30 Amazing Dark Red Flowers (Including Pictures)

Red is a unique color that comes in many shades. It is usually seen as the color that largely represents love, passion, temptation, and lust. However, dark red is frequently synonymous with danger and anger.

But, regardless of whether you love or hate the color, dark red will always be a direct way to attract attention and provoke certain emotions and feelings. It also adds warmth, which is one of the main reasons why dark red flowers are commonly added to festive floral bouquets and centerpieces.

If you find that you prefer the look of a darker floral bouquet and want to know more about dark red flowers, we’ve got you covered. This article discusses some of the best – and most popular – dark red flowers out there.

1. AC Navy Lady Rose

Dark Red Flowers-AC Navy Lady Rose

Family: Rosaceae

AC Navy Lady Roses are easily one of the most distinguishable dark red flowers. This low-growing perennial shrub is adorned with clusters of wine red semi-double flowers. These plants are synonymous with romance and passion and require lots of sun exposure to achieve full growth.

2. Alstroemeria

Dark Red Flowers-Alstroemeria

Family: Alstroemeriaceae

Also known as Lily of the Incas, these stunning red perennial flowers are a florist’s favorite – and for good reason! This flower is a great addition to containers and borders alike and features large flowers that bloom all season long. They’re also cold-hardy and easy to grow.

3. Amaranthus

Dark Red Flowers-Amaranthus

Family: Amaranthaceae

This is an exotic and unique short-lived frost-tender plant that will give your flower bed a distinctive look. Its leaves turn red and yellow in the summer and the flower is amazingly beautiful, cascading off of a vine-like rope. It’s also easy to maintain!

4. Amaryllis

Dark Red Flowers-Amaryllis

Family: Amaryllidaceae

Known for its trumpet shape, the bold Amaryllis flower features large white and red blossoms that immediately capture your attention. They tend to bloom in the spring and are relatively easy to look after.

5. Anemone Coronaria

Dark Red Flowers-Anemone Coronaria

Family: Ranunculaceae

The Anemone, commonly referred to as the windflower, is a carefree perennial flower that requires very little maintenance. This variation produces stunning red poppy-like blooms on top of tall stems in early to mid-spring and has low-clumping foliage.

6. Begonias

Dark Red Flowers-Begonias

Family: Begoniaceae

Red Begonias are indefatigable bloomers that consistently produce spectacular, huge, fully double flowers. They come in white, pink, or dark red and bloom consistently throughout the summer, and are usually grown as houseplants.

7. Bergamot

Dark Red Flowers-Bergamot

Family: Lamiaceae

This distinctive rich-red colored flower can be used as a colorful accent in any flower bed. It is a perennial and can grow and bloom for years. Bergamot also has aromatic leaves that attract butterflies and bees. The flower is featured with a unique form and bright color.

8. Bleeding Heart

Dark Red Flowers-Bleeding Heart

Family: Papaveraceae

This flower will reward you with many heart-shaped and rich-colored blooms that often combine two distinctive shades. The whole flower can grow up to 4 feet high and 3 feet wide and tend to last for a long time.

9. Bloodleaf

Dark Red Flowers-Bloodleaf

Family: Amaranthaceae

Iresine Herbstii, more commonly known as Bloodleaf, is native to South America and is renowned for its vibrant dark red color. This short-lived tender perennial cannot withstand colder temperatures and is best grown in an indoor planter.

10. Callistemon

Dark Red Flowers-Callistemon

Family: Myrtaceae

Callistemon are also known as ‘bottle brush plants’ due to the shape of their flowers. The unique beauty of the plant is indisputable and is entirely refreshing for the eye. The Callistemon is noted for its striking red blossoms topping fully green branches, and its aromatic leaves.

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11. Camellia

Dark Red Flowers-Camellia

Family: Theaceae

Camellia flower forms a very beautiful dense shrub with pink, dark red, or white long-blooming flowers. It is relatively easy to grow and care for and is quite resistant to different climates and the surrounding environment. It’s also very low maintenance.

12. Chrysanthemum


Family: Asteraceae

Chrysanthemums are one of the most popular fall flowers and are easy to grow. These perennial plants may produce blooms ranging in size and can be grown in containers as houseplants (or in borders). Chrysanthemums are also either hardy or half-hardy. 

13. Cockscomb


Family: Amaranthaceae

Cockscomb is an annual addition to a flowerbed with a distinct open, feathery cluster of flowers. These tightly clustered blooms are uniquely shaped and come in dark red, yellow, orange, gold, and pink.

14. Couleur Cardinal Tulips

Couleur Cardinal Tulips

Family: Liliaceae

Tulips come in a wide variety of colors and sizes, but the Couleur Cardinal is arguably one of the grandest and most dominating varieties. A large display of deep red to plum spring-blooming tulips makes a stunning and welcome statement when most other plants are dormant.

