The Best September Birth Flowers (With Pictures)

Whatever month you were born in, there will be a birth flower associated with it. While you may know your zodiac sign and birthstones, knowledge of September Birth Flower for different months is not as common.

September Birth Flowers

As with every month, two flowers are associated with September. Both of these have unique meanings and symbolize different character traits as well as moments in life.

Although February is regarded as a commercial month of love, its birth flowers do not share this symbology. Instead, it is September that focuses on sharing the love thanks to its birth flowers. 

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Today, we will be discussing the birth flowers of September and discovering the meanings and origins behind these.

Understanding more about birth flowers will make it a whole lot easier the next time you want to give someone flowers on their birthday or for a special occasion. 

What Are The Birth Flowers Of September? 

During the late summer period, the air may cool but there are still many beautiful and elegant flowers to enjoy. The two flowers that are commonly associated with the month of September are:

  • The Aster
  • Morning Glories

Both of these flowers have unique connotations behind them and have fascinating meanings. Read on to find out if they suit the characteristics of you or someone you know that was born in September.

1. Aster

Asters blossom into star-shaped, brightly colored flowers. They bloom from the end of summer until early fall. However, the Alpine aster does things a little differently and blooms in the springtime. 


The name aster is derived from the Ancient Greek word for star. This, of course, refers to the star shape of the flower. Part of the daisy family, asters come in various colors such as purple, blue, and white. 

All in all, there are around 180 species of asters in the world with most native to Eurasia. There is one that is native to the UK, however, and this is known as the sea aster.

It is believed that they were given their name by the eighteenth-century botanist Carl von Linnaeus. 

The majority of asters boast large, colorful flowers. These are what make them very popular for growing and cutting in yards throughout the world. 

With their vivid and varying colors, asters are often added to borders and floral displays to add a punch of color.

This is especially popular during the late summer months and early fall when colors start to fade a little. Asters are also useful for landscapes that require minimal care.

Asters are popular in bouquets thanks to their rich variety of blues, purples, reds, whites, and pinks.

For the longest-lasting blooms, you should try and find buds that are just starting to open instead of those that have mostly flowered.

Checking that the petals are healthy and firm is also recommended before purchasing. 

Aster Meanings And Symbolism 

Aster flowers are regarded as symbols of powerful love. They are also associated with faith and elegance.

September birth flowers

Due to these positive connotations, many take to burning asters to ward off snakes and other dangerous animals. 

With different colors of asters out there, each one has a specific meaning of its own. But, in general, this group of flowers denotes elegance, daintiness, patience, a passion for the new, and a nostalgia for the past. 

For people born in September, asters signify that they are full of courage, wisdom, and faith. These people are also seen as loyal but also delicate and graceful like aster flowers. 

2. Morning Glories

Morning glories get their name for a very poetic reason. Each morning, the flower opens up at sunrise, as if it is reborn for a new beginning and new chances every day.

If you ever get the chance, this is a sight worth waking up early for! As the day reaches its end, the flower will, once again, start to close and begin the process all over again the next day. Nature, isn’t it wonderful? 

September birth flowers

Morning glories have heart-shaped leaves with slender, delicate stems.

The blooms are trumpet-shaped and grow in various colors such as pink, magenta, white, and a purplish-blue hue. There are also bright red versions known as Scarlett O’Haras.

You can also find deep blue varieties known as heavenly Blues, and a beautiful blend of deep purple and pink morning glories lovingly referred to as Grandpa Otts. 

When buying morning glories, you need to understand the various messages that come with the different colors.

With these, you can send detailed messages to people that you care about without any words. 

Morning Glories Meanings And Symbolism 

In general, morning glories are symbols of love and affection. As we mentioned, different shades of morning glories have various meanings and themes.

According to the Language of Flowers, introduced during the Victorian era, these flowers make those born in September humble, affectionate, and spontaneous. 

September birth flowers

Morning glories can also be symbolic of strength. Giving someone this flower is giving them the power to realize their hopes and dreams.

Just as these flowers are resilient, the person who accepts them as a gift will be passed on this power. 

Throughout the ages, people have believed that the ability to grow through adversity is symbolized by this flower.

This is why morning glories are considered the perfect gift for those who are experiencing an important milestone in their lives but need some support and encouragement.

During the Victorian era, morning glory flowers represented both love and death. Morning glory vines were left to grow on headstones to symbolize mourning for a lost loved one.

These flowers were especially used for those who had a short life and, in some cases, to symbolize resurrection. In the Victorian Language of the Flowers, morning glory represents love in vain. 

Other Meanings:

Throughout the centuries, morning glories have represented different meanings. For instance, the Aztecs mixed the seeds with insects and tobacco before rubbing them over bodies before being sacrificed.

This was believed to assist the victims in being reborn and finding their afterlife. 

In rural England, morning glories were referred to as ‘Life of Man’ and were symbolic of a man’s life while the Chinese used this star-shaped flower as a symbol of the only day during a year two lovers could meet.

In Christianity, morning glory is believed to resemble the short time spent on earth. Each flower is said to represent a person’s time alive and its closing each day represents the end of life. 

In Summary

As well as being September birth flowers, both aster and morning glories symbolize 11th wedding anniversaries alongside tulips.

Each one of these flowers holds powerful meanings behind them while each color of asters and morning glories hold their own special significance. 

Both asters and morning glories can help you share meaningful and deep messages about love and life with someone you care about. Just always make sure you’re using the right type of flower for the right occasion. 

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