The Best May Birth Flowers (With Pictures)

Chances are, you probably know your star sign and birthstone. Many of us look to our zodiac to see if our characteristics match up and to look out for any signs of what could happen in our lives. Similarly, discovering the symbolic meanings of the May Birth Flower can offer insights into our personalities and provide clues about events in our lives.

May Birth Flower

While these are not scientifically proven, they can be fun to inspect on a regular basis.

As well as birthstones and star signs, each of us also has a birth flower. These flowers depend on what month you were born and are commonly known as birth flowers.

Each of these flowers has unique meanings behind them and holds different symbolic meanings.

In today’s blog, we will be discussing the month of May and its birth flowers. This fresh month tends to bring a new hope for the incoming summer months.

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, May is a favorite month for many.

Let’s find what May birth flower symbolize and if you’re born in May, find out whether you can associate their meanings with your characteristics and personality traits. 

What Is May’s Birth Flowers? 

The month of May’s birth flowers are:

  • Lily of the valley
  • Hawthorn

Both flowers have distinctive meanings and unique symbolism. Finding out the meaning behind these flowers can make it a lot easier when choosing flowers as a gift for someone on their birthday. 

1. Lily Of The Valley

The Lily of the valley has an abundance of small blossoms that are grouped tightly together in just one stem.

Lily Of The Valley May Birth Flower

The blossoms of this flower are white but when florally arranged, the lily of the valley is placed with lush greenery. This allows for a splendid contrast of this wildflower against the pleasant greenery. 

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Being called ‘lily of the valley,’ you would assume that this flower is, in fact, a lily. But, despite its name, this is not a true lily. The lily of the valley is actually a member of the asparagus family. 

These flowers are renowned for their sweet fragrance and their bell shapes once blossomed. Most of the time, lily of the valley flowers are white and, unsurprisingly, most abundant in May. This is why they are often referred to as ‘May lilies.’ 

The scientific name of the lily of the valley is ‘Convallaria majalis.’ The term ‘majlis’ can be roughly translated to ‘of belonging to May.’

Meanwhile, ‘convallaria’ means ‘valley plant.’ Therefore, it is no surprise that the lily of the valley is and has been regarded as the perfect birth flower for May over the centuries.

Native to Europe and Asia, these flowers were first cultivated way back in 1420. Ever since, they have captured the hearts of people throughout the ages and grown symbolic meanings along the way.

Although ‘lily of the valley’ sounds like one, singular flower, it actually refers to a family of blooms.

These are:

  • Hardwick Hall Lily of the valley
  • Rosea Lily of the valley
  • Fernwood’s Golden Slippers Lily of the valley 

Hardwick Hall Lily of the valley sports modest bell-shaped cream-colored flowers. These are alongside dark green leaves that boast golden stripes on their edges. 

Rosea Lily of the valleys a variety of the flower. This features pale, rosy pink flowers situated on the stem of the plant.

Often given as birthday gifts, Rosea Lily of the valley tends to convey a sense of appreciation, happiness, and grace making them ideal as a birthday gift. 

Fernwood’s Golden Slippers Lily of the valley is arguably the most popular of the three varieties. These boast astonishing golden foliage that contrasts beautifully with the elegant small white flowers of the plant. 

Lily Of The Valley – Symbolism 

This flower represents sweetness, motherhood, and humility. Whether your mother has her birthday in May or another month, the lily of the valley is regarded as a perfect gift to give to your mother. 

Symbolism May Birth Flower

The most common symbol of this flower is romance. It is also a symbol of good luck. This is why you will often see a lily of the valley bouquet put on display to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Moreover, these flowers have a sweet fragrance and, once they blossom, the small white flowers become a symbol of humility and purity. 

Sadness is also associated with the lily of the valley as they often symbolize pain due to loss or death.

This is why you may see these in floral arrangements at funerals such as being placed on a coffin to symbolize loss and mourning. 

2. Hawthorn 

Hawthorn is a truly unique flower. It features small white or pink flowers that are typically evident when blooming on a bush or plant rather than in a bouquet.

May Birth Flower

Nevertheless, the red berries of hawthorn are often used to fill floral arrangements as they help to add color and texture. 

The name ‘hawthorn’ generally refers to the Crataegus genus of small trees and shrubs within the Rose family. You may also know these plants as whitethorn, quickthorn, or hawberry.

Scientifically known as Crataegus monogyna, the word crataegus is derived from the Greek words ‘Kratos’ and ‘akis’ meaning ‘strength’ and ‘sharp,’ We think hawthorn may be easier to stick to! 

Also referred to as the May tree, hawthorn flowers blossom with pink and white hues and are often used for ornamental hedges by landscapers. 

Hawthorn – Symbolism 

As with all birth flowers, hawthorn has a unique meaning. Fortunately, the connotations behind this charming plant are pure and positive. Hawthorn essentially represents supreme happiness and a sense of hope. 

May Birth Flower

Many cultures see hawthorn as a symbol of love and beauty. This is partly down to its elegant appearance and the pleasant form of the tree.

Moreover, hawthorn plants tend to present thorns on their exterior. Therefore, these flowers are often regarded as symbols of protection.

If you were to give some a hawthorn as a gift, you will be letting them know that you wish nothing but the best for them. You simply wish them happiness and love going forward. 

In Summary 

There are many meanings behind the birth flowers of May. Both the Lily of the valley and the hawthorn represent positive connotations. Giving either one of these flowers would be a perfect gift to someone you love and cherish in your life. 

Through the lily of the valley, you could tell your partner how much you love them. But, on the other hand, it can also be used to signify mourning and a feeling of loss when someone dies.

As for the hawthorn, give this to someone to show that you wish them nothing but happiness and love in their lives. 

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