14 Stunning Crystal Flowers (Including Pictures)

Crystals and flowers: two of the most beautiful and beloved parts of humanity. Both occur naturally across the world, producing ethereal colors and mystical shapes. Not only this but crystal flowers are interpreted and said to carry meanings and energies, which is why both are so highly sought after.

Problem is, it’s not easy to find a crystal flower that isn’t an ornament. Crystals can’t be made of flowers, nor can flowers be made of crystals. As a result of this, gardeners and healers have had to blur the lines between flowers and crystals to create the garden of their dreams.

If you’re looking to add some crystal-like flowers to your garden, you’ve come to the right place. Here is our list of crystal flowers!

1. Amethyst – Lavender (Lavandula)

Amethyst and lavender flowers have a lot more in common than you might think. Firstly, lavender shares the same purple color as amethyst, with flowers circulating each spike in whorl-shaped clusters. These shrub perennials are widely popular for their easy maintenance, simple beauty, and potent aroma.

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Lavender, like amethyst, is prized for its calming properties. People with insomnia, anxiety, stress, and other mental disorders rely on lavender for sleeping. Amethyst is known as a healing crystal that treats physical and mental tension.

2. Amazonite – Forget-Me-Nots (Myosotis)

Forget-me-nots are a genus of flowering plants most commonly known for their dainty, bright blue variety. Each flower consists of five rounded petals and a yellow center, providing a youthful and refreshing burst of color in a garden. The meaning of a forget-me-not flower is to signify unforgettable love and remembrance of a lost one.

Amazonite shares similar qualities to forget-me-nots. Of course, both share the bright and light blue coloring that makes both the crystal and flower seem artificial. Amazonite is used to encourage individuals to develop a greater understanding of life, truth, and love, which isn’t too dissimilar from forget-me-nots.

3. Amber – California Poppy (Eschscholzia Californicaa)

Also aptly known as the golden poppy, the California poppy is known for its vibrant yellow or orange coloring. This flower is the official state flower of California, and they are used widely as a popular garden flower or a garnish in dishes.

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As with most poppies, California poppies naturally close their petals at night and in cloudy weather before opening again in the morning.

Amber is one of the world’s oldest healing crystals, used for its purifying qualities to free the mind and soul from negative energies. It shares the same vibrant orange color as California poppies.

4. Red Calcite – Cockscomb (Celosia)

Also known as woolflowers, cockscomb flowers are known for their fantastic bloom of bright red flowers, which are aptly shaped like the comb of a cockerel.

These flowers are certainly a head-turner in a garden for their fascinating appearance, as well as their ability to maintain the vibrant colors when dried and placed in a floral arrangement or wreath.

Red calcite is a variety of calcite, which is a healing crystal known for its confidence-boosting and grounding properties. These crystals are typically raw and deep red, making for a chaotic yet stunning appearance similar to a cockscomb flower.

5. Celestine – Oxford Blue (Eryngium Bourgatii)

The Oxford blue is a fascinating erect perennial that looks intimidating yet striking. They consist of cone-shaped clusters of small dark blue-green flowers that sit on pointed light blue bracts that bear spines.

Celestine is a crystal used for aiding sleep. These crystals are typically sold in their raw form, exhibiting varying shades of light blue and brown. The coloration is similar to the Oxford blue, with both the flower and crystal appearing rugged yet stunning.

6. Gaspeite – Mediterranean Spurge (Euphorbia Characias)

The Mediterranean spurge is a lesser known flower, somewhat how gaspeite is a lesser known crystal.

Also known as the Albanian spurge, the Mediterranean spurge is an evergreen compact shrub that produces spherical clusters of bell-shaped green flowers with distinctive purple or redfish centers.

Gaspeite looks similar to the Mediterranean spurge with its green and purple (or rust-colored) coloration, making both the crystal and flower a unique addition to a household and garden.

Gaspeite crystals are known for decluttering the mind and body, helping towards weight loss.

7. Ilvaite – Black Petunia

While black flowers don’t technically exist, the black petunia is arguably the black-est flower out there. Instead of being black, this flower is a very dark purple with fuzzy petals that appear like black velvet.

Their unique coloration makes black petunias a highly prized and popular flower, alongside their low-maintenance growth requirements.

