The Best January Birth Flowers (Including Pictures)

What better way to celebrate a birthday or a special occasion than by gifting the person of the hour a large bouquet of January Birth Flowers?

january Birth Flowers

If you want to make your gift even more special, why not buy them flowers associated with the month they were born in?

Knowing which flowers go with which month, however, can be tricky, but there’s where this article can help you. 

We’ve got all the information you need to shower those January babies with their birth flowers.

And if you find that your local florist has sold out of those blooms, we’ve even found some alternatives flowers that may come in handy. 

4 January Birth Flowers

1. Pink Carnations

One of the flowers for a January birthday is the carnation. Other names for these flowers include dianthus, sweet william, pink, and gillyflower.

Pink Carnations

This fragrant flower is available in an array of beautiful bright colors and blossom sizes. 

Typically known for their sweet fragrance and dainty ruffled petals, they are delicate in appearance.

However, these little flowers are among the longest-lasting cut flowers around so as dainty as they may seem, they are also very hearty. 

Pink carnations symbolize gratitude, making them the perfect way to say happy birthday to those closest to you.

2. White Carnations

Carnations have existed for over 2,000 years making them one of the oldest cultivated ornamental crops around. 

White Carnations

White carnations have a sweet-spicy scent to them, similar to clove. Adorned worldwide through their delicate smell, thanks to their long blooming period, their fragrance can be enjoyed for longer periods.

White carnations symbolize a prosperous life, purity, and good luck. This makes them an ideal choice for a birthday gift or someone embarking on a new challenge in life. 

3. Red Carnations

Red roses are traditionally a symbol of love and romance, so if it’s your partner’s birthday, this color of carnation is a perfect gift to give.

Red Carnations

Being able to blossom in the cold winter months displays the strength of this somewhat delicate flower. Throughout the winter months, the bright pop of a red carnation is also a welcome addition to any home.

With a history dating back thousands of years, these flowers, considered as religious symbols.

According to some reports, the very first carnation bloomed when Mary wept for her son and her tears fell upon the earth.

Not only are these flowers perfect for a birthday celebration, but also Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day. 

4. Snowdrops

Snowdrops are the second official January flower. Small and fragile, the snowdrop flower blooms during the winter months.


And you can often find large areas covered with white snowdrops between January and March. 

Symbolizing hope and rebirth, these delicate flowers act as a reminder that we are all capable of achieving great things in life if we put our minds to it. 

In the Victorian era, snowdrops considered as a sign of death and bad luck and so would rarely make an appearance in the home.

Often found in cemetery, these flowers considered as bad luck. Since the Victorian era, it has evolved to represent sympathy and consolation.

11 Alternative January Flowers

Carnations and Snowdrops may be the official flowers of January, but there are plenty of other flowers in season during this month. 

1. Chrysanthemums

You can find chrysanthemums in full bloom throughout the cold winter months and are incredibly long-lasting.

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A popular addition to most bouquets, these flowers are available in huge white blooms or as the classic spray edition filler flowers.

2. Delphinium

These tall flowers are typically found in color blue but they are available in a variety of colors such as in purple, pink, and white.


Renowned for their rich colors, they are the perfect addition to any birthday bouquet.

3. Forsythia

Known for their vibrant yellow colors which brighten any cold, dark winter day, Forsythias are commonly grown in gardens. These flowers are nicknamed the ‘Easter Tree’ and symbolize the return of spring.


4. Freesia

These flowers have a powerful scent and are incredibly popular. Available in a small range of colors, including white, blue, and milky white, these delicate flowers have long been a staple in florist shops around the world. 


5. Ginger (Alpinia)

Known for their striking appearance these tropical flowers are larger than average size. They make a perfect addition to any flower arrangement and add a bright pop of color to any bouquet.

The leaves of this plant are irregularly striped in yellow and gold and help to make this flower a firm favorite with households everywhere.


6. Helleborus

You’ll have to be quick to catch this ‘Christmas Rose’ for it has a very short life-span. Also, it’s beauty is worth the wait.

January Birth flowers

This delicate flower is available in whites, red, pinks, and bi-colors and is a subtle yet gorgeous addition to any home.

7. Lilacs

These delicate blooms have a strong, instantly recognizable scent, considered as a firm favorite amongst flower fans.

January Birth flowers

Also, it represents love and youthfulness which can be great gift to give your children on their birthdays or during special occasions. 

8. Narcissus (Daffodil)

These flowers are typically associated with Spring and are an instantly recognizable flower the world over.

January Birth flowers

This particular daffodil variety blooms in the winter months and adds a pop of color and joy to those dreary months.

9. Roses

Roses are a winter flower, something a lot of people are unaware of. Thus, this flower represents romance and is one of the most popular flowers to gift your partner with on Valentine’s Day.

January Birth flowers

They’re available in almost every color except for black and blue, and are a great option for a birthday present.

10. Strelitzia (Bird Of Paradise)

The Strelitzia is commonly called the Bird of Paradise. Hence, thanks to it’s appearance mimicking that of a small bird. It blooms in January and this flower also brings life to the garden and home during the winter months.

January Birth flowers

11. Tulips

Alongside roses, tulips are considered one of the most popular flowers across the globe. Moreover, these incredibly bright flowers are available in several colors.

Whether you prefer yellow, red, pink, or white, tulips are a simple yet beautiful flower to have in your home or in your garden.

January Birth flowers

For friends or family members with birthdays in January, a gift of carnations or snowdrops or both, is the perfect way for you to show the love you have for them.

With so many winter flowers flourishing in January, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the many different colors and styles just waiting to decorate your home and bring life to those dark nights. 

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