15. Crimson Tide Azalea

Crimson Tide Azalea

Family: Rhododendron

Crimson Tide Azalea is an open multi-stemmed shrub that grows to be relatively tall.  These lightly-scented trumpet-shaped flowers are sun-sensitive and adored for their friendly red hue. They symbolize home and one’s connection to it and are also low maintenance.

16. Crocosmia


Family: Iridaceae

This flower impresses with the shape and brightness of its blossoms and is reminiscent of tropical gardens. Its exotic look can be combined with many other perennials. Additionally,

Crocosmia comes in a variety of colors, but red, pink, and yellow are considered to be the most preferred.

17. Karma Chocolate Dahlia

Karma Chocolate Dahlia

Family: Asteraceae

One of the darkest and most striking Dahlias, this plant has masses of dark velvety red (almost black) flowers that will look phenomenal in any flower bed. The Karma Chocolate Dahlia typically flourishes in the summer. It has large, floriferous, multi-petaled blooms that can measure up to 5 inches across.

18. Dianthus Caryophyllus

Dianthus Caryophyllus

Family: Caryophyllaceae

More commonly known as a “carnation”, this bloom is very different from the one in bouquets and given as gifts. It features 4 small thin petals and will only grow a few inches in height. They are not long-lived plants but can be cut to create fresh plants each year.

19. Gaillardia


Family: Asteraceae

Gaillardia is a low-maintenance perennial that forms bright daisy-like blossoms. The specific size, color, and shape all vary on the type chosen, but they will mainly bloom in the second half of summer. It comes in several main colors, including deep red, orange, yellow, and apricot.

20. Gloxinia


Family: Gesneriaceae

The deep red color of the Gloxinia flowers and their large-sized leaves are stand-out features. These beautiful flowers are most often annuals and can hardly be grown as perennials. If kept indoors and moved outside only for a couple of months, it can reward its owners with longer life.

They bloom for approximately two months.

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21. Hanging Red Amaranthus

Hanging Red Amaranthus

Family: Amaranthaceae

Also known as Amaranth, Poinsettia, or Tampala, these 2-foot-long red flower heads are an immediate attention grabber. They flow to the ground from the stem and are most commonly used for dried flower arrangements, beds, and borders.

22. Hellebore


Family: Ranunculus

This perennial flower has beautiful blossoms surrounded by leathery leaves and centered with many stamens. Hellebores are preferred for their relatively long blooming period which is approximately two months. These flowers can be found in a wide range of colors, including red, white, pink, and purple

23. Lilium Black Out

Lilium Black Out

Family: Liliaceae

The Lilium ‘black out’ is one of the darkest red lilies out there. This fascinating Asiatic lily features dark, carmine red flowers with even darker shading in the center, making them very popular in spring and wintertime floral arrangements.

Lilies can be found growing along ditches and in fields, and are incredibly low-maintenance.

24. Orchids


Family: Asparagales

Being immensely diverse with over hundreds of genera and a thousand species, orchids offer a breathtaking selection of velvety naturally burgundy flowering varieties. Burgundy orchids stand out in arrangements and centerpieces for fall and winter weddings.

25. Pentas


Family: Rubiaceae

The Pentas has numerous star-shaped little flowers that can bloom all summer long. They are known to attract many butterflies and can be found in a variety of color palettes and sizes, including a stunning dark red. Their paradisaical appearance means they are often planted in containers and flower beds.

26. Petunia


Family: Solanaceae

A hanging basket favorite, the star-shaped red flowers of the Petunia plant are as dazzling as they are easy to look after. They come in a variety of colors but are primarily red.

They come in different sorts and sizes which make them an appropriate choice for hanging baskets decorations, border bedding, or other types of designs.

27. Poinsettia


Family: Euphorbiaceae

Poinsettia flowers are usually grown in pots. Commonly referred to as the ‘Christmas star’ because of its star shape, these bright red flowers sit atop stems that are covered in beautiful green leaves. It is very often used in Christmas decorations, but it can contribute to the beauty of a natural landscape year-round.

28. Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Family: Fabaceae

Most commonly used in perfumes, the flowering Sweet Pea plant makes a great addition to any land. It’s generally cultivated for its beautiful and fragrant flowers, featuring 5 or more flowers per stem – with ever-changing colors. Overall, they can be hard to grow but can become very hardy and long-lasting.

29. Verbena Showboat (Dark Red)

Verbena Showboat (Dark Red)

Family: Verbenaceae

Verbena is a semi-evergreen perennial plant that produces small deep red blooms all summer long. With a homely deep red color tone, these miniature blooms will liven up any hanging basket, container, or pot at all times. The flowers are traditionally used in floral arrangements.

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30. Wine-Red Lysimachia

Family: Primulaceae

This is an exotic filler perennial that boasts attractive deep wine-red flower spikes. A splendid addition to any floral border, this particular flower is clump-forming, upright, sturdy, and low maintenance.


There are many dark red flowers to choose from, so it won’t be impossible to find a variation that you love. We’ve listed our top picks within this article, but feel free to carry out additional research if you so wish!

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