22 Amazing Champagne Flowers (With Pictures)

When we talk about the color ‘champagne’ we’re referring to the color of champagne flowers, that wonderful bubbly drink we associate with celebrations and joy.

The color champagne applies to very pale tints of yellowish-orange that are close to beige.

Since champagne evokes happiness, success, and pleasure, so too can Champagne Flowers. With beautiful champagne blooms, you can usher in a sense of merriment and hope.

Let’s have a look at some wonderful Champagne Flowers that will make you feel intoxicated and bubbly with pleasure!

1. Sahara Cream Rose

Sahara Cream Rose

The sandy-cream petals of this beautiful rose bring to mind a pristine sandy shoreline. There are peach undertones that really bring out the dark green coloring of the foliage. All in all, this wonderful rose should be enjoyed alongside a glass of champagne, and, ideally, a beach!

Mix these blooms up with paler hues for a serene effect or go for a bolder look and mix with crimson or burgundies. This rose would look superb in the garden.

2. Apricot Champagne Gerbera Daisy (Gerbera Jamsonii)

Apricot Champagne Gerbera Daisy (Gerbera Jamsonii)

Saucer-shaped blooms with the typical Gerbera dark-eyed center and two layers of petals. The longer outermost layer of petals has a champagne hue. The shorter inner layer of petals has a vivacious apricot tone. The defined and pleasing design of the Gerbera Daisy looks good in champagne.

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3. Jaguar Orange Mokara Orchid

Jaguar Orange Mokara Orchid

With muted orange, starfish-shaped, flowers, this is a captivating Orchid. What gives it the name Jaguar Orange Mokara Orchid are the subtle freckles on the petals that are so muted as to almost be camouflaged, rather like the spots on a jaguar. This is a tropical flower and suitably exotic.

4. Champagne Carnation

Champagne Carnation

The sumptuous ruffles of the carnation seem even more buoyant and rich in delicious champagne tones. The blooms unfurl into a profusion of layers making them quite bewitching and perfect for cherished moments.

Long-lasting as a cut flower, the Champagne Carnation has soft yellow petals with hues of blush pink for added texture.

5. White Designer Freesia

White Designer Freesia

A small line of white blooms sit spaced along the end of a long stem, appearing both fragile and resilient. The flowers are trumpet-shaped and the bases have a hint of muted gold. Like dollops of rich cream, the flowers are sumptuous.

This is a truly elegant plant. The blooms are favorites for wedding bouquets and other floral arrangements but they look truly scintillating when swaying gently in the garden.

6. Message Champagne Rose

Message Champagne Rose

Like creamy liquid gold, these cream roses have yellow hues. They are gorgeous, elegant and refreshing. Champagne roses and champagne go tremendously well together!

7. Okra Hibiscus (Abelmoschus esculentus)

Okra Hibiscus (Abelmoschus esculentus)

Native to South Asia and Africa, this beautiful plant has delicate champagne-colored petals that enclose a deep, dark red throat.

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8. Magnolia ‘Butterflies’

Magnolia ‘Butterflies’

A hybrid magnolia that produces pale yellow flowers, this plant comes from hybrids with Magnolia acuminata, which is a large forest tree. The hybrids are smaller, but they still become bigger trees than your average spring-blooming magnolia.

9. Sulphureum (Epimedium × versicolor)

Sulphureum (Epimedium × versicolor)

A bicolor barrenwort, which is on the yellow side of champagne. It can still be said to evoke champagne. This is an ideal plant for a tough, shaded area.

It may look delicate, but this plant will spread to form a beautiful ground cover of airy foliage and graceful pale-yellow flowers.

10. Crème de la Crème Rose


This climbing rose has many flowering shoots and is ideal for training to a trellis or archway. The flowers are large and captivating in a deep cream colour with slight hints of muted gold. The scent is divine. Mid green foliage blends well with the blooms.

11. Iris Champagne Elegance

Iris Champagne Elegance

The ever-beautiful Iris comes in this gorgeous champagne color as a Reblooming Bearded Iris. With some ruffled petals having a pale, mellow, orange tone and others cream, the overall effect is one of elegance and champagne, as the name would suggest.

12. Iris Champagne Waltz

Iris Champagne Waltz

A champagne-colored Bearded Iris with creamy white falling petals and apricot yellow fringes on the ruffles. With sword-shaped foliage and long sturdy stems, the Iris never fails to inspire and delight the eyes.

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13. Chrysanthemum Pink Champagne (Dendranthema)

Chrysanthemum Pink Champagne (Dendranthema)

The Chrysanthemum plant is an erect woody-based perennial. Its blooms are scented, and the flowerheads come with densely packed, narrow petals.

