15 Fascinating Trees That Start With C (Including Pictures)

If you’re a tree lover, you’ll be pleased to know that the world is full of all sorts of different trees that start with C, with some pretty unique species that might surprise you.

If you’re here looking for some interesting or popular trees, then you’re in the right place. 

Trees That Start With C

We have compiled a list of some trees, along with some brief descriptions of each one of them. Specifically, a list of trees that start with the letter C!

Does that sound like something you’re interested in?

Then let’s dive right in! 

Here are some of our favorite trees that start with the letter C: 

1. Cacao Tree

Cacao trees that start with c

The Cacao tree, officially known as the Theobroma cacao, is a type of evergreen tree, small, that belongs to the Malvaceae family.

This tree is native to North America and Central Mexico, but it has spread all over the world, and the largest production of Cacao trees is actually located in the Ivory Coast, in Africa! 

The Cacao tree is largely produced for one reason: its edible seeds. And what’s important about these seeds? Well, they are the main ingredient in chocolate!

You cannot make proper chocolate without cocoa, and the cocoa seeds are also used for other products such as cocoa butter, cocoa solids, and liquor. 

2. California Bay Laurel Tree

California Bay Laurel tree

The California Bay Laurel tree, officially known as the Umbellularia californica, is a big hardwood tree native to California and Oregon (much as the name suggests!)

It is also sometimes referred to as the pepperwood tree or the balm of heaven.

The bark of this tree produces a beautiful light brown wood, which is often used in the production of stringed instruments. But that’s not the only use this tree has! 

The California Bay Laurel is mostly known for its leaves, which can be boiled to make a strong pungent tea.

This tea is then good as a remedy against colds and stomach aches, and sometimes it is even used in cooking too! 

3. Canarywood Tree

The Canarywood tree, officially known as the Centrolobium spp., is a tree native to South America, sometimes better known simply as the Canary.

It’s quite a large tree, reaching heights of around 100ft tall, and it’s very popular out in the wild. 

However, this tree is best known for the wood that it provides. The wood is incredibly durable, and highly resistant to decay, making it perfect for all sorts of constructions, buildings, railroads, furniture, and more!

Plus, the wood is very easy to work with, so it’s highly favored by carpenters! 

4. Candleberry Tree

Chinese tallow trees that start with c

The Candleberry, officially known as the Triadica sebifera, is sometimes also known as the Chinese tallow, and much as the name suggests, it is native to China (and Taiwan).

This tree in particular is actually considered to be the third most productive type of crop in regard to vegetable oil, coming right after algae and palm trees. So it is considered to be quite valuable! 

Apart from vegetable oil, the tree is used for its seeds and bark, and with them, all sorts of paint, varnish, and soaps are created. 

5. Cannonball Tree

Cannonball trees that start with c

The Cannonball tree, officially known as the Couroupita guianensis, is a deciduous flowering tree native to Central and South America.

It is known for its beautiful and fragrant flowers, as well as for the large fruits that it produces, gray-brown in color and edible.

(Although, unlike the flowers, the fruit doesn’t smell very nice at all, in fact, it stinks pretty bad which is why it isn’t popularly consumed!) 

The tree is most often grown for decorative purposes, in gardens and public spaces, although it is also sometimes used in medicinal remedies. 

6. Carob Tree

Carob trees that start with c

The Carob tree, officially known as the Ceratonia siliqua, is an evergreen tree native to the regions of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

It belongs to the legume family, and one of its main purposes is as a food source, as it grows edible pods! 

However, it is also grown for decorative purposes, and the wood it produces is also very useful to build fires.

(The wood isn’t really used for any sort of construction, since it’s quite weak. It is much better for burning!) 

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7. Cashew Tree

Cashew trees that start with c

The Cashew tree, officially known as the Anacardium occidentale, is a tropical evergreen tree that grows in all tropical regions of the world.

It is best known for the peculiarity of its seeds, as they grow outside the fruit! 

Both the fruits and the nuts are edible, and popular in cuisine. In fact, nuts are very commonly used in vegan cheese and butter!

