. 

8. Xyris Ambigua 

Xyris Ambigua 

Another type of coastal grass, the Xyris Ambigua is a great addition to any garden that contains sandy or very dry soil. 

The Xyris Ambigua can grow tall stalks that bring a splash of green, all topped with a very small and cute yellow flower. 

The plant is overall very large and blooms during the summer, making it an ideal plant to fill your alphabet garden out.  

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9. Xanthoceras


Xanthoceras is known by many names – the golden horn, the yellow horn, or the Chinese flowering chestnut

It is a lovely small tree that is native to China and blooms beautiful bundles of white star-shaped flowers on its branches. 

If you have the space for a small deciduous tree or a very large shrub, then the Xanthoceras will fit in perfectly and bring a touch of beauty to your garden. 

10. Xanthosoma


This large leafy plant fits right into tropical themed gardens as it is huge, draping leaves are often compared to elephant ears.

If you have the space for a strikingly green plant with huge leaves, then the Xanthosoma will spruce up your garden – or your home, as Xanthosomas are sometimes grown indoors!


11. Xylosma 


This addition to the willow family is sometimes known as brush hollies or logwoods. 

Xylosmas are used typically for landscaping as they grow very tall and are evergreen, so they are guaranteed to bring a lot of color to your garden all year round. 

Use them for privacy as this dense hedge will certainly keep out nosy neighbors and provide you with a decent amount of shade. 

12. Ximenia 


This fruit-bearing tree is most often found in woodlands in tropical areas all across the word, but they can grow in lots of diverse areas. 

This means they grow well in areas with poor soil conditions – ideal for any kind of garden! 

They give off a strong almond-like smell and grow bright green leaves that catch your eye. Plus, its fruit is consumable – and you can use them to make jellies or juices! 

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13. Xanthorhiza


A small suckering shrub, the Xanthorhiza is a colorful type of shrub that is ideal for small gardens that want a lot out of one plant.

 Xanthorhiza only grows around 23 inches (0.58 m) tall, but they can spread outwards to nearly 5 feet (1.52 m) in diameter. 

However, this type of subshrub is gorgeous as it changes color from green to fiery shades of yellow and red in the autumn. 

In the spring, they bloom hanging sprays of purple flowers that resemble little stars – meaning that this one plant is constantly changing to keep you entertained. 

14. Xanthocyparis 


From the genus of cypresses comes the mighty Xanthocyparis tree!

 A relatively new genus, the Xanthocyparis tree is native to Vietnam and is more commonly known as the Vietnamese golden cypress. 

This tree can grow long sharp leaves that sprout from the stem like a firework. 

This plant is currently endangered and work is currently underway to protect this rare type of tree and regrow them in its native home. 

15. Xocat 


This small tree is known by many names, including the common name acerola. This tree grows native to South America but can also grow in gardens as far north as Texas. 

It thrives in sandy and dry soil where it can grow 10 feet (ca. 3 m) in height and produce small edible fruit. 

Used as ornamental trees or hedges, Xocat is a versatile plant that will fit right at home in your garden. 

16. Xanadu 


The Philodendron Xanadu (often just shortened to the Xanadu plant) is an amazing indoor plant that can adapt to its environment effortlessly. 

They grow large dark green leaves to absorb lots of light even in shaded areas and thrive both indoors and outdoors very well. 

They are easy to look after, making them an ideal plant to grow if you have little experience in growing plants. Use them to brighten up your living room or your garden – the choice is yours! 

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17. Xanthorrhoea 


This species of tree is more commonly known as grass trees as they develop a crown of rigid leaves at its base, resembling thick green grass. 

However, Xanthorrhoea plants also grow a long center stem that can take 20 years to grow!

Its central spike will bloom small white flowers which makes it resemble a type of brushed tail. 

Tall and beautiful, this type of plant thrives in dry areas – making it ideal for those who live in poor soil areas with little rainfall. 


And those were 16 different plants that all begin with the letter ‘X’.

There are surprisingly a few of them despite ‘X’ being such a rarely used letter in the alphabet. 

Thankfully, this means that you have a fair amount of plants to choose from when it comes to completing your alphabet garden – or to sneak a few extra points in during a game of Scrabble! 

But for whatever reason you clicked on this list of plants beginning with ‘X’ today, we hope that this list has come in handy and good luck with your future gardening plans! 

Happy gardening! 

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