The leaves are pinnately lobed. This Pink Champagne Chrysanthemum is pinker than champagne in color, but ‘Champagne’ is in the name so here it is.

It’s a delight, with a profusion of deep lavender-pink ray florets, almost fully double flowers. The plant is freely branching and flowers for seven weeks.

14. Aster Florette Champagne (Callistephus chinensis) China Aster

Aster Florette Champagne (Callistephus chinensis) China Aster

A half-hardy annual that is perfect in cottage gardens, but welcome in any garden. The Florette Champagne Aster has an outer layer of very thin petals that lie horizontally, while other layers swirl up and around one another to make a central body of petals.

The very narrow petals and the intricate design make for a very interesting bloom that resembles someone dancing in a straw skirt viewed from above.

15. Lily Lilium Champagne

Lily Lilium Champagne

An Asiatic Trumpet hybrid Lily that is buff in color with pink, peach and yellow tones. The petals are freckled. When in the sun the color fades.

16. Ranunculus Aazur Champagne Super

Ranunculus Aazur Champagne Super

This wonderful Ranunculus is also known as Little Frog because this plant likes to grow near water. Many wild species are found near water. The bloom has lovely pink and cream colors. The rose-like flowers are simply gorgeous.

The Ranunculus is part of the Ranunculaceae family, which includes buttercups, spearworts and water crowfoot. These plants may appear beautiful but they are dangerous to cattle, horses and other livestock that would be poisoned by the plant if they ate it.

17. Benjamin Bush Or Fever Bush (Lindera benzoin)

Benjamin Bush or Fever Bush (Lindera benzoin)

A deciduous, rounded shrub with upright branches and scented oval-shaped dark green leaves. The leaves turn yellow in autumn. This delightful shrub has tiny star-shaped champagne yellow flowers, which are followed, in female plants, by red berries.

18. Witch Hazel Shrub (Hamamelis virginiana)

Witch Hazel Shrub (Hamamelis virginiana)

A small tree with fragrant gold champagne blooms, this plant is a member of the Hamanelidacease family and is closely related to the sweet gum.

This tree is rather special because it’s the only tree in North America to have flowers, ripe fruit, and next year’s leaf buds on its branches at the same time. It’s found in woody areas.

It is often called water-witch because the branches of the tree were used for water divining, to search and find underground sources of water and minerals. Not only is this tree unique, attractive and able to find underground water but it also has medicinal uses.

Witch hazel is commonly used to treat insect bites and sunburn. It’s also used to make a refreshing lotion for after shaving.

19. Champagne Moment Floribunda Rose

Champagne Moment Floribunda Rose

Champagne Moment is stunning. From its buds, that are tinged with pink, until the fully opened bloom of medium scented double flowers, this plant just keeps on giving. The rose comes in shades of cream with a hint of apricot at the centers of the blooms. The colors gently fade as the plant ages. Glossy foliage is another feature.

Champagne Moment displays some characteristics of a shrub rose, in that it can cope with colder spots and a little shade. Its looks and its scent will draw admiration from all who encounter it.

20. Super Magic Champagne Lisianthus (Eustoma grandiflorum)

Super Magic Champagne Lisianthus (Eustoma grandiflorum)

This champagne-hued Lisianthus has double-flowered blooms in gradations of cream to soft blush. The blooms actually appear almost iridescent. Lasting for around 15 days in a vase, the blooms work well as cut flowers but look even better sparkling with the light in your garden.

21. Champagne Hyacinth (Hyacinthus orientalis)

Champagne Hyacinth (Hyacinthus orientalis)

With showy, champagne-hued, flowers and a glorious fragrance, this Hyacinth is an excellent addition to the garden. The scent and blooms attract pollinators.

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22. Geum Apricot Pearl ‘Avens’

Geum Apricot Pearl ‘Avens’

A mound-forming perennial that’s semi-evergreen to evergreen. The foliage is mid to dark green. The leaves are toothed and softly hairy. Slender stems carry a profusion of bowl-shaped, semi-double flowers.

The flowers have tints of pink and pale apricot. The blooms are sterile, which means that the flowering time is prolonged and there’s no need for deadheading. It looks great in borders, in patio pots and in containers.

In Conclusion

Champagne Flowers are serene and intoxicating. The color is muted and calming. Champagne Flowers can blend so well with so many other colored blooms. A garden with Champagne Flowers swaying in the breeze would lull you into a zen state of peacefulness.

A floral arrangement with Champagne Flowers would befit a champagne event. There’s little to fault these gentle beauties, so go out and get yourself some Champagne Flowers to celebrate nature and life!

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