But apart from being a food source, this tree is also used for its yellow bark, particularly to create a yellow dye, as it is a very vibrant color! 

8. Cassia Tree

Cassia Tree

The Cassia tree, officially known as the Cassia fistula, is a tree most often referred to as the golden shower. It belongs to the Fabaceae family and is native to both India and Southeast Asia.

Its nickname comes from the bright golden-yellow flowers that it grows, hanging downwards from the branches. 

Most often, this tree is grown to decorate gardens and public spaces, although it also serves as a medicinal plant. Oh, and it is the national tree and flower of the country of Thailand! 

9. Cedar Tree

Cedar Tree

The Cedar tree, officially known as the Cedrus, is a coniferous tree from the Pinaceae family, native to both the Mediterranean regions and the Western Himalayas.

It is incredibly popular all throughout the world and is most commonly known for its wood and the oil it produces. 

The wood is used in all sorts of creations, and the oil is excellent at repelling all sorts of insects! Plus, the Cedar tree is quite pretty, so it is also planted to decorate gardens and public spaces. 

10. Cherry Blossom Tree

Cherry Blossom Tree

The Cherry blossom tree is one of the most popular trees in media and in art.

Typical of Japan, this tree produces the famous cherry flowers, known for their beautiful pink flower (better known as the Sakura). 

They are most commonly planted for decorative purposes, in gardens and public spaces, and it is during the spring when they flower and become a beautiful sight. 

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11. Chestnut Tree

Chestnut Tree

The Chestnut tree belongs to the Castanea genus, containing around nine different species, all belonging to the Fagaceae family. It is native to the Northern Hemisphere and thrives in temperate climates. 

It is best known for the chestnuts it produces, which are nuts that can be eaten both raw and cooked. In fact, they are very popular within cuisines around the world! 

Chestnut trees are also grown for tinder, as the wood is very durable, and is perfect for building structures and furniture alike. 

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12. Cigar Tree

Cigar Tree

The Cigar tree, officially known as the Catalpa speciosa, is a type of Catalpa tree native to the United States (particularly the Midwest). It is medium, and most often it is used for decorative purposes. 

That being said, this tree produces excellent wood. It is soft, but long-lasting, making it great for the creation of fence posts, furniture, and all sorts of interior design elements! 

13. Coconut Palm Tree

Coconut Palm Tree

The coconut palm tree, officially known as the Cocos nucifera, is a tree from the palm tree family, and the only living species to provide coconuts.

This tree grows in tropical regions, and is a cultural icon and symbol of hot tropical coastal areas, as it is incredibly popular. This is encouraged by the mass-cultivation since the production of coconuts is incredibly valuable.

After all, coconuts are used as a food source, as an ingredient in many culinary elements and flavors, and as an oil for medicinal and cosmetic purposes (and much more!) 

14. Coffee Tree

Coffee Tree

The Coffee tree, officially known as the Coffea arabica, is a genus of flowering trees (or shrubs) that is native to the tropical regions of Africa and Asia.

They are mass-cultivated in many parts of the world, mainly due to the seeds that they produce: coffee beans. 

And yes, these coffee beans are what is used to make coffee! 

So of course, coffee is one of the most popular beverages all around the world, consumed daily by millions of people.

This tree is considered to be extremely valuable, and is traded and exported in large quantities! 

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15. Cypress Tree

Cypress Tree

The Cypress tree, officially known as the Cupressus sempervirens, is part of a genus of evergreen conifers, from the Cupressaceae family.

These trees grow to a height of around 50 to 80 feet (ca. 24 m), but due to their incredibly straight trunks, they often appear to be even taller.

Their leaves are short needles, giving them a feathery appearance, and they are very common both in the wild and within cultivated grounds. 

The Cypress is quite popular for its wood, as it is durable, visually appealing, and good for many things. However, Cypress trees grow very slowly, so the wood isn’t that accessible anymore.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Some of the most popular and interesting trees that start with C, that we needed you to know about!

Of course, there are more trees that start with the letter C, so let this be a starting point, and go and discover many more!

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