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At Applewood Seed Company, we are dedicated to cultivating a diverse selection of premium, open-pollinated flower seeds for all gardening enthusiasts. Our inventory boasts an array of bulk wildflower seeds, garden flower varieties including heirloom seeds, herbs, and native grass seeds. Whether you are looking for individual species or custom seed mixes tailored to specific regions and purposes, we have everything you need to elevate your garden with natural beauty and sustainability.

From a tiny backyard venture two decades ago, Annie’s Annuals has blossomed into a thriving nursery spread across 2 ½ acres in the vibrant city of Richmond, CA, just a stone’s throw away from the bustling San Francisco Bay. Our lush oasis is a haven for gardening enthusiasts, supplying a diverse array of plants to over 60 local independent nurseries, as well as welcoming visitors to explore and shop at our retail paradise every day of the week. For those unable to visit in person, we happily ship our cherished plants straight to your door, ensuring that gardening joy knows no bounds.

At Annie’s Annuals, we pride ourselves on cultivating our plants in the most traditional manner – nurturing them from precious seeds under the open skies, wind, rain, and gentle sun, without the crutch of artificial greenhouses. This hands-on approach guarantees that each plant is sturdy, robust, and acclimatized to thrive in your garden from the moment you bring it home. We steer clear of growth-regulating hormones, frequently used by industrial-scale producers, as we believe in letting nature take its course, resulting in more natural and dynamic growth patterns.

Our plant selection is thoughtfully curated to encompass not only beauty and fragrance but also a touch of timeless elegance and charm that so often eludes mass-produced hybrids found in chain garden centers. Embracing the allure of cottage garden classics that stand tall and graceful, we celebrate plants that embody the essence of Mother Nature – swaying gracefully in the breeze and enchanting us with their effortless self-sowing tendencies.

Located in the bountiful USDA zone 10 and Sunset zone 17, Annie’s Annuals is privileged to offer a vast assortment of plant varieties from both tropical and temperate climates. From the vibrant hues of South African blooms to the captivating allure of Mediterranean flora, our collection is a tapestry of global botanical delights. During the cooler months, we take pride in presenting one of the most extensive arrays of California native wildflowers and perennials, beckoning you to explore and embrace the natural wonders of our region.

At Annie’s Annuals, we cherish the beauty and simplicity of wildflowers, inviting gardeners from near and far to experience the joy and charm they bring to any landscape. Our dedication to preserving nature’s authentic grace shines through in every plant we cultivate, inspiring gardeners to create their own havens filled with beauty, serendipity, and boundless delight.

American Meadows stands out as a premier online provider of wildflower seeds, perennial blooms, flower bulbs, and vegetable seeds across the vast landscapes of North America.

For over 25 years, Pure Air Natives has been the trusted source for supplying Missouri and the wider Midwest region with vibrant native plants, premium grasses, and wildflower seeds. Our range of native plant plugs and neonicotinoid-free seed mixes have played a vital role in transforming tens of thousands of acres of community gardens, prairie restoration projects, and recreational lands into thriving ecosystems.

At Wildflower Farm, we are proud to be your go-to destination for a diverse selection of organically nurtured, non-GMO seeds spotlighting the beauty of native North American wildflowers, lush grasses, and curated wildflower seed blends.

Toadshade Wildflower Farm specializes in providing a stunning array of native perennial plants and seeds curated for your garden needs.

For over three decades, Holland Wildflower Farm has been a trusted source for cultivating and blending wildflower seeds as well as supplying indigenous plant seeds to gardening enthusiasts, landscape architects, local governments, conservationists, and merchants.

At Clyde Robin Seed Co, our name is synonymous with top-notch seed quality. We take pride in our tradition of pioneering new varieties and providing customers with a diverse range of seeds that are sure to thrive in your garden.

At Blazing Star Wildflower Seed Co, we offer a splendid selection of wildflower seeds and mixes designed to attract pollinators, as well as a variety of heirloom vegetable seeds. Hand-picked for their excellence, our wildflower seeds are indigenous to the breathtaking landscapes of Western Canada and cultivated with care right here in Saskatchewan.

Welcome to Easyliving Wildflowers, your go-to destination for all things related to Native Wild Flower Potted Plants and Native Wildflower Seeds. Our selection features seeds and plants sourced directly from the Midwest and Eastern USA, showcasing a stunning variety of annual and perennial wildflowers. When planted with care and attention, our products thrive with minimal intervention, boasting resilience against drought and pests. Enjoy the endless delight of witnessing butterflies, hummingbirds, and songbirds flock to your garden, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere right at your doorstep.