Ilvaite is a fascinating natural black crystal known for aiding the individual with protection, stability, and a grounded base. The best way to mimic such a poignant and dark black crystal in a garden is with the striking black petunia.

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8. Jasper – Red Zinnia

Zinnias are one of the most popular genus of flowering plants amongst gardeners for their simple and consistent beauty, as well as their easy-to-grow maintenance requirements.

Crystal Flowers

While zinnias come in a variety of colors, the red variety is particularly striking and works brilliantly as a standout flower in a flower bed.

Jasper is a crystal known for its nurturing and overall healing properties. These crystals stand out amongst others for sharing the same vibrant and blood red coloration as red zinnias.

9. Opal – Lily Of The Valley

Lily of the valleys are decadent woodland flowering plants known for their delicate appearance and sweet aromas. They are most prized for their beautiful flowers, which appear on one side of the stalk in a bell-shaped, pure white bloom.

Crystal Flowers

Lily of the valley flowers make for a beautiful addition to a border or a pathway for people to enjoy the sweet scent.

Opals are one of the most beloved healing crystals for their exquisite beauty and ability to enhance positive attributes.

These crystals are in shape typically into a smooth and spherical design, which looks surprisingly similar to the rounded bell-shaped flowers of a lily of the valley.

10. Rose Quartz – Pink Wisteria

Wisteria is a beloved genus of wooden vining plants that produces delicate flowers. While wisteria comes in several colors, the pale pink variety is particularly beautiful.

Crystal Flowers

These plants bloom clusters of light pink small blossoms on long vines that can grow to 30 feet long, making them a brilliant option for trailing over walls or pergolas.

Rose quartz is another highly popular crystal. This is a pink translucent quartz crystal with healing properties to attract pure love. Rose quartz shares similar qualities with pink wisteria thanks to their gentle pink coloring and romantic atmosphere that wisteria creates.

11. Ruby – Rose

When you think of red flowers, you almost immediately think of the classic red rose. There are over 300 species and countless hybrids of roses found across the globe, but the red rose is the most famous variety.

Crystal Flowers

Consisting of a rosette of powerful red petals, roses are not only beautiful additions to a garden or floral arrangement, but they are also easy to grow.

Rubies are gem that is typically in association with the base chakra. These crystals are mostly blood-red in color (matching the red rose), but can also appear pinkish in some lights.

12. Sanidine – Yellow Dutch Hyacinth (Hyacinth Orientalis)

Dutch hyacinths are a popular flowering plant found across Europe. The most popular variety is the yellow Dutch hyacinth, which consists of spherical clusters of elongated bell-shaped flowers that are pale yellow.

Crystal Flowers

Pale yellow isn’t often a color in the natural flower world, so this variety is particularly unique.

Sanidine is typically a pale yellow crystal to aid nervous systems, menstrual cycles, and hair growth. While the Dutch hyacinth doesn’t share such healing properties, both the flower and crystal share the same distinctive and delicate pale yellow coloring.

13. Stichtite – Purple Calla Lily

Calla lilies are prized for their distinctive single-petaled structure, wherein the thick petal wraps around itself and its protruding stamen, making for a fascinating ornamental plant.

Crystal Flowers

While calla lilies typically come in the common white variety, the purple variety is particularly beautiful, as they boast a rich purple tone that blends in beautifully in a flower bed.

Stichtite is typically a purple crystal, but it often has flecks of green in it. These are unique crystals in that they link the crown, third eye, and heart chakras through combining intuition with emotion.

14. Golden Tiger’s Eye – Angel Amber Kiss Pansy

Pansies are a common genus of flowering plants found in gardens across the world. Pansy hybrids are highly sought after by horticulturists and gardeners alike, specifically the unique angel amber kiss pansy. This biennial is in a shape like a regular pansy, except with a striking coloration of brown and gold.

Crystal Flowers

The golden tiger’s eye is a beloved healing crystal known for its energy protective properties. They are also prized for their natural coloring of brown with poignant gold streaks, which looks similar to the angel amber kiss pansy.


So, there you have it! If you’re a lover of both crystals, you’ll be happy to know that you can extend your passion for healing stones into your garden with similar flowers.

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